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  • Looks like a lovely day, both weather and company-wise. Way to go, Carrie.

  • Looks like a good time. If you’re seriously thinking wheel, I’m seriously contemplating trying to find a new home for my Ashford Traveller at Rhinebeck. It’s a decent wheel with low mileage, but the ex gave it to me while planning his exit strategy (I found out later), so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love it like it needs.

  • That man-skrit looks like a Utilikilt (http://www.utilikilts.com/) to me.
    Utilikilts are hot. IMHO.
    Someday I will learn to spin, SOMEDAY! Looks like you all had so much fun! =)

  • Looks like a blast! I haven’t tried spinning yet but I love to watch at our sheep and woolcraft show. It’s totally facinating.

  • Looks like a blast! I haven’t tried spinning yet but I love to watch at our sheep and woolcraft show. It’s totally facinating.

  • Damnit! I wish I knew your face better, I would have said hello! I’m a huge lurker here, but lurk no more as you’ve outed me.
    Yeah. I’m the one with the long hair (mostly in a ponytail) in front of the Lendrum, brown tank, denim capris. Next to Jessica of Zarzuela Knits & Crochets.
    Cara needs to run this thing like an AA meeting. “Hi, I’m Tina from Phoenix Fiberworks, and I’m a Lendrum whore”. 🙂
    I’m in awe that you started at the border, where it’s hardest and longest. Now it’s smooth sailing from here, right?

  • Love the OMG photo. Seriously funny stuff.

  • What a great weekend you had! I will have to keep an eye on the Early Show!

  • Thank you for the pictures! I so wish I could have been there. It looks like everyone had fun!

  • Thank you (and Carrie!) so much for supporting me. You were right there everytime I thought I might faint. 😉
    I feel bad for all the tourists who came by on Sunday.

  • that little tinny wheel is awsome, any info on what kind of wheel it is?

  • that little tinny wheel is awsome, any info on what kind of wheel it is?

  • I think I may recognize the OMG girl!

  • I hate to correct you O Great One, but Cara was the one with that analogy. I was the one mocking it! How perfect was that day? It’s like a mirage …..
    and Harry Smith?? how did I miss him???

  • That looks and sounds like an idyllic day. Too sweet about Carrie and Harry K. Smith (and off-camera prompting, hahaha)

  • I wish I could have been at Spin Out! I love the border for your quilted throw. 🙂

  • What a fun looking day and what a lot of Lendrums.

  • I was sitting on the little hill behind skirtguy … it was a ton of fun and a beautiful day – thanks for taking all those pictures!

  • Great photos of NYC action. I picture you girls going through life doing everything with one hand because the other one is holding a camera 24/7 so as not to miss one of these great Kodak moments. Knitting must be extra challenging, in that case!
    Harry Smith has one of the best bald heads in the bidness . . .

  • Ahem! That certainly is a kilt — a Utilikilt, to be precise! My husband wore his on Sunday and got ogled by several women in the restaurant where we had lunch. 😀
    Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for posting such great pictures.

  • Amy’s cute little tiny wheel is a Peacock, from New Zealand, for these that need to know. (Yup I want one too….)
    Looks a great day!

  • I have gotten as far as dusting my wheel and finding the hex wrench for tightening up all the joints that the movers (crack-head doofi from the streets of Newburgh- but I digress) loosened up with their careless handling. I even know where the replacement spring is for the one my middle son sproinged out of shape in his pre-school “oooh is that a spring” stage, during which all springs in the house (pens, toys, clocks- who knew there were so many) turned up missing(he is a college freshman- do the math…). I have a bag of Falklands roving and some misc bits of other wooly stuff just waiting patiently….
    In other news- Dude! Elann is fast! I placed my order for 60 balls of Den-m-knit on Wed around noon and on Sat we decided to check the mailbox on the way to son-the-youngest’s hockey game. He staggered back with a densely packed box of indigo-y goodness. (60 balls was the max w/o it being stuck in Customs- I’m going back for more!!!) I waited til I had dropped him off and parked the truck before I opened the box. I’m sure others at the FamilySportsCenter (Avalanche practice facility) thought I had become overcome by hockey bag fumes as I stood by my open truck door and fondled and ooohed over the yarn. (I did make it inside in time to watch the game.) The next morning, I made a darkest indigo warsch-swatch (which will go nicely with a handmade bar of oatmeal-vanilla soap I have scenting the stash) during daughter-the-youngest’s hockey practice (“meet me at your bag and I’ll help you with your gear- I’m halfway thru the bind-off”). Step one in the Son of the Terror of the Seas Kid’s Pirate Jacket. Wish me luck- I’m goin’ in…

  • What fun! Carrie looks like a pro, both with the wheel and on camera! I really, really want to learn to spin now, just to have one of those pretty wheels.

