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  • Would LOVE that book! Thanks for being so generous.

  • Is it bad luck to be the first commenter? Last week I got the first book of Wild Cozies and I love it. The only thing I’m missing is a proper teapot; the horrors!! I promise to buy a teapot if I win this book!

  • The tea cozies are adorable and I love CozyShack Rice Pudding!

  • I need to make cozies for my in-laws collection of teapots. Count me in the drawing!

  • I made a simple (really simple compared to these) tea cozy for my sister in law last year. It was fun to make and had a temporary life as a hat for a child who missed the spout and handle holes. I’d love to make more but didn’t really want to make boring ones. These are pefect!

  • I have a felted cozy, but options would be wonderful. I like that one with the convertible top!

  • Oh my gosh, I SOOO want that book. Two weeks ago, in the wake of a stellar sinus infection, I made and drank 3 pots of hot tea while working from home. I currently have ZERO cozies for my lovely ceramic teapot, which is, of course, a crime. I was thinking that day that I should search the Mason-Dixon archives to point me toward some fun cozy of some sort (as I had already checked book one and wishlisted book two just in case). But some crazy thing came up (ie, actual paying work) and the search did not get done before the pot went back to the basement, and the search was promptly forgotten until I saw this post.
    Obviously, I need this book.

  • Too cute! What an imagination.

  • My mother’s teapot from the ’50s has been longing for a cozy with a sense of humor. I would love the book!

  • I can cozy up to that! Tea is an essential of life areound this house.

  • Tea cosies have a special place in my heart. My boyfriend and I were going out for New Year’s eve and could not get into the bar. Being desperate, I suggested that we drop by my parents house. I found my brother in a tux playing Vogue models, my sister in a 10 year old prom dress and my mother wearing a tea cosy on her head (Dad was wearing a Tam). Surprisingly enough, this boyfriend is now my husband of 27 years.

  • I love tea and knitting and have a modest teapot collection. Please enter me in the drawing and thank you for sharing!

  • *I’ve made two tea cosies, one felted, and one lined for what I think must have been the world’s biggest teapot. It was like knitting two hats for a giant.
    *I drink about 5 cups of tea a week.
    *I like the word “cozy.” (I like the word “cosy,” for that matter.)

  • You had to say it! You just had to say those words…CozyShack Rice Pudding. I’ve been trying so hard to be good. All my willpower straight down the tubes. Damn, woman!
    P.S. I have several teapots that would love a good cozy, so please enter me in the drawing. Thanks ever so much.

  • OMG – I LOVE that mushroom cozy! My MIL is from England and she introduced my to the tea cozy but I had never thought of the need for owning more than one per teapot – this book is definitely a reason! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Oooo… my sister has just given up coffee (!? – something I would NEVER do), and taken up with tea. I would looooove knit her a REALLY wild tea cozy…

  • Fantastic!
    I’ve always wanted to knit a tea cozy!
    And eat rice pudding!

  • CozyShack rice pudding? Gaaack! (I’ll make my own, tyvm!)
    Tea Cozies? Wild tea cozies? Yes, please.

  • I’m a fairly recent convert to drinking tea. I need this book so I can knit a cozy for my teapot (which I bought at the Winston Churchill Museum in Missouri). So can my English teapot be happy with an Aussie cozy?

  • I accidentally set my grandmother’s Harrod’s tea cozy on fire a bit ago. It would be nice if I could knit a replacement. These cozies are not only functional but very decorative as well. Thanks.

  • I love knitting wild, out of the ordinary stuff. Mom loves tea and is homebound for a while due to illness. Would love to brighten her day with some fun stuff and this would be perfect.

  • I really need a book of wild tea cozies to go with my ever-growing passle of tea pots.

  • I’m hooked already and I haven’t even seen the book. Tea….cozy….it’s the personification of the art of drinking tea. Whoo hooo

  • My mom is an avid tea drinker. I think I could find cozy that would work for her in this book. Thanks for hosting.

  • My husband brought back about 45 little Chinese teapots when he was traveling to China a few years back. I want to see if he’ll notice a wild tea cozy on one of them.

  • I have a collection of tea pots and I need this book!

  • Can’t resist! Am avid tea drinker (and that reminds me I need to place an order to Upton’s Tea soon or there will be unhappiness in this household)
    Those are so cute!

  • As a tea cozy fanatic (user and maker), this book would definitely have a place of honor on my bookshelves. Thanks for sharing it – your blog posts make my day!

  • I was just looking up tea-cozy patterns this week. How serindipidous!

  • My almost 4 year old daughter Lucia and I have started drinking tea together. Our boring black pot deserves a fun cosy! I’ve been looking at patterns on Ravelry, but haven’t decided what to knit yet.

  • CozyShack rice pudding taught me, 16 years ago, that rice pudding was not something to fear but to love!
    Also, though I’ve never knit a tea cozy, I think I would like to start. Sign me up for the drawing, please!

  • Ooh, what fun! I just made a tea cozy using the Tea Mitten pattern on Ravelry and just love how it came out. I’m a huge tea lover and have been to Australia too, where the tea was quite delicious, but I somehow missed the REALLY wild tea cozies!

  • Living in a world of coffee drinkers is a hard, hard thing. For instance…go to a conference (any one at all, it won’t matter) and you will see 99 silver-plated urns of scalding hot coffee all nicely lined up in a row for the coffee drinkers. Now look a little farther down the service table and at the very far end you will spy a 1-quart insulated plastic jug of (dare I even presume it) Lukewarm Water with a tiny basket next to it containing 5 tea bags for all the tea drinkers to share. On a good day there might even be a few slices of lemon to pass around.
    Do the tea drinkers get angry over this obvious slight? Never. Instead we take to carrying our own herbal blends in pouches specially knit for this purpose along with a small propane torch to heat our own water, so as not to inconvenience the wait staff who are clearly overwhelmed trying to keep up with the coffee guzzlers.
    So much cruelty in the world and yet we tea drinkers maintain our calm and pleasant natures, even to the extent of creating whimsical cozys that can bring a smile to all who see them.
    I want that book! I need that book! Gimmee that book!

  • One of my favorite memories is an afternoon alone in London enjoying tea and scones at the Orangery. This book looks like fun – thank you for sharing!

  • I had a little tea shop in Ann Arbor Michigan. I flew 3000 miles to visit the shop. (OK, so I also visited family in the area.)
    I *really* miss Hill of Beans, and wish I could find another tea shop as amazing!
    Susan in Las Vegas

  • I would love this book. Besides a cover each for the teapots of my best friends (both avid tea drinkers), my own would get one, too. I am still amazed at the variety of tea: Black, herbal, green, red – somebody who does not like tea has just not found their flavor, in my opinion.

  • I was given a rather fabulous (though crocheted, not knitted) tea cosy three years ago for my 30th birthday. Exactly three years ago in fact as it’s my 33rd birthday today 🙂
    Despite being a fan of a good brew I didn’t own a teapot then and I still don’t own one now. I do however still have the tea cosy in the hope of finding myself a teapot fabulous enough to adorn it with. And I would so love the birthday present of this book so that I can knit myself some more fabulous tea cosies to find fabulous teapots for!

  • Tea keeps me cozy. I keep it cozy. Love the book! Thanks for sharing.

  • Husband is British, children being raised bi-culturally (except for the Marmite, which no one believes is edible, at all). Brown Betty tea pot has Union Jack tea cosy, which, well, is fine, but by no means wild, let alone really wild…

  • I love wild tea cozies! Need I say more? No? Well, okay then.

  • I’ve knit many tea cozies – often adapting the Cottage Tea Cozy from the Weekend Knits to match a friend’s new house to give as a housewarming gift.
    But wild tea cozies would open up all sorts of new horizons!

  • My favorite hat pattern is the Tea Cozy Hat from Charmed Knits! I do also love a good cup of tea, and Cozy Shack Chocolate Pudding is my guilty pleasure 🙂

  • I have wanted to knit a cozy for our local “Knit Tea” hostess, but just haven’t found the right one. This book looks like it has plenty of candidates.

  • I never win anything but oh, oh, oh, I WANT that book. LOL. Oddly enough, I’ve been itching to knit a tea cozy. I think they are cool. Must be because I have a distant relative living somewhere over in Australia.

  • How fabulous! My mother in law has been hinting at me to make her a tea cozy for awhile. I would love to present her with a postmodern chicken one. I imagine that would cease the knitting hints for awhile. 🙂

  • I drink pots of tea each day, the only thing I still need is a cozy. Hope to win this book.

  • I looked at the pictures on Ravelry. An interesting range. But some are SO CUTE! I did once make a French press cozy. My 2 year old wants me to make her baby a dress just like it. :S

  • Despite having knit for years and years… and drunk tea for even longer… I have never actually knit a tea cozy. What is wrong with this picture?!?

  • This summer I am going on an iced tea adventure. I never had much chance with it so I’m trying every recipe I find until I find the perfect iced tea.

  • OMG! Those are fabulous! What a fun, fun, fun, fun book. Did I mention fun? I remember when there was a wonderful exhibition of toilet roll covers, and I wasn’t sure it could be bested. But I believe that sausage like hat like donut like thing on the top of that tea cozy just about… well… it just about says it all!
    I would simply love to have a copy of that book. If I sat it next to my teapot, do you suppose it could knit a cosy for me?

  • Tea Bit: Next time you get chilly (which can still happen in June, if the air conditioner is set too low/ too cold, lol) try this yummy, yummy tea that will warm you up, and make you smile, too: Celestial Seasonings “Bengal Spice”. It is naturally a little sweet, but is especially improved by adding a little half n’ half.

  • I prefer the European-style rice pudding…when I can get it. As for tea cozies, why not wild?

  • oh my; I’m switching from coffee to tea for this. This is culture. Fantastic!

  • I LOVE tea cozies, even though I’ve only made one thus far. This book looks great!

  • I need a tea cozy. My teapot is shamefully naked.
    And Cozy Shack rice pudding is my kryptonite. Rice pudding is my absolute total most comfort-iest comfort food, but somehow I think if I made it from “cauliflower faux-rice” it would lose some of the charm.

  • I am yet to knit a tea cosy – but this book does sound very interesting!

  • I’m happily remembering a Christmas gift exchanged with my great friend Jeanine, some 20 years ago, following a great long heart-to-heart in an herb garden.
    We each gave the other a tea pot and a photo of the two of us on that day. Thanks for the cozy memories! -JM

  • Just the book for me! I’m knitting tea cozies for my quirky tea-loving niece and this fits the bill! Thanks for sharing this book with us.-LR

  • I love tea. And those cosies are fabulous!

  • Tne one thing I know about tea: Black tea MUST be steeped in a warm vessel, in BOILING water. Every time I go to England I weep with joy, because they know how to do it right, and every cup of tea is a little cup of warm liquid comfort.

  • How cute! I’ve been meaning to knit a tea cozy for a while now, but my tea pots have been on haitus in favor of the microwave… it’s just not the same, though.
    And I love rice pudding, Kozy Shack or otherwise. 🙂 (they also make a decent tapioca!)

