We have special yarn + MDK Field Guide kits for you to knit

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  • Oh it’s beautiful.

    • Oh wow, I can almost feel it under my fingertips…soft, warm and a little fuzzy.

  • I love how you see blankets in landscapes and Kay saw dishcloths in linoleum once upon a time. You girls are always delighting our senses with your observations.

    • Women.

  • And they are all gone, lol. Beautiful

  • I loved this blanket the minute I saw it and ordered it immediately (thank goodness)! It is my Christmas gift to myself. It is soft, light weight and snuggly warm!

  • So I’m late to the blanket party as I’m awaiting to board a flight to visit our daughter for Thanksgiving. Will you get more beautiful Icelandic blankets in and what did each cost? Price no longer listed since out of stock.

    • I just looked and there were 3 left in stock! $199

  • I have that blanket, purchased in Geysir, Iceland. My favorite souvenir from my month there.

    • A month in Iceland! Enviable.

  • Will you get more? I made the mistake of waiting until morning to order instead of the middle of
    the night.! Now out of stock!


  • All sold out! 🙁

  • Just spent a magical 10 days in Iceland, and it was one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen! It was breathtaking, and the food and people were wonderful! Cannot wait to go back! Perfect peace!

  • Ann, it appears that textiles are your weakness AND (among) your strengths!

  • What is it that makes these colors meld together so beautifully when otherwise they may not? Is it the unifyiing striping between the color changes? Is it same underlying base color? Or simply the designer’s genius in interpreting the landscape around her. Whatever, I could look at this blanket for hours. (Luckily it wouldn’t work for me at this point in time because you are out of stock!)

  • The photos are surely Iceland. (Sigh.)

  • We spent a wonderful two days in Iceland on a transatlantic cruise in 2018. My family all agreed that it was our favorite country out of the five we visited on that trip. A return visit definitely is in the cards. I was sad to read a news story recently that Icelanders have increasingly been falling for Internet scams because translation software is increasingly able to mimic their idiosyncratic language.

  • how gorgeous !!

  • Will you ever restock beautiful Lopi throw?