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  • You get all the stars of the knitting world over there! I’m seriously envious!

  • Yep, you should go to my home state of Wisconsin in October, because it is the best state in the country for lovely autumn weather. (Can you tell I am a little tired of living in California??)
    Debbie New was teaching in the next classroom over from the class I was in at Stitches West this year and I had a serious case of “the grass is greener.” Next year, maybe…
    And as far as a beginner Debbie New pattern, don’t forget the Better Mousetrap Socks from Interweave Knits a couple years back. Fun and easy!

  • OK, so you managed to find the single person in the universe more awesomely awesome than the camera guy at my 20th college reunion. Always trumping, always with the oneupswomanship.
    Rilly now, we need to organize some sort of pilgrimage. I love hearing Susan’s You Are There coverage. There are not nearly enough knitting workshops in my life.

  • When you come to Milwaukee, don’t forget to pick me up before taking off to Neenah! 🙂

  • Yes, go to Milwaukee and take the children! Visit the Calatrava annex at the art museum on Lake Michigan. Their modern collection includes the biggest piece of felt you’ve ever seen. Have lunch at Mader’s. Rent a car and do the entire southern third of the state: Pittsville where Meg Swansen has her shop and Schoolhouse Press; New Glarus where the best beer in America is made; Lake Pepin near where the little house in the big woods was. R.W. Apple, Jr. did a great culinary tour of that area for the NYT a few years ago. Lucky you!

  • I would also like to add that Let’s Make a Deal was probably the most important television show of my childhood. I decided that when I was old enough, I would carry a hard-boiled egg in my pocketbook at all times. You just never knew when Monty Hall might turn up.

  • That scribble lace is so great looking. I’ve seen something like that and love the look of it.

  • Eeeek!!!! Its me! And my idol. I was a little worried poor Ms. New would think I was stalking her, showing up at every class, but she was most gracious, of course. But Kay! Oh No! I accidentally mislead you–I don’t think Debbie is in Neenah in October. I just checked the website (yarnsbydesign.com) and the teachers listed are Cat Bhordi, Chris Blysma and Lucy Neatby. Still sounds fun, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing my fun weekend, virtually. You inspire me to blogness, almost… I’m off to ponder The Book, and fall asleep–(another parallel 🙂

  • You know, my first concert was Van Halen in 1981. David Lee Roth came out in pants that had both butt cheeks cut out and Eddie threw a bottle of Jack Daniel’s at the crowd. I came home smelling like vomit and cigarette smoke but I had a wonderful time. Was the weekend kind of like that?

  • Yep, a little jaeggerspun, a little hello yarn, voila! A big mess. Fun though.
    I actually bought cheescloth and a rug strecher because I though that I would try some sewn knitting, make some fancy parameciums for a artsy vest, and my status as a knitting bobo would be peterified for all eternity, or until the thing fell apart in the first stiff breeze. Debbie New is Far Out!

  • Julia is so funny ! Far out indeed,but in a really interesting way.I’m building up to some scribbling…

  • We stand in awe of the scribble knitting. Moment of silence, please. Have a great time in Milwaukee. Or as the Indians called it: Mill– Wauk– Kay. Hey? Coincidence? I think not.

  • I feel like I’m on the Letterman show with these guest correspondents!
    I would just like to point out that Julia said “Far Out”, a phrase that is not ever used enough in every day conversation.

  • Wow Susan, look at you, you’re on the blog!
    Having fled screaming from Milwaukee many years ago, it wouldn’t be my first choice as a travel destination, but as a die-hard Wisconsin girl I can tell you that there’s plenty worth seeing in the state (Kay, you’ll collect lots of pictures of quirky signs there), and Milwaukee is as good a place to pick up your rental car as any…

  • I just might have to join you on the Debbie New pilgrimage! I love her book too! I especially really really want to knit the Ouroborous sweater!! Love it.
    Visiting Schoolhouse Press is also very high on my list too… but I like to go to the summer camp and drink at the fount of knowledge handed down by Elizabeth Zimmermann to Meg Swansen.

  • Julia must have been channelling John Denver…
    Now I really have to get Debbie New’s book. The scribble knitting and the swirls knitted onto each other look almost like fractals 🙂

  • What a blog. Knitting content, adorable highly datable cameramen, famous knitters, and references to my One True Idol: John Denver.
    I’m all cuddly and happy now.
    Far OUT, indeed!

  • Happy Mothers Day Ladies! Hope you have time to knit:)
    kathy b

  • I can’t wait for your book. any chance that beutiful piano bench pattern will be included? I have been looking everywhere for that honey comb slip stitch pattern. You guys are the best. nancy

  • A friend of mine keeps telling me how great Debbie New is and now I want to take a class from her, too. When I’m no longer a student’s wife, I’ll take one of her classes.

  • Isn’t Debbie fantastic? I got to go to a retreat in Scotland with her last summer. Really nice, down-to-earth lady.