  • You know, it wasn’t until I started knitting that I found out what a tea cozy was. Heard of them, but couldn’t fathom what they were for or how they worked. Now I’m intrigued.

  • Umm, I love tea, rice pudding, I have no cozies, nor tea pot for that matter, but the book looks intriguing

  • I’ve made some fabric tea cozies with matching cup cozies — and they work great — but I’d love an excuse to knit one! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the tea cozy! I would love the book.

  • Wow they’re some really odd looking tea cosies! What’s the idea with the one with the flying saucer hat thingy? You know, tea cosies are a British thing too, given that we’re so into our tea.

  • I have many tea pots, no tea cozies–clearly a need that should be filled.

  • “Heirs fight over ragged shards of ancestral cozies. ”
    Apparently, your sense of humor is also intact. I love tea and knitted oddities. Also, I now have a hankering for some CozyShack Tapioca.

  • Well, now I want tea.

  • Those cozies are great! As is Kozy Shack pudding – although my favorite is the chocolate, the rice runs a close second, and I even like the simply well ginger lemon and the ready grains bowls.
    An aside – rice pudding always puts me in mind of AA Milne’s “What is the matter with Mary Jane? She’s perfectly well and she hasn’t a pain, And it’s lovely rice pudding for dinner again!”

  • I want my heirs to fight over ragged shards of a tea cozy! My present one is hand sewn one, but I’vve been thinking of a knitted one. OOO! and one for the family cottage. Because there’s nothing more fun that pissing off family members with craziness…

  • Well, now I need to go out and buy myself a tea pot, something I’ve been meaning to do for a looooong time. This book looks so interesting!

  • I would love to get wild like that!

  • that first one looks like it could be a kitty bed/house….hmm…..

  • I wonder what kind of really wild ICED tea cozy I could make…I would love that book for inspiration!

  • I have a *horrendous* monkey-holding-a-pumpkin tea pot that is in desperate need of cosy-ing. Please pick me!!

  • I use to wonder if a tea cozy would really work. Then I tried one and love them! This looks like a great book and I would love to win it.

  • Not eligible to win, obviously, but I do want to put a plug in for Kozy Shack rice pudding. I LOVE THAT STUFF. I mean: I LOVE IT.

  • Just what you posted is mind boggling, I’m agog – this is definately a buy for me!

  • I made a quilted tea cozy several years ago, but how can it compare to the pictures on your website? YIKES, I say…..Can Fancy Crochet Toilet roll covers be far behind? Pun intended.
    Love your humor, and your site. You girls always make my day.

  • Teapots:
    1. The Love Pot (always to be said with a leer). It has hearts all around on a beautiful terracotta classic teapot shape. Chinese & handmade from a flea market vendor from China trying to make a living as an artist in San Diego, CA by selling her collection. I think her teapot collection ALMOST beats my yarn collection in volume.
    2. The pumpkin pot. Iron Tetsubin with vining leaves that’s…blue in color.
    3. The daily pot. White, round, I’m a little teapot short and stout. My parents say it’s a Vietnamese coffee pot. oops.
    4. Spacey Pot. Clear pyrex with a long and twisty spout that you can actually keep warm with at tealight.
    5. Bodun. I use it for jasmine.
    Love me! Look how many different shapes I have to dress up and pity me! Those cosy pictures are awesome.

  • Growing up my mom insisted that we all sit down for a family breakfast before school. Since she didn’t have to be to her office until a little later in the morning, she would get up and make a big pot of tea and something to eat while my sister and I would run around getting ready for the day. It wasn’t anything fancy, oatmeal or scrambled eggs or something like that but we would all sit down and eat together. I miss that family time so much now.

  • greetings from the town of the giant T cozy.
    I love tea, i love tea cozies – and i am a knitting geek. The two mix wonderfully well!

  • I once asked for a tea cozy for a Christmas…and got five. I need more.

  • I saved the first yarn I’d hand spun for years… and years… and years. Then one day, it occurred to me that the overspun, harsh, thick and thin and weird wool would make a great tea cozy for my little pot. I knit it… and use it all the time. These look like much nicer tea cozies.

  • Looks like a wonderfully wacky tea cozy book. Big tea drinker here. The secret to good tea being the steeping at a controlled temperature. Which calls for a tea cozy.
    I have a collection of old tea cozies. Russian ones and Indian ones and an old Victorian beaded number. But with this book, I could be inspired to knit a few. Please accept my hat in the ring.

  • My husband only drinks Earl Grey tea, but other than that likes almost no bitter foods. My step-father drinks tea like it’s his job (and since he just retired, an argument could be made that this is true), so he and my mom are always brewing tea and icing it in the afternoon. My grandmother collects miniature tea sets. I think it would be lots of fun to make some REALLY wild cozies for all these people, and especially to adapt some patterns for Grammy’s tiny teapots. Thanks for sharing the book!

  • I would love this book! Thanks for the chance.

  • In the South iced tea is a year-round beverage. Up above Indianapolis it’s seasonal, like oysters.
    Ice tea is actually water.

  • One of my dear friends is a tea drinker, and I’ve promised to make her a tea cosy. It would be wonderful to make her one that is truly unique. I bet I could find it in this book. Thanks for sharing your extra copy.

  • We may laugh at tea cozies on this side of the sea but any serious tea drinker knows that anything less than piping hot detracts from the experience. We love earl grey with lavendar at our house. You can order it from Peets or make your own. A tin of Twinnings bulk earl grey mixed with 1 – 1/2 bags of lavendar buds from Cost Plus World Market (where we buy the tea) makes a nice mix. Especially on a sleepy morning.
    Thanks for highlighting the book.

  • My (somewhat conservative) older brother moved to Australia more than 20 years ago, and about that time asked me to make him a tea cosy . . . I need this book! It’s time to fulfill my sibling obligations!
    Thanks so much for bringing this book to our attention . . . I’ll be looking for it at my LYS.

  • I have an electric kettle that I used for most of my hot-water-for-tea needs but I’d much rather use the pot, properly cozied.

  • I would love a copy of the book! It combines two of my passions: tea and knitting!

  • I love tea. I really need a proper tea pot. One of the reasons I haven’t gotten one is that I know that I would probably go crazy with knitting cosies for it!

  • How would it be possible to live without a book showing how to make postmodern chicken cozies?

  • I used to work at a tea store, selling all things tea. Loose leaf, fresh brewed, tea making supplies, including tea cozies. I often ate Cozy Shack pudding on my breaks.
    Also, did you know that there are “teas” that aren’t tea at all? Many fruit blends that are steeped in hot water are often called tea, but since they do not contain any tea leaves, they cannot be properly called so.

  • The Mother’s Day after a family trip to Scotland, I took Cat Bordhi’s swan tea cozy pattern and made a Loch Ness Monster tea cozy for my mother.
    It has red eyes.

  • Oolong for me; and… you should really try Cozy Shack Tapioca!

  • Found some lovely loose tea at the Southern Market in Raleigh last fall along with another tea pot that followed me home. I could use another tea cozy. 🙂

  • I’ve never knit a tea cozy, just a French Press cozy and a camera cozy, but these look pretty amazing!

  • Kozy Shack pudding does not make a good tea cozy. The dang handle keeps slipping out of your hand!

  • Those are some serious cosies. We’re a boring old earl grey family but I do love tea. In fact it’s June and I should make some iced tea pronto.

  • Australians just like odd things, and the odder the better! Anyway, although I drink tea all day (both hot and iced) I don’t own a tea cozy. And a strange chicken one or two would be perfect for my “Ugly Chicken Exchange”. I bet it would even beat the ugly rubber chicken purse!

  • Oh pick me! I love tea.

  • oh MY. the ultimate … hot, sweet tea poured from a mushroom topped chicken cozy (w/ i-cord) AND some cozy shack rice pudding.
    thanks for connecting THOSE dots.

  • I bomb with Tea Cozies! And I am in need of some new inspiration! Please send this book my way!

  • I love her work! I read her blog! and i love tea!

  • That’s where American culture is really missing out. We have no reverence, obsession, or even strong feelings about normal tea cosies let alone delightfully strange ones… Let’s all move to Australia!

  • My sad, plain teapot could definitely use a tea cozy couture make over! Pick me!

  • This is why the colonists threw tea in the harbor…You may notice there are not coffee cozies…(I must add I drink neither beverage) But I love that it appears the author does not take herself too seriously…

  • I keep meaning to make my mother a tea cozy! Perhaps this is the inspiration I need. 🙂

  • I would adore having this book so I could knit a fabulous cozy for the fabulous teapot I got in Japan some years back! It needs nothing but the best, which this book clearly is. 🙂

  • Gigantic pots of tea were pretty much all that got me and my best friend through our first two years of college. We drank on average about a pot a day together, up to three pots in particularly stressful times.

  • Oh random number generator
    hear my cry
    pick me so
    my hopes don’t die.
    What’s not cheesy is my love of tea. What’s frustrating is one can no longer get bulk tea in any local supermarket. Good thing there’s the Internet for ordering!
    I agree w/the previous poster who mentioned event coffee service w/5 tea bags (usually a generic brand)

  • Count me in on this one. I would love to see all of both books!

  • I once quilted a bunny tea cozy that my room mate’s boyfriend wore on his head as a pig.

  • Have lots of teapots and no knitted cosies. I would love to win the book and change that!

  • I can no longer partake of tea without it first having been cosied. Pick me!

  • Oh dear random number generator
    please hear my plea
    choose me… choose me!
    Whoops… forgot “cheesy alert”!
    Another reason to be grateful for the Internet… one can order bulk tea. Local supermarkets no longer carry loose leaf tea. Argggg. Nothing more relaxing than the entire process of preparing the tea (loose leaves) and then sitting with knitting and slowly sipping.
    Previous poster re. event beverage service, nailed it on the head. One further insult is the tea bags are nine times out of ten generic brand!

  • I have 2 lovely cosies already, but one is very plain-old-plain-old and I’m sure I need that book. My non-plain-old tea cosy is for my Victorian pillarbox teapot, and so looks like a Victorian pillarbox. Cool, eh?

  • I once made a tea cozy to look like those wild toilet paper cover dolls my grandma used to make. I love it but I quickly realized I couldn’t use it– the first time my toddler saw me put it over a fresh pot of tea she yelled, “BABY!” and I envisioned her trying to grab it with disastrous results. Now that my kids are older I can go wild again!

  • Is there a pattern for my neti pot?

  • When we were little, my brothers & I gave my mother a teapot for almost every occasion (my dad lacked creativity big time). My fave was a shiny bright yellow metal pot with a bamboo-wrapped handle. I’d never heard of a cozy back then (and didn’t know those crocheted Barbie-torso toilet paper covers were also called cozies!)

  • I can honestly say I have never thought about knitting a tea cozy but these look like they would be worth exploring. I wonder where the name comes from and if there’s an equivalent for coffee? Hmm…

  • I’m a sucker for anything free relating to knitting, but especially free knitting books. Winning is always a plus. AND I worked at a tea room while I was in school. I loved working there, and I love tea, I even have a few tea pots of my own. Count me in!!

  • Tea cozies are, well, just so cozy.

