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  • Love the sock! Imagine the patience of those guys at the Tower… I doubt you could get a Swiss Guard at the Vatican to hold your sock…
    And where *is* Ann??
    Counting down to my own trip to England! Gotta get me a centurion.
    Mary de B

  • Oh, and let me take this opportunity to thank MDK’s loyal readers for assistance in the all-important YARN SHOPPING area, particularly to Yvonne for telling me about Wensleydale Wool (the rose-colored sock in the Ghost picture above!) and to Sam who hooked me up with her sister’s Guest House in York. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the much-balley-hooed new shop in Edinburgh, but I spent enough at Wensleydale to make up for it!
    THANK YOU, Ann and Kay, and THANK YOU everybody else!

  • Loved the photo journal of the sock’s adventures! The centurion looks so… puzzled…
    Very entertaining, thanks for sharing it.

  • Not what is the sound of one hand clapping, but what is the sound of one blogger blogging? Especially when one blogger is half of the Ann-Kay duo! Where in the world did Carmen S-Ann-ty go to?
    Ann sure is wasting a lot of time not blogging anymore, leaving Kay to feed the blog single-handedly. We love the travelogues, though, and appreciate the responsible blogger you are, never leaving us without entertainment–or sock correspondents.
    Tres fun!

  • Oh, I don’t mind sitting here slaving away all by my lonesome, with nary a ‘lol’ from my so-called blogging PARTNER.
    Martyrishly yours,

  • Freakin’ HELL, I’M ROFL. Glad you clarified which one was the yeoman in the 2nd photo. I was momentarily confused. OH GOD, this is good. good….goood, Mary B!

  • Damn, Norma beat me to it: really needed that clarification on who was the yeoman 😉
    Now, maybe Mary B will follow this incredibly fun tour up by trying to *teach* the centurion how to knit, eh? He looks like he might be interested…

  • If, for some reason, the sock would like to get away from the centurion, for just a MOMENT, I’ll volunteer myself. You know . . . for strictly altruistic reasons.

  • SUCH a shame Mary B didn’t make it to Edinburgh, so in her honour, I paid a visit to HK (the “much bally-hooed-wool-shop”) this evening and made a few purchases followed by a few glasses of wine with Julie, proprietor – clearly, I felt obliged to drink Mary B’s share of the wine, so now I’m quite jolly and having some difficulty typing…..!!!

  • I find it fascinating that sock photos so often involve a male figure. If I ever find myself single again, I might have to consider this.

  • I like how they all look so thoroughly confused. Hysterical!

  • Just have to add many thanks for the last picture. The chiseled abs really set off the sock nicely.

  • Those photos are so funny. The men look so very bemused. I’m surprised they cooperated.

  • I’m de-lurking to comment: Loved the sock photos and the confused, hunky men holding said socks. (Mmm, centurions.) Oh yeah, a tradition is now established. Can’t wait for the Sock Men Calendar. ;o)
    — Carolyn B.

  • We need Centurions like that here in NYC, too! And, um… in my apartment, maybe?

  • I must get into sock knitting before my next trip! I so love sock travelogues!

  • The centurion does look rather puzzled. Should someone give him a hand and show him what it’s used for?