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  • Thanks for welcome 🙂

  • Here we are with Independence Day only two days away and we don’t even have the whole US covered. Betsy Ross would be mortified. I know a knitter in Colorado I could guilt into doing a square. I have a friend in New Hampshire who would mail a square from there for me. Is that little triangle on the coast Delaware? A neighbor works there, I’ll give him a square to mail. Okay, must go have a cup of decaf and consider whether this is national pride or the nesting instinct on the national scale.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’m not in the country the first three weeks of September!!! But I want to be at the sewing bee!
    Sob. Mope. Grumble.

  • Ooh! It’s exciting to be a winner – and to be a winner of such delectable yarn is doubly exciting! Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed watching the progress of the Afghanalong. Mary B.’s efforts in Detroit are most impressive.

  • I’ll be in New Hampshire next Thursday and I can send a square from there. Since NH will be my home at the end of the summer, I think that should count!

  • Ok, it looks like it’s covered — NH, I mean. I was going to drive over there and knit one in my car and mail it from there, and maybe I still will, just for insurance. But hey Emily, who’re you? Two Vermonters stepped up to the plate this month (I’m one) and I gotta know who you are!

  • You guys rock! I have been delinquent with my June square, so I will just have to make 2 in July. And I was doing so well! Congrats on the additional states and countries. Viva la Afghan!
    P.S. Any chance of a final shot with all the squares piled high?

  • I will be mailing a square from Storyland in New Hampshire on Tuesday, so even if the post office swallows a couple of squares we should have that state covered.
    I am hoping to take the train down from Boston on Saturday, find a cheap hotel room and be up bright and early on Sunday for sewing. Would anyone be around on Saturday night for dinner, drinks and the like?

  • kudos abound to katie!!!
    love spiderman boy playing a sport in the house! we had superman pj’s on the second young-un, and even at age 21, he’s still riding his trick bike in the house…. so, whatever you do, don’t bother revarnishing the floors!
    the maps boggle my mind! LOVE

  • You guys rock! What a great project. I’m still concerned that there is no Kansas or Nebraska representation.

  • I’m forever late posting. It’s just my M.O.
    Not so sure you want Cheetos at that event. Think it through girlies.
    I’m going to learn to knit next week. I can hardly wait!!