  • Since I’ve had a tea cozy pattern, unknit, for about 8 years, I think I really need this book. Yes, the problem was the other one was functional, of a nice design, but it didn’t call attention to itself. I think one of these cozies would break through the cozy jam.

  • Well now, I don’t drink tea myself. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have tea pots that need cozies!!

  • Ha ha! I can’t stop laughing–they look like they are all from Alice in Wonderland. What amazing people those Aussies are! I always thought that Australia was pretty warm–why do they need tea cozies? Love the Neti pot comment–I will have to tell my patients who are knitters about that one!

  • I am inspired by Gerri to confess that I have 4 un-knit T-cozy patterns that are awaiting my purchase of a 6-8 cup T-pot. Quelle horreur! They have only been lying unknit since a year and a half – when I learned to knit – but with 4 that comes to 6 years total =) P.S. Do NOT mention CozyShack around my 86 year old Dad… he will stampede the fridge!

  • I must have this book. It would go a long way toward easing my bitterness over the lack of proper cream teas in Northern Virginia. You can’t even find a decent macaroon.

  • How fun would it be to knit up a bunch of wacky tea cozies for Christmas gifts? A lot of my friends are tea drinkers and would sure get a hoot out of one of these. I would love to give it a try. Thanks.

  • If I win the book I’ll have to buy a teapot.

  • I have no teapots in need of cozying, but I would acquire one post-haste, were I to win this book!

  • It’s true– I guess people are either really tea cozy, or just… not.
    I myself had my friend Ginger’s tea cozy (that she had fashioned out of remnants of a bathrobe, true story) until quite recently. The kids loved wearing it on their heads!

  • Just one of my favorite things about tea – anticipation!
    I love the rare day when I receive a real letter in the mail. I make myself wait until I have more than a few quiet moments in the day. I put on the kettle for a pot of tea. I would like to say that I scrounge around for a few cookies, but who am I kidding? – I always have a few cookies around. Once the pot has brewed, the tray has been set and the pillows have been plumped, I can finally read the letter.
    Quite some time ago I stumbled upon a website with these crazy tea cozies – such imagination and invention!

  • Very unusual items. Don’t own a teapot, but would love to get one just to make a wacky cozy. 🙂

  • I have 3 cozies to make as Christmas gifts = this would definitely motivate me to get them started

  • I have loved her other books, and I long to knit a tea cozy for one of my lovely fiestaware teapots. But darnit it sucks to have to go to a job instead of knitting.

  • But are there log cabin cozies??? I would love the book regardless, just saying.

  • I collect teapots. I should knit some cozies.

  • I do couponing, and have coupons for Kozy Shack, but never see it on sale. I wonder if they have it in Australia? Random, but true.
    Please toss me in the drawing for the tea cozy book! 😀

  • I’ve been wanting to knit a tea cozy or two. This book certainly looks like a great place to start. Thanks!

  • My mother is a tea fanatic (and has the requisite tea pot collection), and has even gotten my father to switch from daily coffee to tea. She’s having a a pretty rotten year. I’d love to cheer her up with some crazy cozies for her kettles.

  • Please include me in your drawing. I batiked and quilted a tea cozy for my mother back in the 70’s, but never made one for my own tea pot.

  • If the cozy was wild enough, I might jump the shark…or ummmmmm I guess I would like to sign up for the contest.

  • Yet one more reason to visit Australia!

  • My mother collects tea pots. I’d love to knit some REALLY wild tea cozies to dress her collection:-)

  • Who doesn’t love tea cozies? Especially tea cozies like this! Please enter me in the draw for the book 🙂

  • You just had to mention Cozy Shack Rice Pudding didn’t you? I just had another one. It’s a staple in my frig. I’m not a tea person but somehow I have a small collection of really neat pots and have a lot of friends who could use a really unusual cozy.

  • I don’t just want that book…I NEED that book.
    I had the brilliant idea to knit my Ontie a tea cozy for Christmas…epic fail. It would not cozy up to any tea pot that man has yet invented.
    Was it the instructions? Was it my knitting? We may never know.
    What I do know, is that now I have one strangely lumpy/slightly cylindrical dishcloth and a still unfulfilled tea cozy creative yen!

  • I liked her first book and would love to win the second! I have yarn and a small teapot just waiting for something really wild!

  • I would love a cozy book! AND- I have an adorable niece named Cosey (Cosette.)

  • I just finished writing, compiling, crying over, and submitting my tenure file. I’m a math professor. I’m good at the organizing part, but trying to explain why I’m useful (other than Duh! Who ELSE would spend a career teaching calculus) is harder.
    What I really need now is a nice sit down and a cuppa.
    And something fun to knit. A tea cozy would be lovely.

  • My sister-in-law collects teapots, but has no cozies. I could make her some (or giver her the book … nah. I could make her some.)

  • Even though this normally wouldn’t be my cup of tea (oh no, I didn’t!), the idea of this book totally makes me smile. Bring it on!

  • My office mate and I make a pot of tea every morning but it often gets cold before we are finished with it. The plants in our office seem to like the cold tea but I would prefer the tea stayed warm long enough for us to finish it all. I guess what I need is a tea cozy, or at least a book on how to make them.

  • I knitted a tea cozy for my MIL 10 years ago on the first Christmas. She still likes me so it must have been ok.

  • I may have to give up the Maxwell House for tea. This looks great!

  • I love Earl Grey tea. Its even better when you add a pinvh of cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. With the tiny marshmellows.

  • I have been following Loani’s blog for awhile now. I have to fight the temptation to get a teapot just so I can knit it a cozy.

  • Obviously a lot of your readers actually need this book more than I do (I scanned the comments), but I love the creativity involved in the tea cozies. However, I will not give up Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding in order to win the book.

  • I own two tea pots, one with cozy (given as a gift with the pot by a fellow knitter). The other poor tea pot sits there naked. I promise, if I win this book, my naked tea pot will be clothed!

  • For three generations the females in my family would always ask their children NOT if they were warm and cozy, but if they were “warm and tea-cozy”, especially after warming up from a great romp in the snow! Tea-cozies are personal expressions of memories!

  • I don’t know if I have ever seen something I am so much in need of in my life–well, maybe that Smurfette collectible glass that now sits in my cupboard fits in that category as well. Oh, my goodness–my life would not be full if I didn’t have this book. I mean I may muddle through life, but it will not be entirely pleasant until I have this book. ;o) LOVE IT!

  • Okay, I have to admit that I’m a coffee person. But my non-knitting, tea-loving sister would be beside herself if I gave her a REALLY wild tea cozy. And, even though she is a non-knitter, she is very deserving of a wild tea cozy. 🙂

  • Tea is good.

  • You’re making me all sniffly! Some of my best memories of my departed mom are having high tea- shortbread, milk, the works with her and her best friend. It was such an elegant, grownup but laid-back event. Thanks so much for offering this book:) I haven’t even THOUGHT of tea for years, and now I’m headed off to find my mom’s favorite brand.

  • I would like my friend Sara to have the book so she can continue to use up her stash to make me a nice cosey for my Keswick Bengal tiger teapot.
    Sumner the Enabler

  • I have a collection of teapots that have been given to me by my daughter. She and I LOVE tea and never drink coffee. I’ve made a few tea cozies for my special teapots and would love to have a copy of this book.

  • I have a collection of teapots that have been given to me by my daughter. She and I LOVE tea and never drink coffee. I’ve made a few tea cozies for my special teapots and would love to have a copy of this book.

  • Ooo! Pick me for the book giveaway, please!

  • I used to put the tea cosy on my head whilst pouring the tea – never thought a thing about it till my son was bringing a friend home to play and said ‘please mum don’t wear the tea cosy while he is here – it’s so embarassing!’ Oops!

  • I have wanted to make a tea cozy but haven’t found any patterns I liked until now. I would love to win this book so I could start on one.

  • Absolutely awesome tea cozies. I have a teapot that would look very dressed up in the pattern you highlighted. Thanks for the contest.

  • I have a collection of teapots given to me by my daughter. We’re both tea drinkers, never drink coffee. I’ve made a few teacozies for some of my favorite teapots and would love a copy of this book.

  • This book looks right up my alley! I love crazy knitted things!

  • My textile library won’t be complete without a copy of this tea cozy book..count me in!!

  • My textile library won’t be complete without a copy of this tea cozy book..count me in!!

  • I love to drink tea English style. But there is an Australia themed tea shop in the little town I grew up in, The Dalles, OR. The woman who runs it needs this book. But I need it more. Tea and knitting go hand in hand.

  • I just discovered Cozy Shack Tapioca pudding and it is in a class by itself!
    My mother used to have crochet poodle covers over the liquor bottles. The pattern came from the same Paton’s book that had patterns for house-shaped tea cozies in three sizes, complete with little embroidered gardens.

  • i have 12 teapots and only one cozy? Color me very needy!

  • I LOVE to keep my tea cozy! Please count me in!

  • That is a most excellent book!!
    I’m eyeballing the cosies in your last picture . . .I have much sock yarn and only two feet. Perhaps my sock yarn could adorn my teapot(s). (Doesn’t everyone have more than one?)

  • I live in England where tea cozies too are an integral part of daily life, though I never see anyone using a teapot….. would love a copy of the book as tea cozies are standard house warming gifts and a little zanyness is necessary I think when giving such an item.

  • Yes, please, enter me in the drawing for the book about really wild tea cozies. My bestest friend is a tea drinker AND she has chickens (not real ones) all over her kitchen and behind her house (both real and otherwise). I knitted & felted a chick oven mitt, and a cozy would be a great addition. Pick me! Pick me!

  • P.S. Best use of term ‘Jumping the shark’ on a knitting blog.

  • Personally, Cozy Shack Tapioca has it all over the rice pudding! Hope that does not count me out of the running for this lovely book!

  • You got me at postmodern chicken cozies. I’d like to throw my virtual hat in the ring. Thanks for the chance!

  • I live in UT, where it is quite cold, so I need to knit myself a postmodern chicken tea cozy in order to keep my tea warm in the winter, pretty please?

  • Ooh, what a fantastic-looking book. I’m writing to join the contest, and also to tell readers that “The Teashop Girls” by Laura Schaefer would be a wonderful accompaniment to this book, and for anyone who loves tea. It’s a lovely, old-fashioned-in-a-good-way, contemporary book aimed at preteen girls. But this slightly-beyond-preteen-years girl loved it too.

  • Random tea ness: Earl Grey is awesome in chocolate. Bars, puddings, cakes, doesn’t matter. The flavors bring each other to new heights.

  • I would love to win this book. My teapot is scandalously cozy-less at present, and in serious need of something fabulous. I had considered giving it my Yoruba Bird Hat from Folk Hats, but I like wearing that hat, and the teapot really does deserve a cozy made for it instead of a hand-me-down-this-is-close-enough thing.

  • I have book 1 and can’t wait to see book 2!

  • Oh my gosh, those are crazy in an awesome way. I’ll never make fun of tea cozies again!

