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  • Never too many Olives in MY martinis.
    The hero of Netherland lives in the Chelsea Hotel! Good summer book if you’re in the market for one.

  • Dogs and knitting do mix! I love seeing the cute dogs as well as the garter stitch and interesting pictures of NY. Olive has a handsome new friend.

  • My husband and I rescued a dog two years ago. A cute dog by any standards…we took her to our favorite vet in hopes of finding out her breed. Our vet pronounced her a “Carolina Coon Hound”, not the most prestigious of titles.
    We took her to the shore and lots of pure breed dog owners asked us what she was…it was difficult, sometimes downright embarrassing to admit to Coon Hound (say it out-loud and see for yourself). Over large glasses of our favorite beverage we came up with “Red Chester”; she’s got a red sheen to her coat and we live in Chester County. This seemed perfect, then we dared each other to tell a stranger that and not laugh. The next day, out on the beach, a really nice young woman came up and petted our pouch and asked what she was, out came “Red Chester”; immediately, I had to confess to Coon Hound…my lesson learned, I can lie but I can’t live with myself after-wards!
    Just lately, the darn dog treed a really large raccoon…fairly late at night, accompanying the coup with lots of barking. Well, what can one say, she is a Coon Hound after all!
    Here’s a photo of our Maya: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pshorten/3283565860/

  • Dogs and knitting mix. But don’t preclude other locations. And if you start up another blog, please remember that the co authors need to be Olive and Hercules. It sounds like a comic strip already….

  • I forgot to note that you are now obliged to create a breed name for them both.
    We used to have a great mix, probably Cairn and Scottie, true terrier, if a bit mixed, but with red hair. We ended up saying he was a Cleveland Terrier, because we got tired of explaining we had no idea.

  • We have a dog much like Olive, no one knows exactly what our Django is. Some huskey, some catahoula, maybe some coyote or wolf. Just a very interesting looking dog.
    I think there should be a Rescue Dog Westminster Dog Show personally.

  • Hi Kay. I used to live in NYC and on a visit Ex-Boyfriend took me to a hotel for SUPER FANTASTC brunch serviced with silver and fine linens. Can’t remember the name though. Is the Chelsea decor a mix of Industrial and Mid-centrury? Does it server really good food?

  • Those are two special and lucky dogs! How nice that they found each other 🙂
    People often ask “What IS he?” when they see my dog. I tell them “he” is a “she,” and I call her a Scottish Monkeyhound (Scottish Deerhound crossed with a Monkey). It is seriously my Best Guess.
    It baffles me that nearly everyone assumes she is a male. It’s not like she slicks her hair back and wears a smoking jacket. And even if she did, she might just be veddy stylish.
    Gosh, Kay, I had forgotten all about the Chelsea Hotel. Back when I could drive for four hours, listen to jazz at the Knitting Factory (the original Knit, not the “new” Knit…do I sound snooty yet? or just old?) and then turn around and drive back to MA at dawn, I STAYED at the Chelsea Hotel. It was RECOMMENDED to me! I am laughing right now 🙂
    Keep those pup pix coming! I don’t hear anyone complaining 😉

  • Love the photo from the Chelsea Hotel. I am slightly obsessed with Edie Sedgwick and would love to someday visit the Chelsea Hotel. I promise not to set fire to it.

  • We had a Terrier mix when I was a kid. My Uncle got so tired of people stopping and asking “What kind of dog is that?” He started answering.”She’s Puerto Rican.” Not terribly PC in this day and age, I know but it was the 70s in Minneapolis.

  • Olive and Hercules remind me of my mom’s dogs… several years ago, she and her bf at the time adopted Lucy, who is a shaggy, brown and black medium sized mutt, with a fairly long body and fairly short legs. I always thought she must be part chow b/c she has a black tongue; other than that, who knows.
    Then mom and the bf broke up, the bf kept the dog and mom moved to Oklahoma… where she somehow found and adopted Gus, who looks like he’s the exact same breed of mutt as Lucy.
    It’s pretty weird.

