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  • Way to Go Katie B!!

  • OMG!!! The line properly belongs to DH, he’ll have to get something very nice out of the yarn.
    I am speechless. Thank you.

  • congratulations. to Katie B.!!!!!
    they were all so funny!!!!
    and thanks for the monkehs…. they were great reminiscing???…..reminisents??? very nostalgic!!!

  • Congratulations, Katie! You’ll have to keep us posted on what you make…

  • Oh, how much do we LOVE YouTube? I mean, really? How could we live without that Monkuhs clip???? Hee.

  • Yay Katie B!
    Aaawww, that Monkuhs clip was from after Peter left the band. But it did lead directly to me finding my favorite Monkees bit on YouTube, the one with Mike and Frank Zappa. Thank you! 🙂

  • I thought the winner was rilly funny, but my second fave was the Orbitz gum line. Priceless!
    Congrats, Katie B.

  • Congrats Katie B. Ann, have a great time with the fambly!

  • Ok, loving the Monkees on YouTube. Thanks!

  • Ahhh, The Monkees.
    I used to watch them everyday after school…on Nickelodeon.
    Love em.

  • Where the heck do you find this stuff? I loved Peter and Michael and never missed their show. I almost expected to look down at my madras Bermuda shorts and reach for my white wicker purse with the gingham lining so I could get my compact out to adjust the giant bow clipped to the top of my head. What a memory rush!
    Have fun in your sun and sand.

  • Congratulations Katie – what a great line!

  • Once about 6 years ago I met Glen Campbell in the Dallas Airport, while waiting for a flight. It was just after 9-11 and there were only about 5 or 6 people in the waiting area. I didn’t recognize him until someone else asked if he was, in fact, himself. He was very friendly and asked me about my knitting. (It was crochet, though.)

  • Have a great time! While you’re celebrating with family, I’ll be punishing myself for having missed a contest. I loved the GCGT Hour!

  • I think Katie’s was my favorite, too! I laughed right out loud when I read it in the comments 🙂

  • I am *so* marrying Davy Jones when I grow up. Now I need to go back to practicing how I’m going to write Mrs. April Jones.

  • Forgive the second post, but I didn’t have time to look at the links before. I also had a giant crush on Glen Campbell (still have some LPs), but the Glen Campbell and Stone Temple Pilots video is amazing, I think he is even more amazing now–as i grew up, I always thought his singing was fake, but clearly that is not true. Thanks Ann.

  • You do realize your spelling mistake? You called Katie a “weiner”!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  • ooh the monkees and glen campbell. my mother had a huge crush on glen and i remember watching the show with her when i was a little kid. and i loved the monkees. i think mickey dolenz was my first crush — at the tender age of 4. i remember watching the show before i was old enough to go to school.

  • I was always a Johnny Hartford woman myself !!!!!!!

  • OMG! Whichita Lineman and Gentle on My Mind are both in my iPod in the “easy listening” playlist! “I can hear you singing on the wire” – love that!

  • Hey, I’ve got both the Monkees and Glen Campbell on my iPod!

  • Have you seen the new self striping Sugar n Cream yarns yet!?
    Love them!!!

  • Girl! I remember my mama listening to Glen Campbell. She had the Glen Campbell/Bobbi Gentry album. It was cool. We used to put that thing on in the den when my girl friends came over for ‘homework.’ More like social hour. Those were the days. Thanks for reminding me:)

  • It’s amazing how popular Mickey’s hairdo still is among ladies of a certain age in this part of the world. If they could see this video they’d be jealous of his volume. 🙂

  • Don’t forget Jimmy Webb! He wrote all those good Glen Campbell songs. I definitely heart Jimmy Webb.

  • Oh! This stuff must be in the wires, or the air or something! My son took a job for the summer fightin’ the wildfires out west. As a result, catalogs come here to the house that are “Lineman’s Catalogs.” So manly. Anyway that got me to thinking about Wichita Lineman, and what a fabulous song it was and how I never seem to hear it. Which led to my siblings putting it on their pods, and now this…hmmm. “I hear you singing in the wires” – gives me chills.