  • How cool! I have a felted, embroidered tea cozy made by my mom (which could use another trip through the washing machine and is kind of a teapot tent, but very beautiful) and one she brought us from England, but my favorite is the one a son in middle school stayed up really really late Christmas eve to make, out of Lamb’s Pride in a nice blue. I think this book would only encourage us. (as in, “stop, you’re only encouraging them.”)

  • Do I have to own a teapot to own this book? You really made me want to read it. BTW I live 9 miles from the Mason Dixon Line if that might influence the decision. I could post a photo of a Mason Dixon road sign.

  • I have beenwanting to make a tea cozy for ages! What fun!!

  • Tea cozies? I sort of wish I had one as my tea is always tepid, although in this heat that suits fine. But I suppose that if I started making one now, but the time the chill of autumn rolls around, I’d be set with a warm and wild tea pot.

  • I will resort to begging…I work from home, so a REALLY Wild Tea Cozy would totally make my lonely days…
    They all look awesome.

  • Never let it be said I’d opt out of the chance for a book of cozy patterns. . . Pick me!

  • What a hoot! great idea and so cute.

  • What a hoot! great idea and so cute.

  • I made a lovely sage green tweed wool cozy with multicolor twining leaves on it for Mom’s 80th birthday gift. She needs something a bit wilder when she hits 82 this summer. Put my hat in the ring, please.

  • My tea pot is naked and yearns to be wildly cosy!

  • Hello. I’m crazy for cosies. Raffle me please.

  • I have a bigger problem: where to get a teapot that doesn’t blorp and dribble? Observing my mother’s current teapot, I asked her if she would like one that worked better. She replied “sure, if you can find one”. Her birthday is near father’s day… so coming up! Do you have any recommendations?

  • PS: If I could find one that worked, I would also cozy it for her.

  • I made a wonderful tea cozy in the shape of an English Cottage for my inlaws a few years ago. I’m ashamed to say that it was a hoot. I’d love to make some from this book!

  • I love CozyShack pudding. Rice. Chocolate. Yum. Now I want to go get some pudding. Anyway. I also love tea. Mostly English Breakfast, but also a wonderful Chai blend I found in Chicago a few years back. Just not at the same time as the pudding… pudding… pudding.

  • I love tea cosies!

  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa… back up.
    “Handknit marital aids?” What is the title of this book? I think I may need to see this to believe it.
    OK, back on track. Those tea cozies are ADORABLE! If only my tea-loving hubby used a normal teapot…

  • Being English, I love a good cuppa tea – actually, that is a bit of a fib, I don’t even drink tea! But, I do have an aunt who has a friend that wears a tea cosy as a hat and I think that some of these cosies would make excellent hats!

  • HA! Weird coincidence, but I was just reading an article about how the UK is asking people to use a proper teapot and tea cozies instead of electric kettles as a way to save energy. Maybe I’ll knit some for my friends across the pond!

  • Cosy teapot steeps
    cuddled in a knitted cloak.
    Citrus green tea. Yum!

  • 1. Did you know that, for a while, Cozy Shack came in a cinnamon variation?
    2. Regarding Tea Cozies, Noro Kureyon makes a beautiful one! Top an inverted purse with an i cord bind off shaped into a knot and you have increased beauty AND functionality.

  • I want this book because I believe that if I knit a really wild tea cozy I will be motivated to get my teapot out more often instead of just making giant mugs of tea.

  • My fact about tea: I like tea but it stains my teeth. I hope I win the book.

  • Well, after all, if you’re going to the trouble to knit a tea cozy, I am not confident there’s good reason to knit a conservative one… =)

  • Whether I win or not, I will need that book. Tea cozies are clearly what has been missing in my life!

  • Hoping there is a shark-shaped cozy in there! Honestly though, I am surprisingly impressed. Pick me plese!

  • Tea-cozy love is not something I admit to the outside world, although I encourage them heartily in tea drinking. Irish Breakfast tea in the morning, Licorice in the evening. My MIL and SIL both have the middle name of Cozy.

  • I must go and check with my neighbor who is from Australia and find out why it’s tea cozys rather than beer coozies.
    Hey, that’s it! “Mason-Dixon Down Under – Breathtaking Beer Coozies”

  • The American Tea Council (or some such organization) offers a scholarship called the “Calm-a-sutra of Tea” scholarship for the person that sends in the best educational video about tea!

  • My husband has been after me forever to make him a tea cozie…maybe I should make a RedSox one… That book looks wild….I love you talented people who inspire us! May I suggest a set of small Mason-Dixson Knitting booklets….for all these cute little things that are popping up, knitting for cats, dogs, beer cans…Ann can knit for Tang cans…list is endless!

  • i have SEVEN naked white teapots (it’s an odd obsession, but it’s mine) clustered, shivering, on top of a blue rug covering the top of the white refrigerator. (and two small glass blue birds of happiness, but that isn’t reaching the epidemic level of naked white tea pots). the naked white tea pots would thank you, i (usually clothed) would thank you, my stash would thank you….

  • Cozy Shack pudding is not my favorite food. But if it will get me a book about tea cosies, I’ll say I love it.

  • Wow – those *are* really wild! I’m sure I’ll have to make a couple for my sisters (too bad I’m not a tea drinker). Thanks for the preview!

  • Oh, the cozy holiday presents I could make, she types with fingers crossed.

  • ohmigosh, I’ve been wanting to make a tea cosy for awhile and a wild one would be the best. I hope I get picked!!!

  • Oh my goodness! I have to have this book:) I have ‘cozied’ my teapot and I have to fight with my boyfriend to keep in out in the open where it belongs showing off my nifty knitting! I would love to decorate my teapot with these patterns:)

  • I would love a book about tea cozies. I now have 3 teapots and they need warming. Thanks for being so generous and I love reading your blog.

  • oh please pick me!! I think these cosies are the coolest!!

  • I need the tea cozy book! I drink hot tea year-round (which raises eyebrows here in Texas). None of that iced tea for me, no sir.
    Kay, did you notice the quilted tea cozies on that website? I think you need to whip up a quilted tea cozy for yourself!
    Mary G. in Texas

  • I’m sure you won’t remember, but some years ago, when Mason Dixon Knitting came out, one of you, probably Kay, wrote me a personal email. You said you were working on a new book – and asked what kind of patterns I’d be interested in. I said: tea cozies! So you owe me. Also, I collect teapots, so I really need the book.

  • I have always wanted to amke a tea cozy and I don’t even drink tea 🙂 These are wonderful!

  • Those look so fun. My hubby loves Earl Grey. No substitute will do.

  • I do not own a tea pot or drink tea. I do not knit, although, I crocheted a few times with my grandmother when I was little. I don’t quilt or sew, or garden, or bike, or really do any of the activities I have been following on your blog. But I simply adore the stories and photos that go along with your knitting adventures! I am a new subscriber and read a bit more from your archives each day. I can’t wait to see Really Wild Tea Cozies. Even though I probably won’t ever make such a fantastic creation, I am fascinated by the clever designs, beautiful photos and can’t wait to read the running commentary you mention. Also, some of my best friends are knitters (I guess I’m draw to them!) and this will make an amazing gift idea. I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for sharing your wit and creativity in this blog. I love it!

  • The only tea cozy I own I found in the housewares department of the John Lewis on Oxford Street on my second to last day in London. It was a mad dash from the British Library on Euston Road to get there during rush hour. The cozy is solidly respectable. I think it’s time for a wilder one. 🙂

  • I have always wanted to knit a tea cozy now I know what I’ve been waiting for. 😉

  • Oh, please pick me! I don’t drink tea frequently enough any more, but I’m sure a tea cozy knitted from this book would have me breaking out the pot every day.

  • Being British and living in the USA, drinking hot tea in 90 degree temps sometimes gets me a funny look! But I persevere! Love all kinds of tea cozies.

  • Being British and living in the USA, drinking hot tea in 90 degree temps sometimes gets me a funny look! But I persevere! Love all kinds of tea cozies.

  • Some of those tea cozies look like sea anenomies – such beautiful colors and interesting shapes.

  • I keep telling myself I should knit a tea cozy, so my tea doesn’t go cold so quickly, but I think mentally that equated somewhat with “boring”. Well, no more. Love the “wild”! Would love the book!

  • Wow! Comment #252. My hubby is from Canada and New Zealand, so tea cozies are one of his things. He has family there so I can always knit a cute cozy for some family folk. They are really cute.

  • I love tea, I love tea cosies and I think I would love this book. If you’re going to have a tea cosie – it may as well be a REALLY wild one.

  • I’ve always wanted to knit a tea cozy, although I admit that I make tea by the mug. I’ve used my pot fewer than half a dozen times. All the more reason to show it some love, I suppose.
    Thanks for sharing the book and the website. They’re both a hoot!

  • How could anyone not want to knit a wild tea cozy…count me in!

  • I would love to add a tea cozy to my already really love knitting queue.

  • How funny! I just love the look of tea cozies, but I have never made one.

  • My friend Neil is a British ex-pat, and a real gentleman. He is a volunteer fireman, and a super mensch. He also loves tea cozies. I would love to get my hands on this book, to do right by Neil! (Who happens to be married to a terrific college friend of mine. Which is okay, cause I have my own great guy, but let me tell you, Neil is a find!).

  • Well, okay, there are 235 commenters before me so my odds of winning are slimmer than slim. But heck, why not? I drink hot tea in the winter, which happens to be the time of year when a tea cozy is most important. AND I HAVE NO TEA COZY! So this book is clearly one that I need.

  • Oh my GOSH are those cute. Another good reason to drink more tea!!!

  • Oh my GOSH are those cute. Another good reason to drink more tea!!!

  • I had an elderly female patient in short-term rehab. once who liked using tea cozies. She was a spirited woman, with beautiful “white and WILD” hair. Although not African-American, she combed her hair with a pick.
    One day this lady told me that she’d had her little grandson over for a visit. When his parents came to get him, he told them “granny covers her tea pot with a dress, and combs her hair with a fork!” ….. 🙂

  • Longtime reader, I’ve enjoyed your blog and your books. AND, I have a ton of naked teapots that could use a wild cozy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Longtime reader, I’ve enjoyed your blog and your books. AND, I have a ton of naked teapots that could use a wild cozy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Good gift for my sister in law who loves tea and like to be surprised by my knitted gifts.

  • Some of those tea cozies (namely, the one with the pom-poms) look like they would make really good disguises for a tea pot.

  • What is not to love about tea cozies, especially really wild ones!

  • What is not to love about tea cozies, especially really wild ones!

  • Well, I don’t know much about tea cozies, but I would love this book! Maybe it will help me come up with a good pattern for a crock pot cozy – something I’ve been wanting to knit for quite awhile!

  • WILD tea cozies – now you’re talking!

  • peach tea is my choice
    i have been a tea cozy all my life

  • I’ve never used a tea cozy. Maybe I should?!?!
    I like CozyShack rice pudding with raisins…

  • I prefer tapioca pudding to rice pudding.

  • I prefer tapioca pudding to rice pudding.

