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  • drool.

  • am i allowed to enter?
    what about kaffe? can he enter as well?

  • I’m restraining myself from entering as I am awash with Magpie.One of my faves.
    Give it all to the lovely e I say !!!

  • and me… do I almost count as family yet?

  • Oh la laaaaaa! Me want me want me want me want me want!
    Can I enter?

  • Lis, Polly and Becky: None of you are relatives of Mason-Dixon Knitting, unless, like most of our readers, you are related to Ann by marriage.
    You may feel as if you are employees, due to our many requests for your expertise and assistance in the running of Mason-Dixon Knitting, piecework knitting for charity, or the delivery of parcels and packages from abroad. And then there’s the fact that we occasionally send you Performance Evaluation Forms. But you are Independent Contractors, not employees. You may enter.
    I have spoken.
    Kay, Executive Vice President and Weather Pixie, Mason-Dixon Knitting Dot Com
    P.S. Ann–I have got your number girl! You are destashing glorious Magpie because it’s not fine-gauge enough for you anymore. You have a dangerous form of knitting anorexia, in which a knitter’s needle size keeps diminishing until she is knitting Barbie sweaters with single strands of embroidery floss. Seek professional counseling. If you don’t snap out of it, I’m going to mail you some Core!

  • Knitting anorexia! Very nice metaphor – or is that a similie? I’m not sure, school was a long time ago. I have the opposite, yarn getting fatter by the day….

  • My, that Dolphin is pretty. I was starting to craft an entry in my head and then remembered that…well…I just sent 9 or 10 skeins of Magpie off to a Wisconsin prison (blame Interweave Knits!) in a last ditch attempt at stash management. (O.k., o.k., I know you are ready to slap me now. But you haven’t seen my stash.) So, um, I don’t think I’ll enter. Ann and Kay, next time I am seized with despair over the size of my stash, can I just send the orphans to Mason Dixon and let you be all clever with my lost enthusiasm?

  • Evelyn! I am shocked! Sending Magpie off to do hard time! But what a good soul you are. I loved that article. Next time we’ll try to give away something you didn’t just give away yourself. xox Kay

  • Wow! What a nice contest with incredible prizes. Oh! Rowan Magpie, I like it so much, I could marry it, well at least… eat it. It’s a “pie” afterall, non? I wish I could participate, but I always fell like I’m not deserving enough. You should win the prize for making people happy. 🙂

  • Yaaaaaaaay! Now I need to come up with a clever submission. Words, don’t fail me now 🙂
    P.S. I’m getting ready to head to the States this month. I know you like things from La Droguerie. Anything you fancy? Don’t be shy, now. I can bring it over and send it from the States.

  • for several days now i have been trying desperately not to be tempted by this! too late! i’m working on an entry right now!!!

  • Dear Ann–that Christmas ornament in the Found Objects is FREAKING ME OUT. Who’s idea of Mrs. Claus is THAT?
    Speaking of weird likenesses, did you catch Tina Brown’s quip that Michael Jackson’s mug shot is a cubist portrait? You say the Cat in the Hat, and I’ve also seen it juxtaposed with Joan Crawford (now that’s just plain mean!). There are no wrong answers here.
    Hooty hoo! More ornaments, please. ‘Tis the season. I may have one or two worthy ones myself. xoxoKay

  • Becky–Aww, you are too cool to offer to bring us yarn from France. I can’t ask you to do that, having just made Kay drag home a pile of alpaca for me. (Kay, you’ll do less time in Limbo for that one). But Kay may have a little something she needs?
    I do hope you’re coming through NYC, so you can have a sit-down with Kay.
    Kay–Mrs. Claus is the invention of Christopher Radko, circa 1991, before he sold his soul and started appearing on Home Shopping Network. Not to sound all he-USED-to-do-such-cool-stuff, but he used to do such cool stuff. Somebody around 1995 told him to start making endless moon-eyed Santas and snowmen, and that’s when he fell apart. I’ll show you some of my other weirdies.
    And I will check my tree for the one that most closely resembles Michael Jackson.

  • You know, Mrs. Santa looks a lot like Martha Stewart, doesn’t she?
    Becky, it is awfully nice of you to offer to mule over some fancy French yarn. What do I want, what do I want???? [Thinking]. [Email ya later.] Merci beaucoup!!
    xox Kay