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  • Wishing you all a fambly wonderland this weekend! xoxooxo PS Our Comments button is on the fritz! I think I spilled almond butter on it or something.

  • Oh mah gah, I think I actually fixed the Comments button using only a #3 hex wrench, a jar of mayonnaise, and iron will. KAY I FIXED THE COMMENTS BUTTON. [FLOPS DOWN ON FLOOR, SPENT]

  • The Ranger looks very handsome. I’m sure the recipient will enjoy it and that it has received the Olive Seal of Approval. Enjoy your Dad’s b-day, and may he have many more!

  • Kay,
    The last time I visited my family in southeast Wyoming, I was introduced to tomato beer (made with Bud Light, of course). Unique to Pioneers and Trailblazers, I think.
    A lemon meringue pie is the best birthday cake ever!
    Enjoy your visit and happy birthday week! xo Tammy

  • Happy 80 th birthday to your handsome dad, Kay! It’s good to read about the fun you’re having reuniting with your family. It’s truly a special time. It was also fun reading the post about the Portly Dad cardigan in the link that you provided. I sure hope you’ve enjoyed some fun rides to the mall and taco joint in the MMMM!
    As for Ranger, you are knitting some especially good energy into that cardigan, which would not have been there had it been ready in December to go under the tree. Lucky, lucky recipient!

    Knit on!


  • A very merry unbirthday to you, Kay!
    I appreciate so many things you & Ann have introduced into my life: I’m a ten pound loser! I try to get 8 hours of sleep, lately without sneaking a Benadryl! I totally banged out a sweater and show-and-telled it to all my coworkers plus a select few amazing local artists, yeesh.
    Frankly, since Slab Sandwich + Pie I need to revisit the whole loser thing.
    But anyway thank you both so much, and happy birthday hugs to you.

    • Once a loser, always a loser!

  • Have a lovely weekend with family … and making memories.

  • What exactly is to at beer?

    • I hate to be the one to tell you but it is tomato juice and beer. In the same glass.

      I know.

  • Oops tomato beer!

  • Congrats to your Dad!! Have a wonderful weekend. Have a Runza for me!

  • A big happy birthday to your father, Kay! My Dad will will be turning 80 in May and will probably outlive us all. He plays golf and goes fishing practically every day! I can’t wait to tell him about the “Nebraska cocktail” — he loves beer and he loves Bloody Marys and if he’s short of vodka, a tomato beer is perfect. I can see him sharing this concoction with his buddies and telling everyone that this is the drink of the Cornhuskers. Have a great weekend!

  • My parent’s are both in their 80’s. I also have teens. I don’t know why I don’t drink more.

    Anyway, have a wonderful birthday celebration. The lemon meringue pie sounds simply deelicious!

  • Tomato beers are awesome if you also add a few green olives in them. Jus’ sayin. Try it next time you are home seester.