  • What a wild book and website. I am sure there are some posters who are really deserving, but I would love that book! Everyone needs a tea cozy, or an egg cozy or a cup cozy or ….you know

  • What a wild book and website. I am sure there are some posters who are really deserving, but I would love that book! Everyone needs a tea cozy, or an egg cozy or a cup cozy or ….you know

  • I have a teapot that’s practically begging for one of these cozies. Begging, I tell ya!

  • Holy moly. That tea cozy blog link is mind-boggling. The only tea cozy I have was sewn for me by my Mom & is rather sedate, being a black & white toile number that goes well with a black and white toile-ish scenic Wedgewood teapot that was part of the gift from Mom. She lined that cozy with some sort of thermal lining and boy! does it ever keep the tea piping hot! If I get that book as a winner, I will surely have to make Mom a really wild tea cozy.

  • I need this book because I have 3 teapots and no knitted tea cozy….
    but I have only 1 leg, and for that I have knitted a “stump cozy”
    (howz that for CozyShack? LOL)

  • I love tea! The cozy’s look really cool!
    Sheri from KY

  • Ahh! I need this book! My mom and I have been discussing tea cozy patterns for a year now and I get email hints all the time reminding me that she needs one… or many! These patterns look amazing!

  • Hope those try goes thru (bad cablevision).
    Those are adorable – count me in!

  • Hellooo Kay and Ann
    No I don’t want to win a copy of my own book thank you. But what joy to wake up this morning to be privy to all this tea cosy nonsense going on over here. And here was me thinking Americans are not tea drinkers or could care less about a knitted dress for a tea pot. Just look at you all – lining up for a BOOK about them.
    Another myth busted.

  • I love that it’s “REALLY” wild …
    I’m such a tea girl, I have tea every single morning. The kettle gets turned on after I feed the cat and then the hot tea is ready to go with me to work.
    And teavana has some pretty awesome flavors.

  • So funny – I was just looking for tea cozy patterns last weekend. I don’t like tea, but my daughter is addicted! So I wanted to make a fun cozy for her! I would love this book!!

  • First of all, thank you for your blog! It has been where I have received most of the news in pictures about Nashville’s flood. We have a son who lives in East Nashville (no water in their house!) so I feel a certain kinship with Ann. And Kay – you are just a hop, skip, & jump away on I78 from Allentown, PA. I really didn’t get the idea of tea cozies when I first encountered them in my favorite knitting mag from the UK, Simply Knitting. However, it makes sense to me now – KEEP THE TEAPOT WARM! Duh! A tea cozy is in my wish list of future projects – this book would help!

  • I LOVE wild tea cosies – a friend of mine on the opposite coast asked me for a ‘barn red’ tea cosy for her new pot, and so I knitted her a ‘red barn’, with flowers and crops and animals and a scarecrow! It was so much fun to surprise her! I’d love to win this, just so I could knit her something even better – the middle picture of your favourites reminds me of those fabulous dancing mushrooms from Fantasia!

  • We (heart) the tea here. I even knit tea cozies–but clearly I have not been very brave in my tea cozy knitting. Sea anemone, why didn’t I think of that?!

  • I’ve knitted plain felted tea cozies for too long and it’s time to branch out. Those cozies are beyond whimsical.

  • I have a favorite tea pot…it is plain forest green. Obviously it NEEDS for me to be given this book…

  • You gotta help me… my Hubby uses plastic wrap as his cosy! mary in cincinnati

  • I love tea, and I would LOVE that book! Pick Me! please please.

  • I love tea, and I would LOVE that book! Pick Me! please please.

  • I knit my mother a very special tea cosy about 15 years ago. I took a vintage pattern for a rose tea cosy, with individual petals sewn on a teacozy base, and changed into one of her favourite vegetables – an artichoke. She still uses it.
    I really enjoy Loani’s blog also.

  • Egad, that is brilliant! Tea cozies are so much fun to knit!
    When Chinese friend saw the first Wild Tea Cozy book, she told me cozies are unknown in China (or at least she had never heard of them), but she thought it was such a great concept that she’s going to take up knitting.

  • OH, to live in a place where the norm is a lovely POT OF (properly brewed) TEA which must be kept warm with a cozy, instead of a land where the norm is a pathetic bag dipped in less than boiling water.;)
    Of course, the antipodean realms are where they also fashion willy warmers. LOL

  • I’ve never made a Tea cosy before, but I think this would be a great place to start.

  • I have been following the tea cozy artist’s amazing blog for a while now. It is very inspirational. and FUN.

  • Hi! I have had a look at the first of these books, and I can tell there would be seriously cozy fun if one owned either of these books. I drink a fair bit of tea, but much of it has ice in it. Maybe the next book will be Seriously Wild Iced Tea Cozies – after all, cold things need insulation too!

  • My MIL is from Merry Old England, she has a lot of teapots and knitting her a wild cozy would just be the ticket!
    Cheerio, Ingrid

  • I have been on a desperate hunt for a chicken tea cozy. Make my dream come true! Love that you shared this with all of us.

  • What a wonderful book! Just the way to add a bit of cheer to the kitchen.

  • My daily tea is Big Mac’s Canadian Blend. It comes in bags, of 100, and I love it!

  • oh please please please pick me!!!!

  • I’ve been drinking tea since I was knee high to a grasshopper, (English parents). To be honest I drink too much of the stuff. I even have a mug that says where there is tea there is hope! I don’t however have a tea cozy. I’m blown away by the tea cozies in the book. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. I’m sure who ever wins it will be entertained for quite some time.

  • I totally didn’t read the rules. I LURVE CozyShack Rice Pudding, and I badly want a tea cozy.

  • I love tea and cozyshack pudding–the tapioca is my favorite. Cosie tea would enrich my life.

  • Honestly, tea cozies were on my no-fly list of knitted things, but these look stunning, so I’m interested. Also a huge fan of Cozy Shack.

  • Cozies are big in NZ too. I remember reading something about university students buying them in thrift shops and wearing them as hats. The wilder the better as far as they were concerned.

  • My mom had a little collection of the Red Rose tea figurines on her kitchen windowsill.

  • OK a tea story—I work for my husband as his office everything and each afternoon around 4:00 no matter how busy he is he brings me a “cuppa”–hot, sweet, PG tips tea with milk.

  • My first self designed item was a tea cosy! It is a rather plain blue, but it fit the shape of my tea pot perfectly. I think it is time for a new one! Thanks for having the contest.

  • My spouse collects tea pots, I knit cozies. This book would allow us greater marital accord and save the planet. (That last one was a teeny exaggeration) Thanks!

  • #1 jasmine
    #2 darjeeling

  • WOW! Love tea cosys! I grew up where they were “required” by any self-respecting tea serving person. Thanks for the contest and link! Jamie

  • Oh, I don’t even like tea that much, but I’m crazy about teapots and tea cozies!

  • My friend (also) Sarah would ADORE the cozy that looks like a mushroom! She loves Alice in Wonderland, and that cozy really reminds me of the crazy of that book.
    Thanks for having the contest!

  • I am an Aussie living in North America – I have exactly one tea cozy – a blue and red koala! Would love a knitting book with Aussie sense of humour about knitted tea cozy’s!

  • Love tea, need a cozy. A book about tea cozies would be even better!

  • What a fun book! I have always wanted a real tea pot and of course I would have to knit it a cozy. This book just might be the excuse to go buy one:)

  • I come from tea-drinking, Australian stock…

  • T
    Co Z
    4 me.

  • As a tea drinker in Starbucks-saturated Seattle, I do need to hide my vice, or my teapot–this would be perfect!

  • I once made a cozy for mom’s birthday. It was color-block pre-felted & came out looking like a tent at a Renaissance fair. I don’t think she ever used it.

  • Tea cozies may not be the biggest thing in the us but they’re very popular elsewhere. I made a black rooster tea cozy for my brother-in-law after seeing Loani’s chicken in the first book. It was pretty funny. Someday I have to take a picture of it. I loved Loani’s first book and I will have to get the second!

  • What could be a better way to personalize your kitchen than a wild tea cozy–I certainly drink enough tea (strong enough to eat a spoon, builder-grade only) to justify my collection of teapots! My non-knitting friends think I’m crazy to knit socks–what will they think of this? Please, please…

  • I tend to drink tea only when I am sick…but I have knit a tea cozy. These look awesome! Hopefully I win but if I don’t I will look for wild tea cozies next week when I go to Australia and New Zealand!

  • I don’t own a teapot and have never knit a cosy for anything, but I might have to knit a postmodern chicken cosy just so I can see the look on people’s faces when I tell them about it.

  • What a great book! I already own a tea cozy book, and one is not enough! All the cozies I’ve made as gifts have been runaway hits.

  • I love the pictures you’ve shown. I would just love to make one. Looks like such a great book.

  • I love the pictures you’ve shown. I would just love to make one. Looks like such a great book.

  • What a staggeringly large number of comments. I too would love the book. My teapot is lonely.

  • I’m an Aussie, living in New York now, but I can attest to the importance of a good tea cosy in Australia! I would LOVE to see that book, I’ve been contemplating the perfect tea cosy design for a while now. I bought some amazing tea last year at Mariage et Freres in Paris… go there if you can, they allow you to open up the canisters and smell all the tea, and the shop assistants are slim young gentlemen in designer suits! Oh, a nice cuppa does brighten up your day, doesn’t it?

  • I lived in the UK for 12 years, so I know from tea cozies. And now I live in Alaska where even your teapot needs a sweater!

  • My son occasionally threatens to wear my tea cozy as a hat.

  • I dropped my beautiful teapot and have been reduced to using a pyrex measuring cup decorated/covered with a (not-even-knitted) dish towel to make my afternoon tea. Certainly I would buy a new teapot for such fetching and frivolous tea cosies; or, my pyrex would be hidden in style.

  • Well, I know I could cozy up to a tea cozy book and not be the worse for wear.

  • I’m a little teapot short and stout, and I need to be covered up by a cozy at once!

  • Okay- this requires a list:
    1) These tea cozies/cosies bring to mind David Attenborough’s Secret Life of Plants specifically the really crazy phallic ones enticing various hapless, nearsighted insects to engage in mating rituals. Even if I never actually used one to warm a tea pot, they would warm me with many hours of hilarity and naughty thoughts
    2) Cozy Shack Chocolate pudding is so good it should be illegal
    3)I’m getting ready to start my first year of surgery residency so in theory, I’m ready for anything.
    Best to all

  • My sweet, colonial little wife is out of breath from begging me to order this book for her so I must comment and share her intense desire. Maybe we’ll win a copy!

  • Actually I prefer their tapioca pudding to CozyShack rice pudding, but I would love a copy of Really Wild Tea Cozies.

  • You had me at CHICKEN cozies. My husband has dubbed himself “El Pollo Loco,” so the more absurd the chicken item, the better. If I get the book, I’m knitting BOTH crazy postmodern CHICKEN cozies. And getting a couple of tea pots to put them on.

  • I drink a pot of tea every Saturday before my children wake up, it is generally my only peaceful moment all week!

  • My mother-in-law only drinks tea by the cup, not by the pot, so I keep thinking about making her a cozy for her favorite mug. Unfortunately, the only time I tried it shed bits of fuzz into her tea!!

