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  • Hey, Clooney, there ain’t nothing better than a BLT with a fresh summer T. Seriously. Except unless it comes with a coffee milkshake.

  • Hey, Clooney, ain’t nothing like a BLT with a fresh summer T. Except unless it comes with a coffee milkshake. Whoa.

  • G&T plus BLT has many nutrients! The lime provides Vitamin C, after all.

  • How times have changed. Our dreams aren’t even romantic anymore. I had one last year with Brad Pitt and I was like his mother in the dream. Trying to match him up with a nice girl. What was that all about? Too funny!

  • OMG you crack me up! I can’t believe the “3 year old” size sweater fits your son, your daughter, the cousins…
    The G&T, BLT diet supplemented by chocolate is perfectly acceptable in my book, though I prefer my G to be V.

  • “Unnecessary plastic objects!” — Now why do I suddenly suspect you are a Nanci Griffith fan?
    Now I wish I could go to Woolworth’s.

  • It’s like the cousin-hood of the traveling sweater over there. Maybe you should try it on. Guaranteed to fit and make you look like George Clooney. Or something like that.

    I had a dream last night about a giant asphalt machine in my front yard, repaving my driveway with a foot of asphalt. Please don’t analyze this for me.
    I think those models are hootyhilarious. The fierceness cannot be overstated.

  • Sounds like something George Clooney would say, you know, all ha-ha-ha and everything. Now, Brad Pitt, aww, he’d be a gentleman in my imagination. Either one in a dream appearance or real, for that matter, has got to be a good thing. You know, just for the butterfly thrill and all.

  • dream on that will stop on the 16th ?

  • I come home, get myself a G&T and sit down to read MDL. OMG, I can’t stop laughing!
    Beautiful sweater!

  • Okay, I think Rowan owes you a thank you. I hadn’t renewed my membership over disappointment with recent offerings but your post sent me to the renewal page. And, didja know that Kim Hargreves has a new boook of her own?
    I bought her Heartfelt book and it is very lovely.

  • I mis-read it the first time, I thought you said “…before we met in prison…”.
    I thought, “Kay’s being funny, they didn’t meet in prison…” and kept reading for the punchline.
    Joke’s on me!!!

  • Mmmmm! Acronyms!

  • gorgeous models all, clooney or no.

  • Kay, you crack me up. Love the models. Have another George Clooney dream tonight and hand him a BLT, ok?

  • I’m beginning to get “it” about Rowan–for some reason it’s flown waaay past over my head these last 47(or so) knitting years…
    Hey, that “exposed underarm” shot of the sweater with its diagonal ribbing, and all—quite impressive!
    Now about dream analysis: wasn’t it Carl Jung who proposed that one could view each ‘character’ in one’s dream as an aspect of oneself? (Or some such thing) So. The time I dreamt that Al Pacino pretended to love knitting just to meet ME, really meant–WOW! This stuff’s cheaper than therapy. (think I’ll go knit a new cover for the couch, doctor; no bobbles, please…).
    Thanks guys, this is cheaper than therapy

  • ya know the thing about summer is it ends and the fantastic T are all gone so it will be months and months till you can have that BLT again – And somehow G&T just doesn’t taste the same in the winter — so enjoy them while you can – I’ve decided that life is just too short to not grab all the wonderful things that seasons mean. SO ENJOY!! Next dream hand George a BLT and G&T and he will shut right up!

  • Kay, aren’t those gorgeous kids a little, mmmm, warm in that sweater?
    You know, of course, that scientific studies have proven that foods with acronym names contain absolutely no calories whatsoever. Ignore George.

  • Oh I’m sure that if George mentioned that you had put on some weight, he would have immediately followed it with “… and you look fantastic! I was worried that you were looking a little gaunt.” Yes, because the George of my dreams is perfect like that….

  • Typical about the nonromantic dreams. I had one a few nights ago where I got hired as Brangelina’s nanny. And what made the dream great was not Brad, who never appeared, but the work schedule: Ms. Jolie said, “Just drop by whenever you feel like it.”

  • BLTs and G&Ts? Oh MY!
    LOVE the child models. Very very cool…I’m sure they all have contracts pending, they should!
    And I’m drooling over Rowan 44, too!

  • What a fun photo shoot.

  • Paul just made my morning. Who can be grumpy in the face of hilarious moxy like that?
    Oh, and the sweater is wonderful too 🙂

  • Ah, the translucently pale models. . . if I’d grown up in Ireland, the home of my foremothers, rather than California, I’d be beautifully pale too, and wouldn’t have to wear SPF 85 and see my dermatologist every six months. I LOVE the Rowan fantasy life. This issue is close to no.38 (those Gypsy wagons!) for over-the-top photostyling.
    The whole post is terrific, Kay: Rowan, dream sequence, red sweater, voguing and all.

  • listen when your faux boyfriend comes to you in a dream as say’s you have put on weight its time to ditch him !
    I have a devastating effect on faux boyfriends – I was with Jude Law and then he started losing his hair – I moved onto Peter Sarsgaard and notice that the same thing is happening again !

  • I thought Paul had set the bar impossibly high (exactly what is that fierce netherwear he’s sporting?), but Miss Hot Pants in the last photo is going to give him a run for it! If only there were a way to get photos of an entire Afghan village rocking the sweater in a similar mode…

  • I love thinking that when George Clooney is Googled (you know: your vast readership)-that your dream will top of the list.

  • Last night I dreamed I was warming up diet cokes on the stove for everyone’s dinner. They only needed about 2 minutes each. Oh, and they weren’t diet “cokes.” They were diet “horses.” I think that is an anxiety dream from the cheap diet coke knock-off I’m forced to buy nowadays because…hello! It is diet coke, not champagne!

  • Love the kids modeling your gorgeous sweater!

  • Is that a picture of Ann standing out front of the old Tennessee homeplace?

  • Damn, ThatAmanda beat me to it. I love “One Fair Summer Evening.” And I use “unnecessary plastic objects” in casual conversation, too.
    I just got back from my internet-free evacuation, so I’ll start that game of Scrabulous with ye now.