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  • It was an honor just to be nominated, y’all.
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
    Thanks for such a fun contest! 🙂

  • By Oscar Night Standards, those are orthopedic shoes. She probably got them at Tip Top. They are so sensible! They have a strap that keeps them ON THE FOOT. The heel is not crazeee (girl realizes she’s TALL and has nothing to prove with the high heels).
    I love them!
    Not as much as Purling Swine’s Fatbabies, but I love them.

  • Tip Top, LOL. She’s got gel inserts in there somehow.
    I think the fact that all these runway models are falling off their shoes indicates the fact that the apocalypse is near. It seems odd to fall off your shoes. Shoes are supposed to be a part of the solution, not the problem.
    And yes, I need some Fatbabies, the fatter and more babyous the better.

  • Congrats to the yarn winners- they are truly the special ones!!!

  • What’s wrong with Celebrity Shoe Sizes? My only complaint is that there are no MEN’s sizes. What if I wanted to knit socks for Ralph Finnes? How would I know what size they should be? Actually, I would be more likely to knit them for his little brother Joseph….yum, yum!

  • According to the msn entertainment guide, Kate’s dress was “silver blue”. I think it looks more purple than grey. Here’s the picture:

  • Congrats to the winners. Rare that I win anything, so I’m keeping my streak going.
    I don’t think those are the shoes Ann wore with her red carpet gown, those were the “opening number dance shoes” only.

  • I missed the contest.
    But I am not surprised that Ralph wasn’t there. He doesn’t seem to like these things, and only appears when he is nominated.
    And I think that Stephanie is right, Anne changed her outfit after the red carpet.

  • Hey, I guessed silver, which is kind of gray! I’m congratulating myself for an almost win, a la Mickey Rourke. 🙂

  • Ack…I missed by 2 mins…always the bridesmaid, never bride.

  • News reports today say that Kate’s 8-year-old daughter was “mortified” her Mom wore grey.
    You gotta love 8-year-old girls.

  • And I didn’t enter the contest because I couldn’t think of a reason why Ralph didn’t get a nomination. What was the answer to that question???

  • congrats to the winners
    do we have a picture of you weeping
    thank you kay and ann -eat your heart
    out norville and hart

  • Congratulations to Helen and tejasmom!

  • Ah, Ann… did you see Michelle Obama tonight? AUBERGINE!

  • Woo Hoo! I mean, I think I am going to faint! Has anyone ever fainted?!? I would like to thank the Academy, I mean The Committee for this award and for being so smart, beautiful, knitterly and especially generous. And a few words in Spanish to my peeps, Muchas gracias. You girls rock!

  • Dear Ann and Kay, in honor of it being award season and all, I’ve nominated you (no, given you!) an award on my blog. Please come check it out when you’ve recovered from the post-Oscar partying!

  • I am also interested in celebrity shoe sizes, for the same reason as Alyson (from the comment above). I want to knit socks for Rachel Maddow! This is because every night while I watch her show I knit socks, socks, and more socks. And suddenly it occurred to me that I should knit some for her! But I don’t know her shoe size. Any ideas? (She is not listed on the celebrity shoe size web site.)Doesn’t she seem like the kind of person who would appreciate a good pair of hand-knit socks, in some really cool self-striping yarn or something?