  • I love tea, I brew tea, I drink tea, I have never made a tea cozy – these look like party fun!

  • I love tea, I brew tea, I drink tea, I have never made a tea cozy – these look like party fun!

  • I’ve been wanting to knit a tea cozy to send to the proprietress of a b&b we stayed in on a trip to Ireland. She was so funny and warm and hospitable that it must be done. A whimsical i-cord chicken cozy might be just the thing.

  • I love tea and have actually been contemplating making a tea cozy. Then i switched to using a thermos to keep it warm. Still want to make a tea cozy, it’s just so Miss Marple.

  • I love this sort of knitting that makes a winking nod towards utility before heading full steam for art, humor, and all the good, weird stuff culture is made of. Yes our world should have Wild Tea Cozies in it. BUT: that is not (only) why I’m now in love with Loani Prior’s cozies…
    On the Amazon page for “Wild Tea Cozies”, I noticed that one of the top “key phrases” is: “squirt cone”. Squirt cone?! wtf? Of course I had to click (and you should, too) — and what do I find inside but a sea squirt tea cozy!! Fell off my chair!
    Ok, maybe not so exciting to normal folk, but have I mentioned that I’m a marine biologist with an inordinate fondness for sea squirts? (your closest invertebrate relative!). New project frenzy alert! I must make that cozy… (no, I don’t own a teapot… yet). I’m already imagining what techniques would be required to improve on the anatomical correctness (sea squirts have two siphons each, not one)…

  • Tea cozies actually do keep the pot warm for that second cup. Have a sheep looking cozy in mind to try and felt but those wild cozies are spectacular. I imagine bands of wild cozies roaming around the outback, on the lookout for nude teapots to cover.

  • Ah to really knit a tea cosy instead of stealing my husband’s hat, handknit of handspun by his sister. The lovely hat was too big for him, so I made use of it, but am deathly afraid of being found out. As to accompaniment to a pot of tea, I think it should be scones. I will bake and send a batch of my world’s best scones in exchange for a book!

  • I seriously just came home from my first tea party. I’m 34. This must be ordained. The book, the tea.. shall I read the leaves to see if I win?

  • I seriously just came home from my first tea party. I’m 34. This must be ordained. The book, the tea.. shall I read the leaves to see if I win?

  • I only drink hot tea when I’m sick. In fact, when I start to want a cup of tea I know I’m getting sick.
    But last week, during a very un-Vermont heat wave, I had a glass of Iced Earl Grey. You couldn’t get me to drink hot Earl Grey. But iced? Died and gone to heaven.

  • I LOVE CozyShack rice pudding AND CozyShack Tapioca pudding! And….I once bought a tea cozy as a Christmas present! See…I deserve this book!

  • Wow, those are some awesome tea cozies!!!

  • Speaking of “…the, um, specificity, of knitting book themes”, I am just writing to see if I can tempt you, yet again (tee hee), to write the ultimate dishcloth book. You know, the one that takes dishcloth knitting to the next level, beyond themed and beyond one stitch wonders into mosaic and beyond. With edgings. As I have always said, you are The Woman for the Job.

  • fie on the rice pudding! CosyShack tapioca is where it’s at!
    Very cool photos. I have a book of french press cosies but no tea cosies yet…

  • Is the second one some kinds of sea creature? Wow. I became a convert to cozies when I moved into this very cold house. I would be a most grateful recipient of the luck of the draw.

  • I drink (Harney) tea EVERY day. I have NEKED tea pots. I NEED to make some tea cozies. This just might get me going. Thanks!

  • Daily hot tea drinker here! (Waves hand high)

  • These tea cozies made me laugh out loud! Gotta have the book!

  • I’d love to be able to knit some Wild Tea Cosies. Sometimes, a cuppa isn’t quite enough to give you the needed lift. A Wild Tea Cozy might be just the thing, and no calories, or fakey sugar involved. Unless you count the part where someone tells you how much they love your tea cosies, “Bless your heart”.

  • This looks like a fantastic book! I love tea cozies!
    I make a pot of tea every morning, have a cup or two and the rest makes great iced tea. I highly recommend it, especially with a spoon of spiced honey.

  • I had no idea that tea cozies could be so very interesting.

  • It’s so hot here in Houston. Is there a tea tube top in there?

  • I just love knitting tea cosies for Mom…the odder the better. It’s kind of fun to think about what will go over the edge of reasonable!

  • I am addicted to tea, but in spite of this, I have only knit 2 teacosies. The first one fits my favourite teapot, and was so plain that I embroidered a thistle on it just to make it more interesting. The second one was knit out of odds and ends and was supposed to be felted. Of course, several trips through the washer and dryer later, I realized that a couple of the yarns I used weren’t wool after all, but acrylic. So parts of it were felted, parts weren’t, and the whole thing is much too big for any of my teapots. It was disappointing. I’ve been considering making another but haven’t hit on the right pattern yet.

  • My understanding is that CozyShack rice pudding is the best rice pudding. But I don’t like rice pudding, so I personally can’t vouch for that.
    Those tea cozies ARE really wild.

  • I’d love to be in the running for this terrific book … one can never have too many tea cosies. 😉

  • 2 books on wild tea cozies? As a good Canadian girl I drink beaucoup de the and knit my share of cozies. I can’t believe there are books on this subject I will now call an art! Thanks for sharing.

  • I can’t wait to knit a few cozies for my daughter’s garden tea birthday party next month! It will be a blast. Thank you for sharing this book.

  • I love these cozies! I read Loanie’s blog all the time and for these designs I worship the tea she walks through (not on I’m sure). Please…let me win.

  • I’m moving into a new apartment soon, and my roommate asked me to knit a tea cozy. Don’t know if she had one of these in mind 🙂

  • Though my life (or at least my mornings) revolve around tea, I have many stories of the forgetting-to-strain-loose-leaves-and-swallowing-a-bunch-of-them variety, but today is my birthday. Every year,on this day, my Auntie Linda took me to the Sheradin Palace Hotel in San Francisco for high tea, and that is where my love of tea began. Auntie Linda has since passed away, and I have moved across the country, but honoring this tradition with a flock of wild tea cozies might be just the thing.

  • I hope to make a psychedelic mushroom cozy too!

  • Kozyshack dark chocolate simply well pudding is the best!

  • I love the thought that there are books devoted to knitted tea cozies! I made a felted cozy for one of my tea pots a couple of months ago, but it doesn’t fit my second tea pot. So winning a copy of this book would be a dream-come-true!

  • I’ve got three tea pots and not a single cozy! Time to do something about that. Those three cozies in the last picture, I LOVE. (They must be made of self-striping sock yarn, no?) This sounds like the book for me. Thanks for your kind give-a-way!

  • My tea has never been cozy. It is shamefully chilly. But if i had this book…

  • Tea is good. Cosy tea is even better. I’d love to see that book!

  • I freaking love tea cozies and would be over the moon for either book! (I know, you’re only giving away the one, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for the first one too.)
    Love your blog!

  • I love tea cosies!

  • While my husband is a big fan, I’ve never been able to stomach trying Cozy Shack Rice Pudding. I have rarely ever had tea from a teapot. I have never had a tea cosy. I’m not sure what I’d actually do with one. But. That mushroomy one is freaking me out, and I am going to have to make one.

  • I have a fabric tea cozy that I bought on eBay years ago. I would love this book, since clearly I need at least 3 handknit cozies as well.

  • I own one tea cozy. I knit it last year using a Pattern in Interweave Knit magazine.
    Would treasure a copy of this wonderful book.

  • Tea cozies are so awesome! If I had this book…

  • me please, oh me! I grew up in a home where not using a tea cosy was considered sacrilege. It was one of the first things my mum picked out for me when we packed for university (white and blue print, insulated with down!). I have the first book, love it, have knitted from it, and am waiting for this book to hit this side of the pond.

  • Our family loves tea. Years ago I made a cozy from jeans for a present. When it was opened at Christmas the youngest said “Why are you giving old pants?”
    It’s a decade plus and we’re still using the pants.

  • Our family loves tea. Years ago I made a cozy from jeans for a present. When it was opened at Christmas the youngest said “Why are you giving old pants?”
    It’s a decade plus and we’re still using the pants.

  • Our family loves tea. Years ago I made a cozy from jeans for a present. When it was opened at Christmas the youngest said “Why are you giving old pants?”
    It’s a decade plus and we’re still using the pants.

  • Billy Connolly always says you can`t trust someone who when left alone in a room with a tea cosy doesn`t try it on!! You would definitely try those tea cosies on:))

  • Oh count me in, I actually need a new cosy.
    All the best,

  • Want, want, WANT. I’m going to have to spend my birthday money and buy one. (Hope I get some birthday money…)
    I don’t even use a tea cosy..

  • I really need a Tea Cosy here in Germany – it’s cold and my tea is still getting cold!!!!
    Count me in for the tea cosy book lottery.

  • Living in Sweden has taught me to really appreciate a nice cup of tea. Need to learn to knit tea cosies to go along with that appreciation. Please enter me in the drawing!

  • My sister has asked for a bright, cheerful tea cozy – would love a book of patterns.

  • My teapot is sad now. It needs a cozy. I think something coffee themed… just for the irony value.

  • We have a tea shop in Tarrytown with great tea and egg salad sandwiches (the eggs are cooked in tea I think). The service is laughably bad but consistently so. So at least you know what to expect.
    A friend of mine from up county, who happens to own a yarn shop!, was coming to Tarrytown and asked me if I had ever been to the tea shop and could we meet for lunch at it.
    I explained about the service but said I was willing to do it because of my addiction to their egg salad sandwiches.
    As expected the service was terrible. We found ourselves sitting for at least twenty minutes without anyone approaching to take our order. We resorted to reading the rather extensive menu of teas. At the bottom of one of the pages it said “Please do not put tea cozies on your head. If you do, we will not be able to use them again and we will have to charge you $21.00. It is not hygienic.”
    We considered putting one on our head to get our order taken. We thought we would claim that it never occurred to us that it would be inappropriate to put it on our head.

  • No one here wears the hats I make them, so please give me the book so I can make hats for my teapots.

  • Back home, we had a long-standing, beloved Christmas tradition where my teetotaling father would put the cat tea cosy on his head and adopt the stance of one hated historical dictator or another. (No foolin.)
    Being one of the youngest of the brood, I had no chance of inheriting the cat tea cosy (or the handknit schoolhouse cosy). But the book would help fill the void. 😉

  • I’d really love to win this book. The only book I’d want more is Knitting Outside the Tea Cosies by y’all. 🙂

  • I cannot wait to see the square tea cozy! But why do they spell it ‘cosies’????

  • Love them but cannot imagine ever making one!

