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  • I will look forward to placing a hefty order when it makes its way to Austin!

  • And here I thought I wouldn’t knit another – if I can get the NSG, in those neutrals, I might.

  • Woohoo! I’ll keep my eyes peeled in Canada. There may be hope for me and this blanket yet.

  • Knitters, here’s what to do: Go to the yarn store in your town that carries Noro. Tell them the news! Ask them to place an order for these shades. Maybe, just maybe, getting a lot of orders will move these shades to the front of the production line. Keep hope alive!
    I have knit 2 full blankets with Silk Garden 269. I am not done yet. So glad I won’t have to feel like I am taking somebody else’s yarn–I was about to write a letter to The Ethicist!
    Only a bag or two away from hearing from the Hoarders scouts,

  • That’s awesome! Laura Chau has an awesome wrap that uses the yarn and I just couldn’t picture knitting it in a brightly variegated color, because its subtlety was part of what enamored me to the project. Now I know what I’ll knit next spring!

  • How exciting! I really love the Noro Silk Garden 269 and I was so sad when I heard it was discontinued. It is just such a wonderful neutral. Thanks for bring such sunshiny news today.

  • Hooray!!!!! I am going to buy a whole stash of the silk garden when it is available in the USA. If you Mason-Dixon gals had ANYTHING to do with this, you deserve a medal. I bought the mitered crosses pattern and I would for sure make a blanket with that background colorway.

  • O my o my – gives true meaning to the phrase “two bags full”! I figure my need… OK, desires – measure in the two or three-bag range! jdu

  • That is AMAZING and wonderful news! Kay, ready to book a mitered crosses workshop?

  • Yea! I’ve been scrounging Ravelry (126 people have it in stash. For sale or trade? 0, none, nil, zip, zilch.) and ebay (none) for this. I was thinking perhaps charcoal grey – still might do that, but now I can make more than one! Hurrah!

  • This is pretty much the best knitting news I’ve heard in months. I managed to find one ball of Kureyon 211 but had really wanted to use the Silk Garden. I’m on the phone to the LYS now!

  • I love the oxymoron “mildly earth-shattering.”

  • I give you knitters full credit for bringing back this colorway. You have apparently moved the yarn world. (I guess that does make it sort of earthshattering?) Thanks for that!

  • Hallelujah! Thanks for posting this. My favorite, most frequently worn shawl is a feather-and-fan made from 3 skeins of Silk Garden 269. I just feel better knowing there’s more of it out there in the world…and that I can get a hold of it to combine with some of the really bright Silk Garden colorways I own. Thanks for the good news!

  • I think this bit of news is single-handedly attributable to you. I can just imagine the folks at Noro being bombarded by requests. You rock! And isn’t it fun to know what powers you have?

  • Yes! Where’s the “like” button? I am very happy to hear that :).

  • Yippie Skippy! I found two bags at Eagle’s Nest Yarns in Waldeboro, Maine and have plowed through one already… and was reticent about starting another because I didn’t want to commit to using the rest, yet.
    I am so happy… placing a order today!

  • That is good, annoying news! I designed an entrelac cowl with Silk Garden Lite last year, and then found out it was discontinued, so I noted that in the pattern. Then I was chatting up the KFI rep at TNNA in January, and he said it was coming back. Good, annoying news indeed!
    I love the creamy neutral in your afghan…

  • Congratulations, I know a number of ravelers will be thrilled. Anything creamy neutral is good for me, I’ll take a look on my next trip over to Japan!


  • Hooray! Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Why ever would they discontinue the perfect neutral, anyway?

  • Can I have an “Amen, Sista”? What wonderful news, because i am so wanting to make the mitered cross and just could not bear to make it in any other color. Thanks to the knittery goddess.

  • Praise the Lord! For real! Maybe between now and next April, I can use enough of the stash to make room for the 269 that’s coming our way. Hope you told ’em to make lots!!
    Thanks for your efforts, Ann. You da woah-man!

  • Have you considered the possibility that you single-handedly brought it to Noro’s attention how important these two colorways are?! good job! You’re a Knitting Hero!

  • i agree with Candice.

  • But you are not going to because you are going to finish the five you have on the needles!! Right? Then you can do a happy dance and cast on five more :>)

  • Hooray! And thank you.

  • Excellent news and ditto that you two can take full credit for bringing Noro to its knees. Why, oh why would they discontinue great neutrals? Now that I can order the SG 269, I can plan my attack on this blanket.

  • There IS a Santa Claus! I am so on to spending from now until April figuring out which colors to pair with the creams. I really need all the time I can get to figure that out (maybe I need color leap of faith formation).
    No…greens!!! (Never mind that they don’t go with anything room in my home.)

  • No no we just need the name of a yarn shop in Japan to order from. ;0 wouldn’t they be surprised to get thousands of orders for Noro! haha heehee mwahaaa

  • Hey Ann,
    Just saw your twitter thingy about your son’s new found knowledge of the bodies of water of Latin America. On a recent visit to Peru and the lake in question, we were told that Peru has the TITI part and Boliva the CACA
    Sure this is not a new thing, but knowing adolescent boys, he might get a chuckle out of it.

  • Hi Ann 🙂 I just think they saw the pics you put up of your finished blanket, which was awesomely stunning. You Go Girl , thankyou.

  • I don’t want to start a stampede or anything, but I was on a knitting retreat last week, and we went to the WEBS store in Northhampton. Back in the warehouse, they have Noro Shirakaba (silk, cotton,wool) color # 11, a creamy white color. I got a bag of 10 skeins just because of this ! I don’t know if shirakaba is as good as silk garden or kureyon, but the color matches perfectly ! And it was on sale !! Just sayin’.