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  • Beautiful!
    I knit the same shawl out of Valparaiso from Artfibers last month. No way I’m giving mine away. You are a much nicer person.

  • Beautiful!
    I knit the same shawl out of Valparaiso from Artfibers last month. No way I’m giving mine away. You are a much nicer person.

  • I might pay good money to see you knit a turban!

  • Fantastic! Really really. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see it in full photo shoot glory!

  • I’m curious about the extra long tails. Looking forward to seeing what that looks like, on. (I’m not seeing the swaddling, yet.)

  • Repetitive? No, you’re knitting with a different yarn!

  • Someone told me recently that I am “crazy…but in a good way.”
    Obviously he hasn’t been over here to Mason-Dixon Knitting lately. If anyone is “crazy…but in a good way” it is you, Kay. This shawl business would have me rocking in a corner somewhere gnawing off my own toes.

  • I have always maintained that a shawl is a very good thing. Especially in a draughty house !
    Your’s are beautiful.

  • It’s beautiful! Any modeled pics? Not quite sure I get the whole “overlong tails” concept.

  • “Danger: turban ahead” – LOL – this is very exciting – thank you for the tech notes. I am planning one in something tweedy. I’m most curious and cautious about the wrapping aroundness and the flop of the ruffle. Keep us posted.

  • Embrace the Turban, I say!
    (Is that a black locust seed pod?)

  • Way to get your OCD on Kay! You go girl!

  • Excellent Habu-like photos, first and last. You got your wabi-sabi on, girl.

  • I thought it looked like Koigu the minute I saw the ball of yarn in the tree(!).
    Koigu is my favorite, favorite merino. That said, I will report that Mission Falls Superwash Merino, sport wt., feels fantastic to the touch! I recently used it to knit a pair of “Fetchng” mitts, on size 5 DPNs, for a friend who has small hands. It was in an antique sort of purple. I only used a bit less than one skein. LOVELY! (Although, I cannot comment on the nature of the “superwash” property, as I did not launder them.) I am really grateful to the owner of the LYS (Flying Fingers)for turning me on to this yarn.
    Kay, the shawl is wonderful! I can hardly wait to see it on the model.
    A Little Secret: whenever you refer to “the recipient” of one of your works-in-progress, I always take a second or two to pretend that that’s me. (BTW, my birthday is just around the corner…)
    Knit on, into Oscar Night!

  • I too have a phobia regarding triangle shawls but I like the idea of adult swaddling. It seems to romantic to throw a shawl over your shoulders as you he
    Lovely work, darling.

  • oh swoon. an erté reference. i think i’m in love.

  • Looks like my comment got a bit mangled. I meant to say:
    It seems SO romantic to throw a nice big shawl over your shoulders as you head out the door on a cold and windy day to pick up the mail. Must make me one…soon.

  • Gorgeous! I’ve just finished mine too and thought ‘I’d really like to make another one. What yarn do I have…’ The Koigu looks great!

  • you are making me want to make that shawl and wrap its tails around me! I tried that recently with my square feather and fan shawl, and it worked well. Even if my husband was laughing at me.