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  • yarn shops in and around atl…
    -main st. yarn & fiber in watkinsville, ga just outside of athens (nicest people, best selection)
    -needlenook, on briarcliff rd @ lavista rd in atlanta (good selection of yarns, people are so-so)
    -nease’s in decatur @ ponce and commerce, (really nice people, so-so selection)
    hope that helps

  • Cast-On Cottage
    1003 Canton St
    Roswell GA 30075
    Nice selection of yarns in the historic section of Roswell, just a few miles outside of Atlanta.

  • Sorry, I forgot the URL – http://www.castoncottage.com/
    There is also a decent store in the Buckhead area of Atlanta called Strings and Strands – http://www.stringsandstrands.com/.

  • Kay/Ann:
    Having contemplated the possibility of opening a LYS in Atlanta and being a shopping queen, I am quite familiar with the LYS scene here in the ATL. Although there aren’t any shops that make me want to scream “you MUST go to this shop…” there are quite a few good options:
    Main Street Yarns in Watkinsville is great, but it’s about 1.5 hours away from downtown ATL. Worth the drive. http://www.mainstreetyarns.com/
    Cast On Cottage in Roswell is great. Cute little house with lots of yarn, nice staff. Great little downtown square area for antiques and lunch. http://www.castoncottage.com
    Strings and Strands is at Roswell Rd. and Wiuca Rd. in Buckhead. Although a little clausterphobic to me (yarn to the ceiling and a big heap in the middle), it is the only Rowan stockist in town and she does have her a lot of yarn. http://www.stringsandstrands.com/
    Neelenook is at Briarcliff and LaVista. It’s in a stripmall with a kosher deli and a judaica shop if you’re into that. Small outdated store, but with a good selection. Good thai food next door.
    People say the Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville is nice, but I haven’t ventured out that way yet. http://www.yarngardenknitshop.com/
    The Knitting Emporium in Kennesaw is owned by a great lady who has fantastic taste in her yarn buying. The shop is in a couple of rooms of a little cottage otherwise filled with gifts and antiques. Cute.
    Dunwoody Yarn is on Jett Ferry Rd. They have a great selection of Cherry Hill, K1C2, dale baby ull, Twisted Sisters. A nice, high end selection. Warm & inviting shop, near other shopping too.
    Nease’s Needlework is in a house in Decatur. Mostly needlepoint stuff, but a room devoted to knitting, including a good selection of Manos.
    Two Stix is a giftshop in Decatur that has a small selection of luxury yarn (alchemy, cashmere, etc) in the back. Nease’s + Two Stix + other great non-knitting shops in Decatur is worth a stop.
    Another worth the drive, especially if you’re a quilter is Magical Threads in Dahlonega. Nice mountain drive. Kids can pan for gold. Great yarn & quilting shop. Eat dinner at the Smith House. Great day.
    String of Purls is on Marietta Square. If you’re over that way anyways, it’s worth a stop. But it’s mostly novelty stuff that you can find anywhere and it’s not my favorite store. They do have a late night on Thursdays and run cute sales (like green yarn on sale on St. Patty’s etc)
    There’s a shop in Ackworth (way up 75) that I’m not a big fan of. They have a lot of Kollage if you like that.
    There are new shops in Snellville (http://www.allthatyarn.com)
    and Woodstock (called the whole nine yards or something) that I know nothing of.
    Happy shopping!

  • I would highly recommend Yarn Garden knit Shop in Lawrenceville (they’re having a sale currently), Main Street Yarn in Watkinsville (I agree-definitely worth the drive), Strings and Strands in Buckhead, Nease’s Needlework in Decatur and Knitting Emporium in Kennesaw. Unfortunately, Atlanta is one of those places where a car is a MUST, and none of them are close together. I have enjoyed my visits to most of these stores (had a not-so-pleasant visit in one, but I’m going to take it that it was just that day). I hope Ann has a great time! I also have a connection to Cast On Cottage, and would highly recommend that shop, even though I haven’t been there.

  • You guys are WAY better than Google and almost as fast.
    I’m sure Ann will let us know how she fared on her waffle-fueled shopping trip. Thanks!!! xoxo Kay
    PS Note to Carrie: shop much?

  • As a Georgia girl, I thought this was a topic I could really weigh in on, but it looks like Carrie beat me to it, and pretty thoroughly too. I love Nease’s because that’s where I learned to knit (I’m a cross-stitcher, and have shopped there for years). They don’t have as big a yarn selection, but the people are really nice. I also really like Cast On Cottage. A whole house of yarn! Those were the two main places I shopped before I moved to DC. I’m looking forward to trying the Lawrenceville and Snellville shops this weekend as that’s out in the direction of my parents’ house.

  • Geez louise, I can barely keep up with which grocery stores in my town carry fat free half and half. Clearly I need to get out more.

  • Ann can e-mail me if she’d like a tour guide – I know how to get to ALL those places. Really.

  • If you could take the selection of needlenook, on briarcliff rd and the people at nease’s in decatur you would have a perfect yarn store….I used to frequent them both when I lived in Macon, GA. As a male knitter I was completely ignored at the Needlenook….I vowed never to return, their selection be damned……..