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  • Think how many times you are going to hear me say, “It’s no naked headstand, but….”
    Hope it was worth it.
    ROTFLMNHO (NH=Naked Headstand)

  • It was the one with the tire that got me. I cannot stand this.

  • My personal rules when documenting my pregnancies in a photographic way:
    1. Look embarrassed.
    2. No other people in photo. NO OTHER PEOPLE.
    3. I am not just talking about other people who are naked. No other people.
    4. Nothing goofy. Photographing your belly is goofy enough. No canoodling of any kind, ‘k?
    5. Firearms? That’s another photo.
    6. I cannot emphasize this enough: limited distribution. That’s your watchword.
    Thanks Ann! Perfect for Festivus jolly making!

  • So correct.
    And that guy lurking in the background of that Willa Cather Woman of the Plains portrait . . . I can’t handle this.

  • So good I had to send it around to friends. Just the women friends. And only one pregnant friend.

  • What is the deal with the baby bumps and guns??? Big Bang, indeed. They were funny photos despite being a bit scary.

  • Thanks for sharing. Sorta.

  • This absolutely made my day. Tears of laughter…. Thanks!

  • that was gross

  • ick, ick, ick

  • Wow.
    Also, ewwwwwww.
    Also, ouch!
    (in no particular order…)

  • I’m with Kay… ROTFLMNHO (with cringes!).

  • I don’t understand. I’ve birthed young. I just don’t understand.

  • Wow, there’s an eyeopener! In retrospect, the Victorian Age may not have been so bad after all. For some people, a little inhibition and repression could be a good thing.

  • Hysterical! Yes, Kay hit it right on.

  • The Horror! I feel like my corneas are a little scarred. But I might just go back and have one more little peek…

  • OMG!!!
    WHERE did you find that website???
    it’s just UNBELIEVABLE!
    a watermelon and a gun???
    i just don’t understand.
    (shakes head)

  • Tears of laughter! I feel like a real dinosaur here, as the only photo I have of me pregnant is one where I was planting pansies in my back yard. Fully clothed, I might add.

  • i am faint of heart

  • That was AWESOME!!!! In a totally inappropriate way!

  • Pregnant women should not be handling firearms. Have we learned nothing about lead poisoning?

  • Hilarious! Yes, some people could use a little restraint & inhibition! My daughter is 6 mos. along so I’m sure she’ll scream when she sees these pics…

  • I found looking at those photos to be disturbing in a “What were they thinking?” sort of way. Definitely not funny. Then I read Kay’s newly coined phrase, “It’s no naked headstand, but…” and “ROTFLMNHO”. I couldn’t stop laughing. Tears rolled down my face. Thanks for making my day brighter!

  • Ann and M-D readers: Your comments on this post made me laugh almost as much as the naked pregnancy photos and captions. Almost.

  • Okay, I’m back looking at these photos, again…

  • If you are a daily Mason-Dixon Knitting reader, you will never cease to be amazed. To put it in Dr. Seuss terms….oh the places you’ll go, oh the people you’ll see…
    (how do you find this stuff?)

  • OK – enough already! Ladies cover you baby-belly and put that gun (and watermelon) away !!

  • OK – enough already! Ladies cover you baby-belly and put that gun (and watermelon) away !!

  • ROFLMEverythingO! Also in a world where these things get posted on line somebody has the gall to give Sally Mann trouble? Wha? Wha?????! Where are the lovers of fetuses when you really need them!

  • My friend was “kind” enough to photoshop my husband and another man’s head on one of the couples. Now I’m scarred for life!

  • Sometimes it is really disturbing to know who shares this planet. Guns??? I don’t get the need for many of the photos but guns???
    I’m going to sing Christmas carols,stick my head in the sand and pretend these people weren’t real.

  • Thanks – that is 15 minutes of my life I will never get back – but super hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Thank you. I laughed and laughed.

  • Some of those photos are just plain scary. Yikes!!!

  • This needs a stronger warning. I don’t understand what would possess someone that this was a good idea and then mail them! Also, guns?!? Is there something I’m missing about pregnancy ?

  • Um, I know I’m turning into my own grandmother, but what possesses people to photograph themselves nude, or semi-nude, or mostly-nude and then send them to others as Christmas cards? Or whatever. Can someone explain this to me? This is what the word “oversharing” was coined for, right?

  • Hey, girls…add my voice to those who think that this post was just pretty much…nauseating…!!!! As a daily reader, I know how witty and often hilarious you two girls just naturally are, so…really…?! Just because you CAN share something doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD share it…come ON…you are MUCH better than this post would lead a first time or casual reader to conclude! Happy holidays to you both and here’s to more of your OWN enlightened writing in 2011!

  • Read the entry and immediately forwarded the link to the coworker who introduced me to Awkward Family Photos a couple of years ago. The Awkward Pregnancy Photos beats AWF into the GROUND. I laughed myself silly.

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