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  • You’d look darling in spats. The inevitable solution to your problem is…..MITERED SQUARES. xoxo Kay

  • get Barbara Walker’s book on mosaic knitting and go wild! There’s one that makes a nice maze and is not hard to knit. Not perhaps shawl-like, though.

  • A) Thankfully, a star-nosed mole is a very very very small creature so just step on it when it appears in your nightmare. But, wait, maybe you’ll have a nightmare in which there are thousands of them heading toward you and you’re tied down and covered in whatever kind of little bug they like best to eat. Sorry, can’t help you with that one.
    2) Birch would look real perty in the green/yellow Thing.

  • Have you considered Fair Isle? It will take a bit of yarn, but
    would make a magnificent wrap!
    Also, a wavy pattern like Feather and Fan (aka Old Shale) works up nicely in stripes.

  • If you don’t have Folk Shawls, go to Davis Kidd right now and git it. I want to knit everything in it.

  • Kay, you know and I know that spats make my butt look big.
    Mary de–It seems to me that Barbara Walker is the solution to just about all my problems. I relish any chance to poke around those treasuries. Someday I’m going to get Number three and number one.
    Cristina–That mole. It just doesn’t have much of a face, and a mole is a creature you think ought to have a face. And yes, Birch is eternally lovely. Anything that knits down to nothing is very cool.
    June–I hadn’t seen that Mosaic Tile pattern. Those Starmores are unfailingly fantastic. Gor. Geous. I think she does them in the round, yes? So that they end up double-weight? Evelyn, help me on this, you Suzani maker.
    And Angela, I do have Folk Shawls. I love that book. Feeling very shawly these days. Just bundle me up and stick me in a corner; I’ll be just fine.

  • How about entrelac? (please don’t throw things)
    There’s a beautiful entrelac stole in the scarf style book, andI think it would be fun in two colours, and not at all stripey.

  • Ann, I am so glad you came to your senses. How you could have ever been attracted to Boo two is beyond me. You must have a far seeing imagination.
    I vote for mitered squares, or diamond patches, since I am stuck STUCK in their web and can’t let go.

  • I too climb abord the mitred square train, though I haven’t been getting much sleep and have never knit one, so I don’t know how far I can be trusted. Is it wrong that those Vatican Guards frighten me more than the star nose mole?

  • How about good old Persian Poppy or the Cones pattern?

  • Let’s pretend we’re all at a big stadium (the Stade de Tricot). Thousands of knitters rise, as one, and chant, Per-SIAN, POP-pies, Per-SIAN, POP-pies. They are among the easiest of Kaffe’s masterpieces. They will look lovely in these contrasting yet variegating yarns. I’m seeing a Poppy Stole. xoxo Kay

  • How’s your crocheting? There’s a nice flowerey colourful shawl in the new Rowan Cotton Rope book that would be very cheery in your colours. You can see a pic of it on the laughing hens website. http://www.laughinghens.com/knitting-pattern-page.asp?patternpageid=2313
    I think it’s crochet, anyways…

  • Well, I thought it looked pretty cool, but liking stripes is different than wearing stripes. I know you’ll come up with something lovely.

  • I have a red rubber squeaky nose you could wear with the stripes ;> (ducking)

  • Here’s my vote for a pattern to make with these two colors. But I don’t know what you would *do* with it. Too much stranding for a shawl, no?

  • Wow! I just looked at the url, and June and I are voting for the same thing.

  • WOW. That persian tiles cushion would be amazing. Do a cushion instead of a shawl and then you don’t have to worry about the stranding. When the front of the cushion is done, you can….’SEND IT OUT’ to your fab upholsterer to make it all sturdy.
    If it’s complicated to get the pattern from Virtual Yarns without the VY yarn, I’d suggest looking at Kaffe’s Pattern Library as many of his patterns are adaptable to 2-color knitting and might give a similar brocade-y effect. This would be so striking in these 2 colors.
    xoxo Kay

  • You made me laugh s hard I have a stitch (haha) in my side. Thanks!

  • I have to chime in and agree with the mitered square suggestion. I think you could make a lovely wrap that way. Very harliquin-ish.

  • I’m very impressed with Thing One and Thing Two and the stripey goodness that is the Swiss Guard Sweater. I’m wondering if there is anyone in Switzerland who still wears that uniform? Do you think those guards posted way out at the Vatican just didn’t get the memo? “Psssst…spats are SO five hundred years ago.”
    Let’s all imagine for just a moment some of the lengths one of a constant stream of international tourists might have gone to in order to evoke a smile from one of those guys. I’m betting his Excellency Giannis Paulus Pepe Due would not approve.

  • What a wonderful looking young Swiss lad! As far as I know, these young man have to be from a good family and an officer in the Swiss army. Then they can voluntier to join the Swiss guard in Rome for a certain amount of time. I once a had a friend whose brother went. He did not moan about the uniform. Living in Rome must have been fun enough.
    How about a wavy stripey pattern? The yarn looks absolutly wonderful.

  • I know that if you had actually gone so far as to make a whole sweater it would be too much, but the swatch, well, I like it. I have no useful suggestions as to what to make in the light of all that has been suggest above. Only the thought that once you decide, the yarn and the colours are so lovely that the end result must surely be gorgeous.

  • I’m a huge fan of feather and fan, as well, changing colors every two or four rows. It will, though, give you that HORIZONTAL STRIPING thing I think you were specifically trying to avoid. And it would never work to knit it sideways.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  • I dissent, i think those vertical stripes are gorgeous and would make a stunning summer top!
    there was a two color shawl in the last fall knitty issue
    that I liked. possibly even louder than the stripes, if done in your colors