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  • Love the baby blanket. Very cozy looking…..
    I’m happy after watching snippets of GROUNDHOG DAY with Bill Murray. I just cannot resist it or him.
    I’m knitting socks, with a cable…and yes
    I am happy.

  • Oh, the High Line! Ever since my daughter took her second grade class on a field trip to the High Line last year, everyone is talking about it. Must make it to the High Line on my next trip to NY! I’ll even wear something hand knit for the occasion.

  • Love the baby blanket. Very cozy looking…..
    I’m happy after watching snippets of GROUNDHOG DAY with Bill Murray. I just cannot resist it or him.
    I’m knitting socks, with a cable…and yes
    I am happy.

  • You are looking very chic in that cowl.

  • I have to make the honey cowl. It keeps popping up in my ravelry feed and I keep reading your coverage of it, and its siren song is calling to me from two skeins of bright, parrot-red manos.

  • Was recently in NY and wore my new knit hat while there. Have to admit though, I don’t really know what the High Line is. Can you explain?
    -Lucky baby, lovely blanket.

  • I thought of you while I was knitting up some Rowan Colourscape Chunky into a Rowan pattern from Colourscape Folk while watching Downtown Abbey. Anglophile immersion FTW.

  • DH and I just finished watching Season I Downton Abbey. Wait til you get to the final episode. just sayin’. I can’t even do mindless knitting when it’s on. We watch it with the sub titles on so we catch every word.

  • Hipster Kay! Cool post and how could that mom not know who hand-knitted that lovely blanket? Colors are great. Going with Chuck, the local groundhog from Staten Island, i.e., early spring. That’s my two bucks.

  • I’m happy with my new shiny red Dansko shoes, playing with my granddog, Porter, after work, and finishing the Fair Isle section of my sweater last night. I will NOT cast on a Honey Cowl. I will n… oh, he!!, I probably will cast on a Honey Cowl.

  • kay i have a fever and virus am takeing cipro
    the four of you sitting on the bench are so cute

  • Your Honey Cowl looks fabulous. Me, I’m trying to tandem knit (as in hit at least 3 or 4 projects each week) way too many projects and thus not making a lot of progress on any of them. But hey, I’m happy and healthy and sore (stupid exercise!).

  • I’m happy…..that You’re happy!!!

  • Yep, I need me a Honey Cowl. It’s all I can think about lately. And I’m just getting into Caireen from Knitty and promised myself to finish it before the end of 2012 (I have a 6 month old baby, that’s a pretty fair goal I think). So the Honey Cowl is NOT a welcome temptation thankyouverymuch!!! 🙂

  • Hmm, I’m also in need of a Honey Cowl now as well….can’t resist. Currently enjoying re-runs of Downton season 2 AND (as added bonus) part 1 of the Downton Christmas special finally aired here last week…bliss.

  • I like the cowl but wonder why you posed in such a way that you look like you have two plants growing out of your head.

  • The Honey Cowl calls to me, too. In fact, I plan on yarn shopping this weekend for it (because god knows that none of the yarn in the yarn dresser is good enough for it). And I have to say that yours looks just as good on you as the others did on Carrie and Maggie!

  • Yes, still happy here, too. Knitting mitts to match a shawl collar cowl I made my daughter for Christmas – making up the pattern from bits and pieces of other patterns. This is new territory for me. I am a great ‘follow the directions’ knitter and have not ventured much into the creative design side of knitting. Also watching Downton Abbey (in its current season) and hating having to wait a whole week for the next episode. Getting ready to knit a baby blanket for grandchild number 7, who will join the family in April. Yes, happy indeed. Thanks for asking.

  • A modeled FO! And it looks marvelous on you. Now what about that Allegheny? I’m almost over the temptation, but you could get it going again…
    Sweet baby, sweet baby blanket.

  • Dying a little bit of the jealousy! We stayed at The Standard last year, and I desperately want to return to the city.

  • Charlotte – did the Deely Bopper craze not make it to the States? Kay is obviously wearing her ‘winter foliage’ pair.
    I sad it before, but you do look tres foxy in that pic. Mwah!

  • Kay, you look fabulous! I am grounded at the moment with a broken ankle. Knitting quilting needlepointing. Thankful I got the quilt sandwiched before my last fateful icy walk. Knocked out Downton Abbey season one two weeks ago. LOVE IT. Looking for other suggestions.

  • Love the cowl posts! I hope this cowl will be my Super Bowl knitting.
    Janice from Southeastern WI

  • Love the cowl posts! I hope this cowl will be my Super Bowl knitting.
    Janice from Southeastern WI

  • So after enabling by the photogenic foxy lady the Honey Cowl is now my next knitting project and the (never before heard of but now googled) High Line is on my list of things to do if I ever make it back to New York – thankyou!

  • I just started my first Honey Cowl last night (finished my current pair of socks), and I watched season 1 of Downton Abbey two weeks ago in 3 days! I am caught up on season 2…and oh, the cliffhangers…they are going to kill me! I totally jumped on the bandwagon (for both the cowl and Downton) and I LOVE IT!

  • I am hoping that the knitter of that baby blanket does not read this blog! Unless, of course, it was an heirloom blanket, where no one recalls who knit it. Otherwise, someone is in trouble for re-gifting or Goodwill-ing!
    Hooray for happy! I’m happy that I will soon be done knitting my sister’s Honey Cowl. The slip-purl row is just not my thing or not the thing when you are trying to speed knit. MAybe I should have watched Downton Abbey. But thanks for pointing me to a stylish item for my sis.

