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  • Thank you for the great close-ups of the beautiful Grannies shawl! I’m working on my own (fingering weight) squares and experimenting with joining techniques as well as the top-stitch detail that appears on the original inspiration. Not there yet, but these pics are helpful. 🙂 Katherine

    • You’re welcome. I have it out in my bedroom so I can admire it daily. It makes a great backdrop (I think). Not sure what you mean about the topstitching on the original inspiration, so I will have to go examine it more carefully.

      • It looks to me like there’s a long chain stitch over the top of the flat seams. Maybe only 4 or 5 across the width of each square. ??? To my eye it adds a nice finish.

  • What is this “Never Ending Sock Yarn Fantasia of Log Cabin Love” of which you speak? My curiosity must be satisfied! Also, I’m pretty sure I want one.

  • Thanks for the post about Modeknit Yarn. I just ordered a sampler of the Sherlock Holmes inspired colors in the fingering weight. The colors are intriguing.

  • I love you with the heat of a thousand blazing A trains in August! THANK YOU for the shout out, baby!

  • Can I just say I love how you’ve adapted the granny square blankie as your photo backdrop. Snaps for that. Double snaps!