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  • Knitters rock! Yay for Ryan!

  • Do you suppose that knitters could control the presidential election the same way. Probably not since I don’t think there is anyone running in the Handknit party. Anne, Kay what about throwing your handknitted hats in the ring?

  • Hooray! Now to work on November 2008…

  • Yipppeee!

  • Politicians take note: The pro-knitting platform is the way to go.

  • Really, if knitters united, we could take over the world. Remember Pinky and the Brain…or am I too young…

  • Pinky and the Brain! One is a genius, the other’s insane!

  • Ryan did it! WE did it!!! Go knitters! Congratulations, Ryan!

  • If politicians treated others the way we knitters do (see the other post about the nice woman who helped the stranded people), we’d be in great shape! Congratulations to Ryan. He seems like a lovely boy, though unnaturally handsome.

  • As someone who *DOES* watch ATWT but doesn’t pay attention to In Turn, I sure hope he *was* the best choice.

  • Wow!
    I’ve been a little behind on my blog reading as of late. So I was going, “What? Who is Ryan?” I’ve watched As the World Turns just about my whole life. Yay Ryan!!! I’m so glad to know that he’s a knitter as I watch him on ATWT.

  • YAY! Congrats Ryan! Knitters Unite!!!

  • Nooo, Jennifer, he’s not a knitter. LOL.
    Oh, we do create confusion, don’t we? He does LOVE knitters, though. Case in point, that I forgot to mention: The first time he came home with Abigail, I was furiously knitting on Plain Vanilla. He liked it. He liked what I was doing. He said, “My mom needs something like that to do,” and you know what he did? Actually, if you check my blog archives I’m pretty sure I blogged about it way back then….he asked me to put together a get-her-started-knitting gift for Christmas. As far as I know, she IS still knitting. Damn, this story would have been good to get out the vote, dontcha think? I wasn’t thinking clearly! But no matter — he won anyway.

  • you know that “purled for her pleasure photo in stitch n bitch….. um, Ryan…wanna make knitters happy?

  • Yay Ryan! I’m so glad he won – my grandma watched ATWT and then my mom watched it – I remember Bob singing Silent Night every Christmas! And that evil John married to beautiful Kim! I saw John in Al Pacino’s “Looking for Richard” with Kevin Spacey – I’m going to go check if he’s still on it – he would be so much fun to be on a soap opera with!

  • I was thinking I might have to keep an eye on ATWT for the hot-boys-in-love storyline it looks like they’re developing (saw that at the gym), and now I’ve got one more reason. Did I ever tell you my cousin was on AMC?

  • Yeah Ryan — Yippee Knitters!!!

  • I don’t watch ATWT but I did vote for Ryan. But, be assured, twig, I watched all 3 videos on the voting sit & I think he was the best by far.

  • Good for Ryan!

  • Thank you for posting. I’m glad because I voted, and because as a 20-something who spends hours a day navigating the internet, I could not navigate that site to find out. Couldn’t. I mean, I have good eyes and a lot of patience and experience, and…whatever.
    Yay, Ryan!

  • Ok, well, now if I follow the link, at least they’ve updated the content and tell you they’re not telling you ’til tomorrow, because that way the people who WATCH get the advantage. Which they already have, because at 8:30 am, I am at work, and at 8:30 am, they’re watching tv.

  • Awesome!! What’s the next election that you’d like us to throw … er, I mean win?

  • Yea for Norma’s Abigail’s Ryan! and yea for knitters who definately know how to rock (or stuff) the vote.
    (Equally guilty, I voted from every computer I have access to… ;> )

  • YEAH for Ryan — way to go knitters!
    I too like so many here voted for Ryan without being a regular of the show… keep us posted as too when he is one and I will watch. I hope Ryan appreciates the power of knitters!

  • Just imagine what we could do with all the great world issues.
    We so need to recruit more knitters.
    But as for the modeling, he so needs to get some actual knitting on that show.