  • I had such a thrill when Loani commented on a ruffled teacosy I made for someone in a swap!! I would love one (or both) of her books, since my own teapots are seriously underdressed. (Just finished the third teacosy for my MIL – now there is a woman who appreciates a nice piece of knitwear for her china)

  • I have been looking for the perfect tea cosy pattern. And a chicken? –2 chickens?! –Well, who could resist? I’d like to take THAT to the pool to knit this summer! Already the kids are swarming around me, wanting to know what I’m doing. This would give them a story to tell their mothers! (“That lady over there? She’s knitting a chicken tea cosy!”) Ah, my reputation as the weirdest mom ever would finally be cemented. (-; Thanks for the chance, y’all! xoxoxox -Elizabeth

  • We’re having an “All Daughters Tea” next year at church instead of a Mother-Daughter banquet (if you’re not a mother it’s uncomfortable for some to attend) and tea cozies would be the best thing! I have time to knit – and have gathered a couple of patterns – one I love with pansies all over it. Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful book.

  • I need that book to extract some revenge against my mother. A couple of Christmasses ago she sent me a lovely felted tea-cosy with a lizard on its top. Why does this act of generosity require revenge? Well, it came with a note, explaining that the felted object with slits down two sides and a big lizard on top was, in fact, a tea-cosy and I shouldn’t mistake it for …. a hat. Since she clearly thinks that I’m mentally deficient, I NEED to make her some tea cosies that aren’t necessarily easily recognizable and put them on her head. After arming myself with photographic evidence, I’ll let her know that they’re cosies.

  • O.K., I seriously LOVE these tea cozies. The mushroom cozy is to die for! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  • The mushroom tea cozy is a riot. Pick me! If I win I’m going to make one for my oh-so-prim and proper tea-drinking auntie, just to be a wiseaii.

  • Love that mushroom cosy!
    Sadly your post only serves to remind me that I have a tea cosy, knitted from pencil roving, in the bottom of my workbasket. All it requires is to be sewn up to fit my pot. Only I don’t “do” those kind of needles, the ones with an eye in ’em.

  • This looks like a very clever book. I never win these kind of contests, but, hey, you never know.

  • I’m sitting here drinking my tea with a smile on my face. Cute book!

  • Oh, I LOVE knitting tea cozies and have plans to knit many more. Would love an opportunity to win this book!

  • I love tea cozies but have never knitted one. I must have been waiting to find out about these books!

  • Oh how wonderful! I have wanted to make a tea cozy forever and it just keeps slipping to the bottom of “The List”.

  • Oh, I LOVE knitting tea cozies and have plans to knit many more. Would love an opportunity to win this book!

  • Would love this book, perhaps I could knit some for my pot collection. Thanks Bev

  • Would love this book, perhaps I could knit some for my pot collection. Thanks Bev

  • These cozies would make fabulous gifts!! (I don’t happen to drink tea, but use my teapot for watering the plants.)

  • I can’t believe I’ve been letting my teapots run around nekkid! They clearly need cozies. Now I have to brew a pot of tea.

  • They may call them cozies, but in our family we call them noozies (pronounce that with a short double o)! And I knit noozies for everything, including tea pots. Cup noozies, wine bottle noozies, fruit noozies, plant noozies, dog noozies, whatever can be noozied, I knit it! Thanks for offering the give-away. Sara in AL

  • They may call them cozies, but in our family we call them noozies (pronounce that with a short double o)! And I knit noozies for everything, including tea pots. Cup noozies, wine bottle noozies, fruit noozies, plant noozies, dog noozies, whatever can be noozied, I knit it! Thanks for offering the give-away. Sara in AL

  • These cozies would make fabulous gifts!! (I don’t happen to drink tea, but use my teapot for watering the plants.)

  • I never thought I could be this entranced by tea cosies. They remind me of something from my past; perhaps someone remembers a kind of “dress ” was made to slip over the tall plastic bottles of dish soap….. thus your soap container looked like a tall, well dressed lady!
    Great Book
    Great Blog

  • These cozies would make fabulous gifts!! (I don’t happen to drink tea, but use my teapot for watering the plants.)

  • Love your blog and books and photos and songs! Thanks for the chance to win a fab book! (I’m a life-long tea drinker. Perhaps that will influence the number generator.) 😉

  • Love your blog and books and photos and songs! Thanks for the chance to win a fab book! (I’m a life-long tea drinker. Perhaps that will influence the number generator.) 😉

  • I can’t believe I’ve been letting my teapots run around nekkid all these years! Clearly they need cozies. Makes me want to brew a pot of tea.

  • I’m really glad I’m not the only one out there with the love for tea cozies. If I even mention the fact I want to knit bunches of them I usually get some sort of slack jaw look or an eye roll. (And as an aside my boyfriend loves cozyshack rice pudding 🙂 )

  • Hi Kay,
    How about sending the extra copy of the tea cosy book up to Iceland, with fabules cozies like that there is less likelyhood of volcanic ash getting the kettle dirty 😉 (Yes the ash is still making our lifes a bit misserable up here, even though the eruption has stopped for now). But if you want to see what Iceland really looks like take a look at this: http://www.inspiredbyiceland.com.
    By the way when are you guys comeing up here to do a course or two??
    hugs for Iceland,

  • I know I’ll never win, but I had to at least leave a comment. Those tea cozies are brilliant! And now I feel like I must go out and buy a proper teapot so I can knit one. (What’s a tea lover like me doing without a proper teapot?)

  • I love these. I will likely never knit one, but the pictures look GREAT.
    And I’m a big fan of KozyShack.

  • count me in! I need a book of cosies for my teapot!

  • I don’t even have a teapot. But I WANT this book. Wowsers.

  • If I am so fortunate as to win, I will give the book to a dear friend who is a tea afficionado and also knits. She insists on bringing her own fine bone china mug with her on visit so that she can drink her tea properly (regular mugs cool the tea too quickly with their large thermal mass).
    But first I will give it a thorough read myself. I so want to understand the techniques involved.

  • Currently drinking a cup of tea whilst reading this but you really have me thinking more about rice pudding now, darn it. The cottage cosy I made on my blog is my most asked about pattern (for which there isn’t one)

  • I’ve never made a tea cozy, don’t own a teapot or drink tea, or know what CozyShack pudding is…however with color and awesomeness like that I would go out and buy a teapot and learn to drink tea and lots of it!

  • Here’s the point: I knit, mostly to satisfy my fascination with fibers and pattern. But then I’m a good mid-western girl, so everything I do has to have a practical side. I’ve tried sweaters, but I look lumpy in sweaters; scarves are ok, but I’m on the edge of over-gifting. I understand that I could go in the direction of socks, but there’s a whole universe of sock knitters–could I humbly enter at this late date?
    Enter the tea cozy. I almost wept when I saw the tea cozy photo. It’s practical! Textural! An excuse to buy and collect odd skeins of the weirdest yarns! Shibori? I’m there. Little tea pot, get ready.

  • We were just talking about tea cozies at work yesterday. I need to make one for my mom. This book would be perfect for me to get on this project.

  • Hi Kay,
    Please enter me in your tea cosy book giveaway. I have a cuppa every afternoon after I get home from work, and I have been doing this for decades. My daughter and I go to tea houses whenever we travel out of town. I knitted and felted one tea cosy (designed by Kristin Nichols for Knitty) and have one quilted cosy. I’d really love the book, though, because I have lost my knitting mojo and would love to get it back.
    p.s love the blog and your books.

  • I’ve seen the first book, which is Wild. I can’t wait to see the 2nd.
    Thanks for the entertainment. I’ve seen the first book, which is Wild. I can’t wait to see the 2nd.
    Thanks for the entertainment. <3

  • I thought of a friend who would love a cozy, and I would love to try knitting something chickenish. Not to mention, my sister in law has chickens, which are shaped sort of like teapots, and I don’t think she would blink at putting them in a cozy, if I knitted her one.

  • I thought of a friend who would love a cozy, and I would love to try knitting something chickenish. Not to mention, my sister in law has chickens, which are shaped sort of like teapots, and I don’t think she would blink at putting them in a cozy, if I knitted her one.

  • I’m a Canadian living in Ireland and tea cozies are really important here too. Tea must be hot! I don’t have a cozy but I reeeeeaaally want to knit one! Tx for the contest.

  • I’m a Canadian living in Ireland and tea cozies are really important here too. Tea must be hot! I don’t have a cozy but I reeeeeaaally want to knit one! Tx for the contest. I am, if nothing else, extremely curious about the bonsai wire.

  • There is something so “homey” about a teapot which is why I collect them. A teapot cosie infuses the functional item with a personality that I think helps “flavor” the tea.

  • I am a Canadian living in Ireland and tea cosies are really important here too. Tea must be hot! Would love to knit one. Thanks for the contest. I have to say I’m really curious about the use of bonsai wire…

  • Alrightee – I have a teapot and it doesn’t have a cozy. I am so ashamed. If I win the book, I will knit it a chicken. It is a purple teapot. Fiestaware. But, I digress. Happy Friday.

  • I have to admit (not being a tea drinker) that the idea of knitting a tea cozy never ocurred to me. However after looking a some of the completed projects I may have to switch my allegience from coffee to tea! (My only concern is that my son who threatens to put me in a home when I become senile might think the process has already started.

  • Knitters never cease to amaze me with what they dream up to knit next. No wonder we are never bored…….

  • Knitters never cease to amaze me with what they dream up to knit next. No wonder we are never bored…….

  • Love tea. Love tea cozies. Love cozying up with a cup of tea from a pot with a tea cozy on it.

  • I like tea but don’t yet have a tea pot. If I win, I’m sure it will inspire me to get a tea pot so I can make a cozy for it!

  • So far my best tea cozies have turned out to be hats that didn’t work out so well and got felted (and sometimes embellished)! And they really do keep my morning tea warm for quite a while, which is nice.

  • Our current tea cozy is a very bright, chain-stitch embroidered elephant brought to us from India. We love it but it won’t fit over our generous teapot. Please, send me some tea cozy love so I can remedy the situation (or I might have to buy the book – oh the horror!). Maybe I can use the elephant as a prize sometime…
    Thanks for reading.

  • We always have Cozy Shack rice pudding in our fridge and we all swill a lot of tea at our house. Does this make me eligible for the book drawing?

  • hummmm-looks interesting. please throw my name in the contest.

  • I love my Noro tea cozy. It really does keep my tea warmer for longer. I’d love to make a really wild tea cozy too.

  • For the last month or so, my teen has been quoting from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about Arthur Dent’s search for a good cup of tea. I’d love to be able to make him a wild tea cozy!

  • Love teapots because they are so homey.
    Love tea cozies because they have such personality!

  • I would love to make some of these tea cozies! What a great way to learn some new skills on a small size project 😉

  • Tea … every day … all day. And WATCH OUT when I’m caffeinated! (Is that spelled right?) Thanks so much for your generosity … as always!!!

  • When I was in the UK last year I fell arse over teakettle in love with good, strong, black English Breakfast tea. The longer it’s been in the pot, the better. I brought myself a tin of Strong Breakfast tea from Harrods and I enjoy the tin almost every day even though the tea itself is long gone.
    In other news, I was visiting my uncle a few weeks ago and his teapot is adorned by a purple and lilac phentex cozy that may or may not have been knit by my Gram. I’d love to knit a wild cozy to replace it whenever it’s time for ye olde phentex to take a quick swish in the washer. Gram would certainly approve of a wild cozy acting as its stand-in.
    Thanks for all the fun!

