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  • kay kay kay kay kay … done as in the book is in people’s hands done … right … but just think that you are giving your edits a last thorough look it over so no mistakes creep onto the pages and then hope for the best … it’s the necessary evil before greatness will once again be revealed … mille baci …

  • The making of a book is a HUGE undertaking…as you well know. SO MUCH work,stress,courage…insanity! There will be home cooked meals again at Amy’s place, or maybe just meals period. The book looks great and filled with fun projects, but MDK#2 is where our loyalty lies. Purge on BRAVEhearts, purge on!

  • Hi Kay, I’m glad you bought Amy’s book. It’s important to support the author and increase book sales. It sounds like a unique book. Thanks for showing us — will have to check into it. Enjoy!

  • oh kay!!
    you know I have copies here for you and ann both in a stack-I am hoping to get them out the door before this baby comes out MY door (ahem) and thank you a millions times over. . .and, yeah it feels so good to be done. I know you know. . .
    okay, now let’s get my labor started, shall we?

  • Just what I need to encourage my new desire to learn how to sew in addition to my struggle with knitting…Looks great!

  • Hmm…maybe this bending-the-rules is what I need. The traditional methods of sewing sort of make my palms sweat, and yet I find myself wanting to sew. I’ll be looking for this book! 🙂

  • Are you guys going to lead a new resurgence in sewing? Please? I would really appreciate it if you did, because I just found out the nearbye BIGBOX is going to cut back their sewing/fabric section even as they are converting to SUPERBIGBOX status. (Don’t yell at me. I live in the depths of nowhere, and can’t see buying fabric online. I mean, just because I’ve never been disappointed buying yarn online,doesn’t mean I enjoy it, and you can’t get led so easily astray when you buy online. It’s not like you can turn your head and see this cute little skein hiding in the corner, shyly hanging its head and batting its lashes.)

  • PLEASE don’t tell me that I’m going to see a copy of “Not Your Mother’s Sewing” in my bookstore soon. Wait.. I think I already have. The sewing I do *is* my mother’s sewing.. I just haven’t done much lately, due to the overwhelmingness of my knitting (which is also my mother’s knitting kthxbai). Hmm, maybe I’ll take that gown out again… not that I really want to handsew wool in summer…
    That said, I’ll have to check that one out if it hits Borders… must support fellow Oregonians! Must also support new sewers!

  • Oh what a deliciously wonderful book! I only manage to do minimal amounts of sewing but this book looks like a real treasure.
    I am perversely impressed by your inability to wait for your free copy, and leaping out there and purchasing it. I’ll be watching for your review.

  • Yay for Amy! And yes, the doneness is hard to take. Amy, you are soooooo done. But since you have a baby coming any minute now we’ll not be too jealous of your doneness. 🙂

  • Hmmm… I feel the pull of a potential addiction coming on. The Mr. thanks you.

  • Horray for Amy! If ever a sewing is worth having, it would be hers!

  • I just hate you for being able to come up with priceless phrases like, “…itty-bitty thing, a merely Disgruntled Cornish Game Hen.” Come ON! It’s not fair. I want to be able to write like that. Going to go sulk now.
    (Excellent for Amy!)

  • More field reports on 8-year olds! Apparently, your NYC 8-year olds are more cosmopolitan; down here in the burbs the natural thing to do with a cold bottle of water with a big hunk of ice in it is to pour it on your friend’s pants and then exclaim, “you peed your pants!” And, of course, you should hit yourself on the head repeatedly with said bottle.
    Whew. Four 8-year old boys ALL DAY for games, lunch, mini-golf and swimming. Next time, I’ll teach them to knit.

  • Poor Norma. All the woman wants to do is write and a cuppla hooligans with a blog have to show off some crafty wordsmithing. Well, Norma, you just wipe the dirt off your feet and the tears from your eyes, grab a spoon and eat some of that fabled rosepetal jam I’ve been reading about. These tarty knitters are known for their ability to induce mild to mid-level hysteria with practically no warning… they have me chopping up t-shirts to knit mudroom rugs and entering insane ‘dish rag tag’ relay events. Did you hear that? *Relay*? I wouldn’t run if the devil himself were after me, and I’m in a *dish rag relay*…oh, dear. Now I’M upset. I’m gonna go have a xanax. Pot’s on the aga if you want some tea, Norma…(slinking away from keyboard) Cami

  • I’ve been following Amy’s blog on and off for some time now. Isn’t this just wonderful for her! And a new baby as well!

  • Thanks for bringing this book to my attention–I can’t wait to get my own copy.

  • Hey Mason-Dixon ladies, have you guys seen this photograph: http://www.durhamtownship.com/blog-archives/002831.html ?
    Thought you gals might appreciate that. She’s one of the best photobloggers on the internet. 🙂

  • Dear Kay,
    Goshdarn you for your good taste in books. I wasn’t going to buy it, but I had some birthday money and I was in the knitting section of the bookstore…and there it was. Someone is wiley in that store. It’s a rilly great book!
    And, as long as I’m finally commenting – when are you guys going to tour through Pittsburgh? I have something cool involving lots of (actual, real, from jeans) denim and family history to show you.