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  • Happy birthday to Kay! Huzzah, hooray!

  • Happy birthday, Kay!
    (nice fireworks, Ann!)

  • From a fellow Aries, Happy Birthday. May you have the most fabulous day ever.

  • And from an other aries: Bon Aniversaire! Yay and cheer all over, as well as happiness and good luck.

  • Hope you have a fabulous birthday, Kay!

  • Well Happy Happy Happy birthday to 1/2 of my all time favorite knitblog!
    I hope it’s the best one yet.

  • Happy Birthday Kay and thanks again for the Log Cabin afghan encouragment and pep talk!

  • Hey Ann!!!!! Way to use those Disney World pix!
    The birthday report so far: 46 sucks, but not noticeably more than 45, the suckiness of which I had started to accept as normal. So far, all systems still functioning. If I were a boiler, I’d be in MAJOR need of replacement. Even not being a boiler, I could use some work.
    Thanks to all for the good Arian vibes!!! Aries: We’re not as bad as we’re cracked up to be. xox Kay

  • Kay
    wishing you a very Happy Birthday from another Aries!
    You’re right – we really aren’t as bad as other people make us out to be!
    Hope you received lots of yarn-y goodies & are going to consume large quantities of good cake & excellent alcoholic beverages today.

  • Happy Birthday Kay! Have a wonderful day, don’t get cake on your squares.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAY!!!!! [Throws confetti all around.]
    For she’s a jolly good knitter, for she’s a jolly good knitter, for she’s a jolly good kniiiiitteeeeer, which nobody can deny!
    Don’t forget to drink champagne and dance around with a lampshade on your head.

  • Happy Birthday Kay!! you are a jolly good knitter!! maybe you should take Becky’s advise, but wear your bucket-o-chic for the birthday jig!

  • Happy Birthday to Kay. I hope you celebrate yourself in all your favourite ways.
    Did you make those fireworks with your hubbo, Ann?

  • Happy Birthday Kay! And just so you know…your brother picked out the card all by himself. Your dear little nephew passed Driver’s Ed. today. He’ll remember your forever now…for that very reason!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! I will raise a glass of knitting water tonight in your honor.
    What’s the matter with Arians? My sister is an Aries, and just about the most creative person I know. Aren’t you all?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kay! Y’know, I told Poppy I surmised you were younger than I when we met. I didn’t even think you were 40 (but of course I don’t think I’m 44). Reckon I’ll pick up some knitting water to toast you tonight as well!

  • And I just posted some squares to you ~ I could’ve included a birthday card, if only I’d known. Ah, but I’ll know next year. Squares are Cascade 220, BTW~

  • Happiest of birthdays! Let the CAKE eating begin and may the festivities continue well into the wee hours…

  • Happy Birthday Kay!! My birthday is today too!!! Hope your day is as nice as mine.

  • congrats on your natal day! 46 sounds like a spring chicken to me…. be thankful you can get out of bed every morning, and that “all of your parts work!” especially your brain! have a bubblebath and pamper yourself…. you deserve the best. 3 cheers to you, plus squares!… xo’s, carolyn

  • All the best wishes for your birthday, Kay!

  • dearest kay!!! we made a deal!! today, on your birthday, you could be any age and in any condition you wanted to be!! 26, was the age you chose. enjoy it!1 and btw blondie, you look darn good!!
    happy birthday, my dear friend!!
    and…note to becky…i have SEEN kay dance around with a lampshade around her head…or maybe it was without her cross your heart bra!!

  • Lots of birthday hugs and kisses from all at E&Co.

  • Look what happens when you don’t log on for a couple of days… you miss a birthday! I hope it was a really good one, Kay, and that this year brings lots of good stuff!!!

  • Belated birthday wishes from Maine!

  • I’m loving the square show !
    Such talented knitting.Such witty commentary.