  • i always prefer mutts. my husband always said our last dog was a “poop ‘N’ bark’. they’re the best 😉

  • We love knitting and dogs together, so no worries, love the Bjorn Borg mix idea though.

  • “Many hyphenations of poo…” just about made me snort and spew my Diet Dr. Pepper in a very unladylike way.
    Personally, I love pictures of Olive and her NYC adventures. No need for a second blog.

  • “Rescue Dog Westminster Dog Show” Oh, Yes. Rescue Animals of the World, Unite!
    But wait, I guess they already have united…around their humans.

  • I love the dog pics mixed in with the knitting!

  • Dog blog name: Olive, straight up.

  • I like the knitting/dog mix. However, perhaps you could put the dog section at the end of the blog so non-dog people could skip that part. You could call it: Time for a little Olive. I do believe Olive has grown into her ears a bit. Not that their was anything wrong with how they looked before, of course.

  • I cannot help myself, I have refrained from emailing each single time Olive appears – but I am going awwwww each time. Now, I must reply.
    Olive/knitting/knitting/Olive is symbiotic and oh so darn cute. Both! (and Mr. Hercules! 2nd only to Our Dear Olive).
    Sign me, Owner of Annie, wee Gracie and Roo the Terrible our own four-footed fiends

  • chelsea hotel, as in leonard cohen’s chelsea hotel?

  • If you’re really curious, you can buy dog DNA testing kits on Amazon! You send in a little cheek swab, and they send back the genetic breed analysis. It’s pretty nifty!

  • My dogs, Tellie and Scout, love my knitting. Sometimes too much. I came home one day to find a shawl project strewn across the living room floor, varied balls of yarn under various chairs, and a big blanket thrown over the whole thing, like it was a dead body. My son said, “I was afraid to touch it.”

  • Hmmm, I don’t know if Olive will like this idea due to its’ origination, but Crazy Aunt Purl has a cat with a Twitter account. Maybe Olive would like to just Tweet instead of blog. If you don’t mention that cat part.

  • olive is cute but i like your
    comeings and goings and nashville
    put her on you tube walking ny with olive

  • No, no; you must keep Olive on this blog! I don’t think I’d follow a dog blog, but there’s just enough Olive here amidst the knitting to make me happy.

  • I know he’s the wrong size and coat, but Hercules has the attitude, posture and swirly cowlick ridge of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. But since Ridgeback males are typically 95 pounds, Hercules would also have to have a heaping helping of…Cairn terrier? Chihuahua?
    Dogs and knitting do mix. The fun of reading knitting blogs, like the fun of a mutt, is the combination. Knitting and: gardening, cooking, dogs, quilting, travel, photography, teenagers, politics, oil spills, etc.

  • I’m sure somebody has suggested this already, but I’m tired and can’t bring myself to read the comments, so I’m going to write an incredibly long winded sentence leading into my actual point.
    This, I believe, is called in my own profession, burying the lead.
    commas are you friend when you’re tired.
    ANYWAY, my suggestion is, Olive could have her own twitter feed. This was in Metro NY this morning or something. Pets with twitter feeds. Then they get famous.
    Didn’t know dogs could type.
    Olive could also have her own flikr stream or something.

  • Olive,
    Wo’of woof woof woof bow wow!
    (Translation: Olive, I’d read your blog every day!

  • BTW, my dear cousin’s first husband was named Hercules. It’s apparently not really an unusual name if one is from Greece. His sister-in-law’s name was Cleopatra. She wasn’t such a dog; him, I’m not so sure. I think Olive’s Hercules has him beat…

  • Rebekah, you speak the truth. My “yeah, he was supposed to be all Lab, but he ain’t that, more like a Lab/Golden/Chow/Pyrenees/Husky ratatouille” baby gets so many OMG GORGEOUS WHAT IS THAT DOG I MUST HAVE ONE comments, he is brilliant and awesome and just [one of] the raddest dog[s] on record, but no love from the dog show crowd. Pffft.