  • My husband is a major tea drinker, but my interest is more in this direction. Knitting? Tea? together, count me in!! These are so wild, they beg to be knit.

  • Would love a book on wild tea cosies! I have a few and my kids have been known to wear them on their heads – mine are wild and I think I might like to make some wild ones!!

  • I just got back from my vacation in England where I drank so much tea that I’ve spent most of this week with caffeine withdrawal headaches. I’m sure that knitting a really wild tea cozy would help my headache. 🙂

  • Cozy Shack rice pudding! Gotta love it. And I’m amazed by the few pics I’ve seen of the cozies in this book — I particularly like the anemone-looking one.

  • I have her first book and would love this one too. My husband is a Brit and drinks tea. These cozies would perk up his life in short order!!(or is that brew up his life?)

  • Whimsical things make me smile! what fun!

  • I would drink tea for a tea cosy like those.

  • My favorite tea is green jasmine. Everyone should go shop at http://www.virtuousteas.com/ because my friend manages the store, and I can assure you that their teas are QUITE delicious. Try the Sweet Devotion, it tastes like an Almond Joy with black tea. Yum!

  • From one Yorkshire tea drinker to another (tho I also like PG Tips) …
    Whimsical things make me smile! what fun!

  • Our knitting group is really getting into tea cozies. This would be a great book to bring to knitting while we all have tea.

  • OK, this book would totally get me going on my search for the Ultimate Tea Pot. As if it’s not hard enough to find a great tea pot. In the summer. Pick me! Pick me!

  • It looks like great fun, count me in please.

  • I have been wanting to knit a tea cozy for a tea obsessed friend of mine for a long time, but no pattern that I found was ever “special” enough. There has got to be one in this book that will be perfect. He (yes I said he) loves campy weird things like this almost as much as he loves tea. (But don’t worry, this he is not my boyfriend so no curses here.)

  • I’m a longtime listener, firsttime caller who would love to be the lucky one. Here’s why I should win:
    1. My teapot collection is naked.
    2. My favorite tea is the organic vanilla cream from Greenport Tea Company on the North Fork.
    3. My beloved aunt Jane lives in Australia.
    4. I see “inventive” construction as a challenge.

  • I’ve only made two tea cosies – one knit, one crochet, and (suddenly) both dead boring. I need some really wild tea cosies! Really!

  • Ah, nothing quite like a nice cup of tea. It occurs to me that although I have seven teapots, not a one has a cozy. Time I did something about that, I should think.

  • A mushroom cap cozy? I didn’t realize how much I need to have a cozy suitable for tea parties in Wonderland!

  • I like CozyShack rice pudding! And those tea cozies look really cool.

  • I drink a pot of herbal tea every day and don’t have a good cozy. I need this book!

  • Is it possible to knit without a cup of tea? Scary thought. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  • CHICKEN teacozies??? Wow. That’s got to be something to see, and something even better to make! (Pick me?)

  • I have a small collection of tea pots that are sitting in lonely splendor on a mantle. I think they need dressing up! (And I need to drink more tea than coffee, but that is another issue.) Please count me in!

  • Has anyone ever tried making iced tea cozies? It’s starting to be sweaty-glass season; I think there’s a need.

  • As if I wasn’t already being sucked into needing this book, the chicken cozies put me right over the edge. I must find this book, have a gin & tonic and knit one of those babies.

  • I’ve made one, just one tea cozy in my life. My neighbor across the street is from India and has tea every afternoon. I think she needs a wild and crazy tea cozy, just because!

  • I’m just reading this 12 minutes before the deadline and there is SO much to say about tea cozies. I’m married to a South African who loves his tea. Tea Cozies are pretty important there (probably less so than Australia) and I now have the ball band tea cozy on the needles (I had to buy a new smaller tea pot for it – will it hold enough tea, my husband worries). Right now the poor man has to make do with a tea towel which everyone knows isn’t good enough. Maybe this new book would solve his problems?

  • My Aunt Hettie from England loved to make tea cosies. She died last month at the age of 85. I’m sure she would have giggled hilariously at the sight of these outrageous cosies!

  • Oh, darn, don’t know what to say about tea cosies with 1 minute to spare – except I’d love to have this book and I’m a really heavy tea drinker so I could use some ideas!!!

  • Is 12:02 too late? I was playing Mah Johng (or however you spell that)!
    Tea cozies are magical and wonderful and I constantly confuse them with hats. I’ve never knit one but looking at these pictures I am now desperate to knit one. Please consider me. Thanks!

  • Doesn’t that cozy remind you of the teapot in Beauty & the Beast, Mrs. Potts, wasn’t that her name?

  • I have the perfect, classic, plain white teapot to show off a REALLY Wild Tea Cozy. Funny, I never realized how naked it was. I love the one that looks like it has a hat. Will we be seeing tea cozies with coordinating dish rags in the future?

  • I am a green tea drinker and knitter. I would love to win this book!
    Thanks Kay!

  • Oh Man! If only I had read this an hour ago. What a great book!

  • after moments of reflection, I have decided that a REALLY wild tea cozy is what has been missing from my life. Once I make one, my life will be 100% complete!

  • I know I’m past noon, but I would love that book! My mom, my sister, several good friends, and I (everyone I know, really) are avid tea drinkers. This would be perfect!

  • Maybe too late, but a couple of years ago I got to pick tea at an actual Chinese tea plantation, in China. Details on my blog!

  • Tea? Chickens? Chicken tea cozies? That sounds totally like something I should knit.

  • I’m torn here. If I get the book (because collecting cool knitting books is a hobby in itself), will it then lead me down the path of collecting teapots? I’m American, see. My kettle sits on my stove and whistles at me when it’s done and that’s it. No fancy presentation. What happens when the first tea cosy is cast off the needles? Do I dare go there?

  • Tea is my anti-coffee. Not that I don’t drink coffee, but it is what balances my coffee. Black tea pre-coffee, green tea 10-oclock pick me up, white and red tea post-lunch, sleepytime with valarian (my valume tea) at night. I love teapots and can’t believe I don’t have a cozy. or three.

  • I love the look of this! and, I just so happen to have been in London today (Quilts at the V&A!!) where I delivered a handmade tea-cosy to an old friend…. clearly, I need a book so that I can knit rather than sew them 🙂

  • My very first successful knitting project was a tea cozy when I was eight years old. One side was lime green. The other side was neon yellow. Both sides featured multiple dropped stitches, twisted stitches, and split stitches. I gave it to my mother for Christmas. She used it faithfully till I was fifteen, at which point my embarrassment forced me to knit her a much nicer purple one! I am a tea addict, have 25 teapots, and LOVE tea cozies!

  • I loves me some tea cozies!!!!!!!!!!

  • I loves me some tea cozies!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darn–I missed the cut-off for the contest!!!!!!! What are my teapots going to wear???????

  • Ok, I’m wierd, but I’m loving the mushroom-like cozy, am curious to see what else is in this book.

  • It seems to me that I need desperately to knit up some wild (or REALLY wild) tea cozies for my mother’s collection of tea pots, most of which are dancing animal couples.
    I think knitting a cozy for a ceramic cat couple seems oddly fitting.

  • Awesome! I would love to make tea cozies for my UK resident sister, who would probably use a tea cozy more than anything else I could knit her.

  • mmmm…rice pudding. but no raisins, please. this book looks amazing. i love the noro mushroom cozy! thank you for the giveaway!

  • Tea is very nice
    Cold or hot, it hits the spot
    Tea, wonderful tea

  • I would love that book.

  • Tea Cosies not currently part of my heritage but those pictures inspired me to make it so!

  • What wonderful pictures! What’s odd, is I can’t even think of the last time I even saw a teapot for sale anywhere…obviously they are being made, but maybe they are all going to Australia…

  • I made the little cottage tea cozy from the Knitter’s Stash book a few years ago and I love it. It was the felted one with the checkerboard non-felted roof. Very cute

  • As a problem knitter (as in I just can’t stop) and as a dedicated tea drinker, I can’t believe that I haven’t moved beyond the mug to the pot. I hope that I can win the book.

  • My spool knitting group is having a tea cozy contest. They’re everywhere I look now. Would love to see the book

  • I would lurve the book and promise to send you a tea cosy. When I was pregnant, I switched from coffee to tea and now can’t drink tea cos I go straight back to early pregnancy exhaustion (or maybe a cup of tea is just very relaxing). That’s my only personal tea-related experience, but I reaaaaally would like the book. Ta x

  • I would like the tea cozy book because I made a teapot in my Ceramics class last year and no commercial cozy would fit it. Plus the patterns look amazing.

  • One of the more wonderful things about tea cozies is they can always be worn as a hat, and lots of hats can be worn on teapots. This just inspires more creativity in both. I live for niche knitting books.

  • Oh gosh! I love those pictures so much! I really want to see what else is in the book!

  • [Not So] Wild Confession Related to Tea: I have a harmless OCDish habit of matching my tea cup to the tea that will go in it that day. The dark blue cup for the blackcurrant tea, the pale yellow cup for green tea, etc. After seeing this book, I’m imagining knitting a unique tea cozy for every flavor of tea in my drawer. Sign me up for the raffle!

  • Did you know that traditionally in Denmark each child is given a tea cosy at birth to care for until their 21st birthday, at which point it is ceremonially eaten by a goat?
    (you never said we had to tell you something true)

  • I need help knitting cozies: for some reason, I always get the spouts waaaay too long.

  • I like the picture of the mushroom-like cozy.
    Also, Every time I hear about tea cozies I can’t help but think about the show “The Critic”.

  • I drink lots of tea, but I have no cosies.

  • I want, I want, oh I really want this! I drink Tetley British Blend with a little sugar and milk and my need to knit my own cozy is overwhelming me right now!

  • Use my teapot every morning, but I haven’t knit a cozy yet. If you see your wonderful cozy everyday, of course you want it to be special.

  • Wow! Another reason to want to visit Australia—if I win this drawing, I will definitely take it as a sign. Aussies are so Au-some 😉

  • I make at least one pot of tea every day. The tea cozy which I’m currently using is falling to pieces (cue Patsy Cline soundtrack). I could really use a pattern to knit one!

  • I try to drink tea every day. Anything to get through my tea stash! Yes, it’s almost like a yarn stash, but of corse, you can’t drink yarn 🙂
    I alos love tea pots! and cozies!
    Hello from sunny France.

  • I am drinking tea as I read this!!!

  • I am drinking tea as I read this!!!

  • I am drinking tea as I read this blog!

  • Tea cosies! And Cozyshack rice puddin’, well does it get any better?

  • Personally, I prefer Cozy Shack tapioca pudding. What’s next, silverware cozies–you know how those handles can get uncomfortably hot/cold.

  • I am a tea lover who absolutely never intended to knit a tea cozy — until I saw this post.

  • That looks like a terrific book!

  • I know someone who knit a cozy for a Ford Explorer. It wasn’t a really wild Explorer Cozy, though.

  • I love the mushroom tea cozy! It’s fabulous! I would love book and would make said cozy (unless I found a pattern I loved more).
    Love you blog, too! Long time follower/lurker.