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  • Can’t decide what’s more beautiful, that blanket or over $9000. going to Mercy Corps via pattern sales. Olive may be miffed I didn’t include her in the list but she’s always a beauty in my eyes.

  • Gorgeous!! A thing of woolen, log-cabiny, miterey beauty. Cute doggy too!

  • Wow! Knitters rock! I ordered mine yesterday and just cast on the first miter. Work? Isn’t this nice flat desk for holding knitting patterns? The customers will understand and Mrs. Boss is at her other job today so I can get started and post on Ravelry so I can WIN that bag of goodies.
    Gorgeous blanket, Kay. Cute dog too.

  • Ahh, she is a thing of beauty, that one. Oh, um, nice blanket too, Kay.

  • You put that gorgeous blanket in the washing machine?!? Kay, you’re an intrepid knitter. But we already knew that….

  • WAIT – You put this silk garden afghan in the washing machine??? What is it doing in there??? Am I missing something? If the answer is in the pattern, I guess I better buy it soon… 🙂

  • I love that blanket! And Noro — and the fact that $9K has gone to help others. Wonderful!
    But how is it that all the Silk Garden colors I love are discontinued?

  • Wait–you can wash silk garden in a machine? Pray tell how you are doing this!

  • I still think neufchatel would work better. Less fat!

  • Why is the washing machine “foreign”? Why did it “see” the blanket? This is one of those cliff-hanger things, isn’t it? Tune in next time to understand what the heck is going on!

  • Am currently knitting this in Malabrigo – which is no slouch of a yarn – but seeing yours makes me desperately want to do it in Noro and pay any price for that discontinued neutral. Its beautiful!

  • Have the pattern and a project page, AND the yarn to get started. However, I am really bad at posting photos, especially “in progress” shots. Is that a requirement for entering the contest?
    I have some “seed” Silk Garden and have decided to enhance the stash with souvenir yarn (which doesn’t count as stash, right?) whenever in a non-LYS.

  • I am not a New Yorker but recently visited. Does this count? Probably not. However, I would suggest the Brooklyn Bridge – as the money generated from this blanket served as a bridge to our friends in Japan (also I really wanted to visit BB but ran out of time), the Staten Island Ferry – it’s free and the knitting could wave to besties in both Manhatten and SI, or Strawberry Fields – John Lennon loved making the world a better place and so do you.

  • It looks GORGEOUS! Can hardly wait to see the whole thing.

  • That is a splendid, gorgeous, and beautiful blanket. It even passed the “comfortable enough for Olive” test.
    I’ve bought the pattern, but don’t have the yarn, and have such a large stash that I can’t see buying more yarn… Hmmm… maybe there’s an appropriate substitute yarn in there somewhere. Hmmm…

  • Gorgeous. I have no suggestions for a location but if you can wait until next weekend, I can help take the picture….
    I’m stunned by the whole $9000 thing. Knitters are amazing.

  • Olive really brings a lot to every Yarn Party.

  • I love it when you include pictures of Olive – she’s adorable!
    Oh, and your blanket is pretty spiffy, too! I’m headed to Ravelry to purchase my pattern and “window shop” for yarns. It’s wonderful that you two are donating so much for Japan.

  • Okay, you are not playing fair. While your Mitered Crosses were just simple squares, I was able to resist. Even after you put four of them together, I was able to look away, even as I lusted in my heart. You have gone too far!!!!! These finished blanket tore away all my inhibitions and I am now in pure unadulterated lust.
    And I don’t even LIKE to knit afghans.
    So I’ll be clicking on the Buy Now Button of Love for all things Noro, Silk Garden and Mitered Squares. Take my money, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PATTERN!!!!

  • Kay I am pinz n needles over here, hoping that you haven’t somehow conflated blocking with FELTING. We are all out here freakin’ that you have put this blanket into what sounds to me like a front-loading washing machine. Good God woman, be careful!!!!!!

  • beautiful blanket! beautiful cause! did you consider contacting the Japan Society here in NYC (wwwDOTjapansocietyDOTorg) to ask if you could photograph the blanket in one of their galleries or gardens?

  • All right Kay:: fess up- how did you manage to knit an entire blanket in what seemed like 2 and a half weeks? Have you been sleeping? How much coffee have you been drinking????

  • On the super gentle hand wash / woolens programme ? Surely ?
    I am very proud of you.

  • Photo Op ideas?
    Red Cross (for obvious reasons) and Japanese Embassy (for even more obvious reasons), are the first two that come to mind. But really, you’ve got it all “sewn up” with Olive…..
    LOVE the blanket—what an inspiration!

  • How about in front of the UN for the photoshoot?
    I love and have bought the pattern but am slightly stymied on starting as I can’t locate a neutralish shade.
    Don’t worry Ann, I wash my silk garden rambling rows in my front loader all the time as it has a hand wash programme. Comes out lovely and soft. Thank you Bosch!

  • Finally! Olive is back!!!! YAY! Oh yes, nice knitting too!

  • The pattern and blanket are lovely, although I’m a bit miffed that Ms. Shayne bought all the remaining Noro 269 in the Nashville area. 🙂

  • I will have to put aside Albers tonight for some high quality mitreing! Your blanket is glorious and you had some amazing speed and project monogamy to be done already.

  • I didn’t realise you use it to wet the piece. I just use mine to spin out the excess water after I soaked it. Works well and no felting. P.S. I love Olive!

  • How about St. John the Divine? that is, the garden next to it for the shoot?

  • Dear Kay,
    The blanket is brilliant of course and I don’t want to be dismissive of it, it really is wonderful and please convey that to the blanket. Also, the fundraising effort it spectacular!
    But really, I am very curious about the Eine Kleine Nacht Miele machine! We are very soon going to have to replace our machine (I believe our basement foundation was built around ours and we’ll very likely have to hire welders to plasma cut the thing apart so it can be removed in pieces). We find ourselves very besotted with the Miele machines. Are they as wonderful in use as they seem? Has yours been trouble free? How old (a moment of respectful silence please) was Herr Miele when he passed? If you had it to do all over again, would you buy the Miele?
    Ones washing maching is a big decision, so getting feedback from someone who actually has one of these creatures is most helpful!
    Love the blog! Suzy C.

  • Love the blanket, love Olive, love all the love going to Japan. Awesome.

  • Under the blossoming cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, of course!