Announcing: We’re Knit Stars Teachers!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
April 12, 2018

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  • Ladies this is so exciting! I registered as soon as KNITSTARS 2 was done. So glad you’re both teaching! Shelly had an amazing idea, go to the experts, bring them to we knitters. I don’t travel any longer, so this is like heading to STITCHES and getting all the instructors you want. Bonus….no travel, hotel, meals out and save a big chunk of $$$. And you have lifetime access to the videos, patterns, transcripts and yarns available for most of the projects. Ya ya ya I sound like a commercial. But this is brilliant!

    • So glad you’ve enjoyed Knit Stars! We’re so excited to be in the company of these designers and teachers—it’s going to be inspiring for us as well.

    • Stitches AND VK Live AND YarnCon AND the Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In, all at the same time! 3.0 was bought & paid for before even finishing 2.0 (secret admission: and all of 1.0).

      I love the ability to download the videos and keep them forever.

  • This is exciting! I’ve never done Knit Stars before; maybe this is the time! Can’t wait to see the smoky eye and contouring!

    • It will be spectacular, we promise and by spectacular we mean kind of like when your four-year-old gets into your lipstick drawer.

      • You have a lipstick DRAWER??!! I’m lucky if I can even find one sticky old nub. (These days of video conference meetings must be doing wonders for the lipstick business.)

        • Lipstick Graveyard, actually. Where lipstick goes to die.

  • Glad you joined the Knit Stars team as presenters—it is a great concept and well done. If you haven’t experienced Knit Stars before, classes are broken down into segments, so you can watch for a few minutes or watch the entire presentation if you have more time! I have been watching since the first Knit Stars. I signed up for Knit Stars 3 as soon as Shelley opened registration to those who had been enrolled in Knit Stars 1 and/or 2! I’m so excited to learn the timing for Knit Stars 3 and can’t wait to see all the new things I need to learn!!

    • It really is a clever structure–the videos are available any time, and the bite-sized segments make it easy to find the topic you’re revisiting. So glad you’re coming back!

  • Wow! Yesterday was my birthday. Thanks for the present

  • Y’all just never cease to amaze me.

    • I’m right there with you, Judy.

  • I participated in Knit Stars 1.0 and 2.0; Very excited to see that MDK will be part of Knit Stars 3.0. Can’t wait until next fall when it debuts. This year has an All Star line up!!!

  • Just signed up! Gift to myself. Thx for letting us all know. And congrads on the well-deserved stardom.

    • Carole! Welcome to the Arctic Circle! and Nashville!

  • I, too, have participated in Knitstars from the beginning and will definitely sign up again! For anyone who is unsure, you will not be disappointed!!! The teachers, free patterns, exclusive yarns, and so much more are a knitter’s dream!
    Thanks for the good news in my inbox.

  • I did 2.0 and loved it – so happy with 3.0’s line up! You ladies AND Ann Budd?!? My favs 🙂

  • I already signed up for Knit Stars 3 as soon as 2 was over and am so excited for this line-up. It really is such a wonderful event!

  • I so wish I could afford it! I would sign up in a heartbeat if I had the fee.

  • Congrats! Looks like the perfect topic and you two are in great company for the endeavor.

    When I first saw the dates, I thought “the last thing I need during that time is another to-do list item.” The fact that registrants maintain access to the material is perfect! Doesn’t matter if that is someone’s busy time or their time to ignore the madness that is beginning to build around them.

    Yes, as you can tell, I’ve been living under a rock and wasn’t aware that Knit Starts existed.

    • I must ave been under that same rock. How did we miss each other? I am very intrigued.

  • Ann and, Kay! I’m so excited you will be a part of KnitStars 3.0! It has been an incredible experience so far and the list of teachers for this year is also inspiring! Looking forward to even more happiness knitting!

  • Great news, and what a terrific panel of teachers — knit STARS indeed! I splurged last Fall and enjoyed KS2. It made up very nicely for missing Stitches West, for all the reasons you mention (although nothing will make up for a large hotel bar packed full with knitters). Must sign up now!

    • Waiting for the virtual hotel bar…WHEN will technology solve this one?

  • I was unaware of KnitStars until now, and have just signed up. You two were a huge selling point for me.

    • Aw thank you Melanie!

  • Curious to know if they are captioned. Thank you

    • Hi Tiny!

      Thanks for your question. The classes are not captioned, but they are transcribed.

  • Wow! What a great idea this is! As it happens, it’s coming at the perfect time for me, as I have just sorted through the yarn accumulation of three years. Even though I’ve done some de-stashing, any sane person could see that I still have enough yarn of all colors and fiber types for at least three knitters, so I will definitely be Knitting from Stash this coming year. It might be time to apply my 2018 Fiber Festivals yarn budget to education, instead!

  • I have no idea how to knit is this for beginners as well, I don’t know how to hold the knitting needles is that what they r called?

  • I was also unaware of Knit Stars. Very cool, I will be signing up. And congratulations on the designation of Knit Star! Maybe someday….

  • Kay and Ann – So very thrilled you will part of the faculty for Knit Stars 3.01 I happened upon a pop up message about Knitters 1.0 and was so fascinated that I signed up and now excitedly waiting for 3.0. I’ve love you daily e-mails and read them faithfully so I know you both are going to be great – can’t wait

  • I love that you are teaching ‘the secrets to knitting happiness’ – no two people are better qualified.

  • I just enrolled! Yay!

  • Well who thought I would wake up in a Saturday morning and register for a knitting extravaganza before even leaving my bedroom!! This sounds intriguing. It will be fun to see you online but not as much fun as attending your Pie Party at NYSW. ☺️☺️

  • So, I finally caved and signed up. Somehow in v 1 and 2 I did not realize you could download and save the classes. I just knew the schedule would never work for me. You made me look again. I don’t know if the rules have changed or if I just read more. Thank you for expanding my horizons!!