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  • The Point-Five has a life of its own, doesn’t it, Ann? Were you knitting on broomsticks or did your fella whittle some branches after the storm?(methinks plain “sticks” would be much too skinny for Point Five.)
    For non-Tennesseeans, one must pronounce Grundy County with the most Southern accent one can muster. (Try this at home: you can do it–think Dolly Parton’s gorgeous voice-just whisper it…Gruuuundy County)
    I am hoping for a history of Grundy County, including some details of the Assembly, the lack of libation, and how Al Capone found his way to the mountain. Some facts would be fun: elevation, current temperature and humidity(for the record, it was two degrees shy of Hades in Nashville on Wednesday.), number of year-round residents, library hours.
    Keep up the knitting and photos. I still don’t know how to work a cellphone.

  • It looks like Ann is making good use of her time. Kay, I’m sure you will do the same while you sit and watch the movers unpack (right?) ha ha! The pace of life here in Oconomowoc is really picking up with the start of the Waukesha County Fair this week. Any other 4-h mom’s know that this is the weekend that you do all the projects you had ALL year to do. 9 year old Bridgette finished her first ever scarf last night. An event not unlike pulling wisdom teeth! We will fringe it tonight and retire those #13’s for a while. The scarf goes in for a “face-to-face” judgining on Tuesday. Home made butter mints and Petunia the guinea pig go in Monday, Ron the chicken doesn’t have to be there until Wednesday but he gets to stay until Sunday! Yes ladies, do encourage your kids to join 4-H, it’s all worth it when they bring home that first blue ribbon and get their $8 premium check! Will let you know how the scarf fairs! Melissa .

  • Happy moving! And hurray to Ann for keeping up the knitting (Colinette Point 5…[drool!]) and photos in candlelight. Love that cellphone. Isn’t technology grand?