  • OMG – is this what living in NYC is like every weekend?

  • It was a fantastic day and a pleasure to finally meet you. Your daughter has the potential to be a world class spinner. She started off way better than I did my first time!

  • Yep, it’s a Utili-kilt, it appears to be the “survival” addition, which is capable of carrying a very manly full 6 pack of beer. I also agree with the utili-kilts are hot camp, my man always turns heads in his and get’s the best comments. Example – “I’ve only seen kilts on TV!”

  • Kay, its a very small world (cue disney music) – the guy with the video camera in your “spectator sport” picture is MY DAD!! I didn’t even know he was going to be in NY and he shows up in your photo! Too funny!!

  • That border is awesome! I can just imagine all the lacy goodness that you could make in the center.
    Maybe for another one?

  • Hmm-went to the local fair with my family over the weekend. In the bunny building there was a woman spinning angora. I tried to get my son interested, touching fiber, etc. He is a typical 3yr old–his mind was elsewhere. BUT since then, he’s been setting up his toys into a “spinning wheel” taking off his socks, and making pretend to make Mama yarn to knit with (basically wiggling his feet, and making pretend to pull on a rope type motions). I may end up with some handspun one day. One can only hope.

  • i barely turned around, and overnight carrie became a lovely young lady. xox

  • It looks like it was so much fun. Love the looks from the muggles!

  • It all sounds so fantastic! I knew I should have gotten on a train!!

  • Can you please tell me how the heck you knit so fast??? I think the border looks smashing as an inset type thingie (what IS the word I’m looking for?) on that beautiful yellow quilt. What colors are going to be in the intended quilt?

  • This made me want to get out my wheel and hug it. Not much time for anything else, too many deadlines, UGH! Love the edging. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

  • I have a question. No, make that at least two.
    If I get Bigfoot a kilt, do I have to knit him long stockings to go with it? (Hint; he comes by his nom du internet honestly) Can I at least knit them in a bulkier yarn?
    I’m guessing these kilts are made of a fairly sturdy material. Do they make slips to go under them, for the more sensitive guys?
    And two (no, what with the interjections I guess this is four); What’s with the green leaves? Ours are almost gone. It’s a good thing you aren’t here. We’re deeply into the three weeks of rain that go with mid-to-late autumn.

  • The picture of Carrie and Cara – awesome.
    Remind me to tell you the analogy that Carole taught me when she was teaching me to spin. Not so G rated.

  • Ahem – that’s my husband wearing his Utilikilt, NOT a skirt. 🙂 He grew up wearing the traditional ones (his family is Scottish) but these are cheaper and you can toss ’em right in the washing machine.

  • so jealous. i’m freaking green from hairtip to toenail…

  • Skirt, indeed! Pish tosh! Utility kilts make me swoon.

  • I recently was given (GIVEN mind you!) a drop spindle by one of the ladies of the “Sheep to Shawl” demonstration at the Puyallup Fair in Washington. She gave me a little tutorial, and I, of course, did well while she was standing there with me. Became a total idiot when I tried it by myself later. I am tracking down a drop spindle class so I can really learn! Next year, I hope to be able to attend a spin out – as a participant!

  • I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to say hello on Saturday! It was a lot of fun.
    I was just asked to make ring bearer pillows for a wedding in two weeks, and your border is very inspiring!

  • The barefoot girl at center in the top picture told me I could take pictures of her spinning if I didn’t include her feet in the pictures. I willingly obliged, but I’m giggling now that she is first and foremost in this post and has probably inspired the headline.

  • I can ALWAYS count on this blog to put a smile on my face. Manpris and Utilikilts. I love it.

  • Be still my heart! Are you saying your mixing fabric and knit together in one delicious blanket? A Japanese craft book I saw awhile ago had a bunch of mixed-media throws and now that is all I think about. They were heavenly. I can’t wait to see how this mystery project turns out.
    Harry Smith is hot – totally.
    I’m thwarting my daughters urge to spin. I’m a spinner with just one wheel. It’s working out though. She’s now 13 and spends hours on end hogging the bathroom so there’s really no time left for extra activities.

  • So much great stuff! I feel as thought I was right on the front row.
    Is it me or is Harry telling Carrie about Senator Larry Craig? looks like a wide stance to me….