  • Drat, forgot the reason I was commenting. Kay, a half-arsed Olive blog would be some crazy kind of awesome doggie crack. Dooo eeet! She is far too cute not to be seen more often. All the cranky post-work people, their outlooks rescued by teeny doggie adorable. *sigh*
    Olive should be dog-modelling. The stuff she could sell….

  • Oh, I always thought that Olive was a Border Terrier Mix. Mixed breeds are so fantastic.

  • Consider that many many knitting blogs contain gratuitous cat photos, so much so that it has been said that all proper knitting blogs must have such cat photos. Consider that Olive is barely larger than most cats, definitely as cute as any cat, and just as good at enhancing the beauty of knitwear by posing with it. Continue to include Olive-rich posts. I for one love them.
    Please give her little ears a rub for me today.

  • When you were at the Chelsea, did you go to that scruffy little Mexican food place down the road? That was seriously good food.
    I think there’s either Dachshund or Chiahuahua in Olive. Or both. She could be an Aus-dachs-hua. Ev would love her. x x x

  • Ah, but does Hercules like walks that are repetitious?

  • I love Olive. LOVE HER. And now Hercules. I myself have an Airedale mix and the hoboesque look of Barkemedes and his smaller relations just utterly charms me.
    However, what I really want to say is this:
    Please have your cool Omaha friends meet up with us for World Wide Knit in Public Day! The Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild will be out in a couple of places tomorrow. We’re on Rav and we love new faces!

  • You should do a DNA test on Olive, it’s a totally pointless waste of money, but the result can be very entertaining. I have a mutt, and I did the cheaper DNA test alternative (no blood test, cheek swab only). In the secondary category (primary being a parent being a pure bred), he shows shih tzu. It’s awesome to answer the curious passers by’s question with “he’s part shih tzu.” Did I mention that my dog is 75 lbs?

  • what have you done to me i only like BIG dogs it’s-not-a-dog-unless-it’s-100-lbs dogs (like my 110-lb Ruthie) but Olive is utterly swoonworthy. Please keep her here.

  • Was the hotel pic taken in Omaha? I used to live and work there. Didn’t look familiar… Love your blog and dog. I am dogless at the moment, and miss our little Missy. The very onry JR. Loved her tho. She left us at 18 yrs. Must be a record for her breed..

  • Our Daisy is some kind of terrier mix and when people ask we say she’s a Mystery Terrier. We know she’s really a pig/wolf/teddy bear/terrier mix, but that’s too much to explain.
    There can never, ever be too many pictures of Olive. Ever.

  • My two terriers are really cute, but I think Olive is more photogenic. Is it because she has way better accessories and lives in Metropolis?

  • Nostalgia!! I grew up a stone’s throw from the Chelsea, and my mother still lives in the same apartment — been there for almost 48 years. You can see our building (tall, red brick)in the background of your picture. Have you ever eaten at El Quijote, on the ground floor? I’ve enjoyed countless lobster specials within its (formerly smokey) old fashioned walls. The menu says that the original owner is descended from Don Quijote — never mind that the famous Don is fictional.

  • Olive and Hercules are “so” adorable.

  • I believe you have what is known in your area as a Pure Bred New York Road Dog. Although, here in the South (yes, I live way down the road from Ann and was in a Beth B-R knitting class with her)these dogs are refered to as Pure Bred (insert state name here) Road Dogs. They are a very popular breed and make excellent pets. They have even been know to adore wearing handknit clothing. Cute Dog!

  • I am thinking that Hercules is on a leash because a stiff wind would take him aloft with those ears.
    Tell Olive and Herc that I believe their cousin Willie lives on our street. He’s grey, but everything else is very similar. He, too, was a rescue dog and he has rewarded his owner by being a real sweetheart.
    Cuties. . . all of them!

  • The main complaints I hear (although only from my brother) about my blog is that there are never enough pictures of my dog. Never underestimate the allure of a pretty dog. When I get the “what kind of dog is that” question I usually say “only her mother knows for sure”, followed by “it’s a good thing she’s pretty” because my Roxy is a pretty but Very Bad Dog.