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  • How very tawdry. Almost as bad as piercing your ears.
    You didn’t even take a picture?
    Love the shawl. It’s so respectable. I really do love it. xox Kay
    P.S. Stand….By….Your….MAAAAAAAAN
    P.S. Didja notice, we simu-blogged! Amazing how rarely that happens.

  • Good grief Ann ! Before we know it you’ll be shrugging off that muted colour palette we know and love you for and heading for the trollopy goodness that is Lipstick Pink or Purple Passion.
    Incidentally, I have plenty of both these shades in my stash if you ever feel the need to stray again … it could be a foreign affair across the Atlantic … how chic, how glamorous, how Mills & Boon.

  • Trollopy goodness–LOL!
    Gotta get me some of that.
    xox Kay

  • Pierced ears? KAY. You know me better than that. Is that my sainted mother’s voice I hear? “Ann, you know that only common women and gypsies pierce their ears.”
    There is no photographic evidence of my dalliance, although Pam and Angela and Starla at Angel Hair Yarn Co. would have to testify as to the trashy bit of knitting they witnessed the other day. I’m so ashamed.
    Heather–Such tarty names! Cover the labels, girl.

  • Snort !
    Alligator looks lovely and tasteful.
    I,however,can’t help myself.I am a yarn trollop…or owner of trolopy yarn.Or am I owned by it ?

  • I’m wondering what has happened to the felted dining chair cushions we saw some weeks ago? Oh, and the shawl is loverly. There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in something you liked enough to buy and spend time knitting.

  • I was hoping to see some tawdry b&w images of the…[whispers] ripping out.