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  • Julia’s totally got the bod for the nightie and I’m trying desperately to cover up my fat with a mitered blanket. See? There really IS something for everyone in Mason Dixon Knitting!

  • Who put the hoochie in the hoochie mama?
    Who put the hotsy in the totsy?
    Waiting for a shot of her wearing it with jeans. Then my Work will be done here.
    xox Kay

  • Wow just Wow…..

  • Um, Kay, I’m going to have to make another if you want to see it over jeans – either that or lose 5 pounds – it fits perfectly, but without an inch to spare! It’s adorable, though. You guys picked well when you chose Alison – she has a good eye. Feel free to snag the photo if you like (and any others I post). I’ll do a write-up soon!
    xox, J

  • La dee da!

  • That is a stunner! Looks like it was miraculously wrought on a knitting machine — I’m glad, because I’d like to try to knit one and my “skill” should guarantee that mine turns out very lumpy and irregular: read “form-fitting” on me. Wheee! (dishcloths and log cabins first, though)

  • Julia is the one person who can pull it off!

  • Is it okay to kind of hate her?

  • I’ve been handknitting for decades, but recently bought a knitting machine to up my production, now that I have many grandchildren. I still love hand knitting; the machine in no way supplants that, but it does crank out the stockinette flawlessly, leaving the interesting parts for me to do by hand. My machine will also do the lace beautifully too, and ribbing, if I want it to, and short-rows are a piece of cake on any machine, no matter how basic a model it is. I’m sorry that so many hand knitters scorn knitting machines; they make a wonderful addition to a knitter’s bag of tricks!

  • Is it wrong to hate her just a little for being a)tiny enough to pull that off and b)looking that sexy at the crack o’ dawn?
    It’s only a little hate. Really.

  • I’d like to know if there’s a possibility of a couple of larger sizes for the After-Dark Nightie. Love this pattern, love the look, love the idea — am slightly larger than the size range in the book.
    (Am also not sure that my hands will cope with linen AT ALL, but that’s a bridge to cross later.)
    Pretty please?

  • Yay, I’m so glad to see that someone knit the nightie! It looks great on Julia. And to answer Christie’s question about larger sizes… if you e-mail me the size you want (alisonknits at yahoo dot com), I’ll see what I can do…

  • strapless Knit night dress
    paves the way
    for knitted dream-show.