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  • That’s pretty dang awesome. You steeked away the extra material and made yourself a fitted sweater. Woot! Props!! or whatever the kids say these days.

  • I love the word “yarnflab.”

  • Wow! You are brave and resourceful!
    BTW I agree about the Fiskars. Use them at home for gardening and flower arranging and at work (elementary school) for cutting multiple layers of construction paper. They are fantastic.

  • Nicely done!

  • I’m so glad to know this technique. I have a store bought sweater I’d like to work some magic on. I did take my serger to a fine gauge sweater with great luck. It was super bargain so figured it was worth a try. Bulkier sweaters I’ve been stymied. Thanks!!!

  • Brave. Very brave. I am unable to do this to handknits–the scissors thing.

  • You could applique those bits on the front of your sweater and embellish the heck out of it!

    • Tennessee Gardigan!

      • Or, Tennessee Shayne-in.

        • Yep that’s it! I’m sure Natalie wouldn’t mind the comparison. Tennessee Shayne-in it is!

  • Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • I was holding my breath just looking at the pictures…

  • May your boldness be rewarded. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • You are a brave and creative woman! Scissors near hand-knits makes me break into a sweat.

  • This is so great. It gives me confidence about hacking away at my husband’s enormous pullover.

  • I am enjoying this so very, very much!

  • Kudos! Thanks for the series of posts on the sweater – now I have the confidence to take on a few sweaters of my own that are languishing because of “yarnflab.”

  • Love the orange against the gray.

    • So do I. Caught my eye right away!

  • Fearless! Thanks for going out on a limb…at least one of my sweaters will get lipo.

  • PLEASE PLEASE photo of finished product from right side, preferably on lovely model Ann.
    Thank you.

  • Ann, thanks so much for this. I have an Annie Modesit Butter and Jam cardi that I absolutely love, but it is way too big since I dropped 40 pounds. Before your project posted, I was thinking of taking it apart and starting again. Rethink is happening! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/marvasister1/butter-and-jam-cardigan

  • This is the most badass thing I’ve seen in a long while. Chewing gum, baling wire and a needle and thread.

  • You are one brave, fearless knitter…EZ would be so proud! I’m just wondering our loud because I have the same dilemma with a sweater that’s w-a-y too big…what do you think of actually using a serger? It stitches and eliminates the “yarnflab” (love that term!), all in one step! Much easier than frogging and starting from scratch, don’t you think? Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • I’d go with the serger. I mean, if you’re (probably) never going to wear the sweater because it’s too big what have you got to lose? I’m about to dye a lace scarf, which was knit in a natural colour, as it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve never dyed anything–on purpose!–in my life but since I never wear the scarf I figure it can’t be any worse than it is now.

  • I have to admit that I was a total skeptic when you started (re-started?) this project. But I’m suitably impressed. I like the floss stitches and getting rid of the yarn flab was a stroke of genius!
    For what it’s worth, I checked out the sweater on Ravelry and I think the model’s slouching position hides a few evils.

  • Oh my, I am happy. Kitchenering (aka “kitchen wiring” according to spellcheck) fills me with dread but I can whipstitch old-school style with the best of them…my idea of TV needlework. And I have Alice Starmore’s permission. Now as long as I stay away from knitting socks (a safe bet where I’m concerned) my knittng career is simplified! And I raise your two inches of yarn flab to my four inches — and it still came out great! (It might be significant that Klaralund is just 4 straight rectangles. Or it might not.) Thanks, Ann!

  • The yarnflab looks the the beginnings of a paisley!

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