  • A win-full day! Lovely knits, great snaps.
    I have mixed feelings about the weather, as I’m concerned about what this “winter” is doing to my cashmere. (I mean the part of my stash that is still being carried around by my goats.)
    Funny thing about DA…I watched the entire 1st season in a back-to-back episode marathon. And now I cannot remember 98% of it. Maybe I can blame the hormone tides for my lack of…wait…what were we talking about? Um, oh yes…gorgeous knits!!

  • Great looking photo in that cowl!!!

  • I can only gasp and say, “Look at that jawline!” 🙂

  • Schmoxy photo, hon! In the immortal words of Beyonce: “If you want it then you better put a cowl on it.”

    [stops yelling, goes off to find yarn for moss stitch blanket]

  • Friends, although I have not yet succumbed to Honey Cowl fever, I am ready for Downton Abbey.
    Can you knitters help me navigate the controversy a little? PBS? Original? Does it matter?
    Thank you! Back to honey cowls. AND fabulous found baby blankets. Mmmm. Yes. Definitely one for the ideas-to-steal file.

  • Rare opportunity to see where daughter got her beauty: comparing Honey Cowl models. Thanks for the lovely photo of you.

  • Kay, you look terrific in that cowl! (And generally.) Lucky you, basking on the High Line.
    Keep cowling away!
    Do you think the Honey Cowl would work in Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK? I’ve got some odd bits of it that haven’t found a project.

  • You, the High Line and the Honey cowl all look gorgeous. NYC may be going through a warm spell but I am sending this comment from Paris, which has been hit by a Chicago-worthy cold spell and where I see cowls everywhere, not only on foxy matrons but on dashing young Parisian men too! The trend should reach Manhattan by next Fall, non?

  • My Downton Abbey knitting was a 3 year old “How to Log Cabin” blanket. The plan was to make it big, but I ran out of some of the colours and then decided that it was done! So now I need another project, a cowl sounds perfect! Thanks.

  • I think I really need to fall down the Honey Cowl rabbit hole…
    Isn’t Downton Abbey the best knitting viewing? Actually, it’s just the best viewing.

  • Love the cowl but am determined to finish the Fussy Cut Blanket before I begin anything else – it is really hard! I love Downton Abbey too – I watch it over and over to make sure I didn’t miss anything – it is hard to knit & watch. Season 2 is yummy – stay tuned:)

  • That Honey Cowl is like knitter’s crack. I have finished two and have immediately cast on for a third. I am having a hard time accepting that I won’t need all the ones I want to make, so will eventually have to share. Yours looks lovely on you- and please share the baby blanket pattern once you figure that one out!

  • that blanket is a textural delight! would love to hear more about your thoughts on Downton. i’m on Team Sybil!

  • Oh, that blanket is wonderful. I’m slowly being lured into your honey cowl cult. I have three projects in progress right now and I refuse to cast on another one… I’m not sure I can hold out tomorrow. The Super Bowl is primo knitting time and I think I’ve got the yarn on hand to make a cozy honey cowl! Downton Abbey is wonderful. I’m watching season 2 and can’t wait for each weekly installment! (I watched season one in one weekend when I was home alone…)

  • That blanket, the foxy matron, Downton Abbey–such richness.

  • Am I the only person on the planet who has trouble with this very simple pattern? I’ve taken it out three times and have retreated to swatching in stockinette to prove to myself that I am capable of knitting something correctly.

  • Love the photos of the High Line, remembering such a nice morning we had up there last summer, pretending to be native NYers…
    Am also enjoying the flurry of ‘tweecoter’ on the right sidebar. xoxo

  • Happy? HAPPY?? I was (sort of) before I read about being a MATRON, and all….but that little moss stitch blanket made up for the reminder about my sagging chin and–sigh–regions farther south.
    Really, I wonder how the mommy did not know who actually made the blanket. I wonder if it’s a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation, or something. Thast would be tres cool.
    At any rate, your contentment is beginning to be infectious. Aaaannndd, I’m HAPPY that I’m not watching the Superbowl (but may I say “Go Giants”, anyway…?).

  • What a great post! LOVE that blanket. I’m knitting a pair of plan vanilla socks and I’m happy!

  • The thought of knitting all that moss stitch makes me want to run screaming from the room. You are definitely rockin’ that cowl though!

  • DD 1 lives in Greenwich Village, and whenever we visit we stay someplace close to the High Line. I love the new section, and love walking past the Chelsea Hotel on the way there. You are looking great.

  • Look wonderful – would love the blanket for my soon to be born granddaughter!

  • that baby blanket is super cute. downton abbey is one of my all time favorite shows! i wish i could live in that time period.. and that house!

  • Working my way through my DVR collection of Masterpiece Classics. Tonight, “Return to Cranford.” Tomorrow, “Downton Abbey Season 2.” Gaptastic Cowl on the needles and felted slippers in the wash. Praying they shrink down from Sasquatch to Human Male.

  • Lovely honey cowls! I made one last year, and seeing all of yours may just have to make another (or two).

  • Ooooh! Let me know when you knock that one off. So pretty!!!!

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