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  • Lovely selection ladies. I think this is the part of Christmas shopping where I pick up a few things for moi. Love the Kermit and Olive sizers. I can’t always use one more, right?

    • Ummm, I CAN always use one more.

  • All beautiful stuff, ladies! I especially need the fob ruler, what a clever idea!

  • Ryder Carroll. Just sayin….

    • He also has a video of how to Bullet Journal which he narrates himself, so one can actually hear his voice.

  • I have a perfectly good needle sizer but the Kermit and Olive one – who could resist!

  • Such a beautiful collection! Those kits for the wrap and for the cowl , oh my! The Freia yarn bombs, explosive! The Kermit and Olive needle sizer set, be still my heart!

    It’s. All. So. Good.

  • Heard at my breakfast table this morning, as I scrolled through your shop images: “Oh God…..Oh My God…… That is so freaking cute….. Wow…… “ Nice work!

  • I have been looking at those Akerworks Swatch gauge thingys for months. This has to be a sign, right!?!

  • The only thing that would make the Kermit and Olive gauges any better is if the Kermit one mentioned FOOD LADY on the back.

    • That look in his eyes is saying “FOODLADY IS SO BEUTIFULL.”

  • May your potatoes be ‘smashed’; LOL!! We pop in a bit of vodka in our recipe. Oh, my…..I say that we should just drink it! ((: This TG, though I’m going to make ‘cracked potatoes’.

    Oh, I might admonish you folks for the tempting shop you provide. @@,./’;,./’; LOL!!

    HTG to you and yours!!

  • I think you’re going to need an “add all to wish list” button. It’ll save us all a lot of time. Trust me.

  • You are killing me with the Olive and KRMIT needle sizer!

  • I have been hunting for the Akerworks swatch gauge thingy forever and a day. It’s always sold out, everywhere.

    Until this morning.

    That baby is mine!

  • Is it a bad thing if I buy a lot for myself before buying for anyone else? Maybe we could set up an mdk swap with our wish lists so we feel less guilty?????

  • Kermit and Olive?
    Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  • Ok, a bit stressed with the full house for thanksgiving so I placed a small order…..thankful for all who make mdk happen.

  • Wow! What a great Holiday Shop. So many fun little treats. Of course the Kermit and Olive needle gauge is the best!
    I love my Loome tool and made my first pom pom last week to top my Woolly Wormhead MKAL hat. There are so many great videos on the Loome sight. I pulled out all of my tail ends that I use as stuffing and made a scrap yarn pom pom, and then one with some speckled yarn and then one with striped yarn, etc.
    I have the Robot and the trim guide.
    Highly recommend!!!

  • I wish you shipped to New Zealand…..in the meantime, I shall live vicariously through your website….