Best of 2018: Knit to This

By Ann Shayne
December 29, 2018
A nice, 270-hour audiobook series? You're gonna need some knitting

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  • Thank you for offering this. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I don’t. But I regularly read this space and appreciate, the dedication you have to fill it consistency…to,create community here. Heck, I don’t even make coffee the same way every day.Thank you.

  • I’m saving this post so I can go back and access all the great “knit to this” posts thru out the coming year! Thx for all you do to inform and entertain us!!

  • Can’t get anything to play
    And I need it today!

  • I went through the list and was surprised at how many of these I HAD listened to! (You guys are doing something right.) But there are tons that I HAVEN’T listened to, and today… I’ll be listening and knitting ALL DAY! Bliss.

    (And by the way, could the letters in this box possibly be any tinier? I can still see them, sorta.)

  • I just love you ladies… You make my day…

  • May your dayz b filled with 2 much yarn and 2 many needles/hooks….. Yup

  • This feature is one of the reasons I recommend your blog to non-knitters (or maybe I should say not yet knitters). I get so many good listening ideas here — and I pass them on shamelessly.

  • Thanks for this list—Santa bought me a new winter coat, so I have a wardrobe of mittens to knit. (And listening to Aretha is still making me a bit emotional.)