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  • This was a great way to begin Christmas Eve. Thank you.

    • Yes. Such a warm feeling. Memories and present moments all melting together. Thank you, Ann.

  • Merry Christmas, all of you lovely Shaynes. Mwah!

  • Oh how I laughed at “I hear the pitterpatter—I mean thud”, not that I have children home for the holidays, but that this is my husband’s walk. I contend the only way our home will not shake when he moves across it is if we have one built with steel girders. Happy Holidays to the whole MDK crew. I’m looking forward to another year filled with coffee and MDK first thing every morning.

  • So lovely to read about an adult children Christmas! Oh! Now, Christmas is nostalgia. Thank you…the selfies were hilarious and wonderful…for the clumping of feet…for a year of treats every morning ! Happy Holidays to the whole team.

  • Merry christmas and thanks for sharing this!

    • We love the Grinch too! Merry Christmas to all the Shaynes! So nice that four adults can get together, share good times and make more memories – hugs!

  • Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your life and humor with all of us.

  • A very Merry Christmas to the Shayne family, Ann, thanks for again sharing a slice of life with us!
    I’m wishing a brilliant holiday to everyone in this amazing MDK family.

  • Quiet…..sorta mindbogging……might start a hat..deb

  • What a fun way to start the day. Merry Christmas to you all big and small.

  • Merry Christmas Ann to you and yours!

  • Outstanding selfies. I’m inspired. And smiling ear to ear. Thanks for the joy!

  • Just so you know, the bedroom my grandsons occupy when visiting is plastered with Super MARIO stickers. Mario still lives in the lives of 5 and 8 year old boys. Happy holidays. I’m listening to my adult daughters and son-in-law gab downstairs. So wonderful to have everyone in the same house.

  • The original Grinch is my favourite, and my copy of the book sits on the piano every Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And you are quite right about talking lots of photos to capture the moments, the gloriously imperfect shots will be treasured in years to come.

  • Merry, merry Christmas! 🙂

  • ….. But the big ticket item these days seems to be airplane tickets and the most elusive thing of all, time. …. oh, my yes