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  • oh I know that feeling. Happens to me with socks. My dad wants a hat now in the most boring shade of grey.
    Thanks for the coffee and chocolate rescue… I was slowing being poisoned by the Maxwell House. After 15 years of moaning, I still can’t get my mom to buy decent coffee! They had better not finish that stuff before next weekend or there will be trouble…

  • Can I have a hat too? 😉 All that hat knitting… are you sure you don’t live in Kay-HAT-tan?

  • what a great selection of hats, I love the girls kureyon ones – they look gorgeous. And well done on winning the battle of the bucket. It looks great…

  • Brilliant, utterly brilliant!

  • Kay! Did I mention that I just LOVE it when you ramble on, especially about HATS? Congrats on demonstrating your superiority over the Bucket ‘o Chic–it looks great. Keep the stories coming!

  • the hats are wonderful — especially the Bucket. And You.Are.A.Genius.

  • Thank goodness I was not the only one to experience Ruffly Brim Syndrome; I have been saying “I’ll think aboutthat tomorrow” for going on two weeks, and it’s bugging me mightily! May I be so bold as to inquire about your re-attachment stitch and method? My trigger, I mean, scissor finger is geting itchy!

  • You are a genius! And I love all the hat patterns. Where did you get the stevedore hat pattern? I’d love to knit my hubbo up one like that!

  • Kay,
    I would like a hat, please. And I have a daughter, two sons, and a husband with very big hair.
    I really love them, especially the bucket battle. And because of you, I have just bought the new one-piece pattern.
    that forest you were wandering through with the caffeinated moms looks very much like the ENCHANTED one in which elfin, funky, intrigue, entice, etc. were photographed for Rowan 34. Their web-site describes it: “A dramatic forest backdrop creates a magical setting for a rich tapestry of designs.”
    You are sooo cutting edge!

  • Fab,fab,fabalicious.
    You are,indeed,a genius.
    A totally fantastic Kathy hat.

  • Ms. Genius: Way to hat! But I’m a little sad for all the undocumented offspring; perhaps the KathyRon family could send you a group shot?

  • Of course your son needed a green hat to match his eyes. He is gorgeous. And I just love your felted bucket-ruffle off-ruffle on hat. A real genius.

  • Hat madness! Mad as a hatter! How long did all this take you? Are you now suffering from hat fatigue, or still taking orders? Does everyone get matching mittens? Scarves too?

  • such stamina ! … such enterprise ! ….. such a LOT of hats !! I predict you may be all hatted out for this season – so what next ? You could join Ann’s potholder fest !

  • My friends, I’ve just about gotten the hats out of my system for this season. MAYBE a teeny bottoms-up bucket for Rosie, just to be able to beat my chest and yodel, “I HAVE CRUSHED YOU, BUCKET HATS!!!”
    Questions: Most stevedores would not admit this, but the hat pattern is ‘Jelly’ from Rowan’s Tadpoles & Tiddlers. Because of the wide ribbing and the overlapping brim, it keeps stubborn little foreheads very warm, so they can furrow themselves while your boy shouts ‘NOOOOOOO!!!!!’ into icy gales.
    Donna: I pinned the brim to the hat edge (pins, Ann!) Then I used a small yarn needle and the original yarn, and with a running stitch along the inside of the hat, came up through the brim and tacked it every inch or so. (These tacking stitches are invisible because I did them between two rows of garter stitch.) Then, to finish the edge, I went around and around the edge with the original yarn, trying to get the stitches as close to each other as possible. This reinforced and covered the raw felt edges. Close-up it looks sort of folksy. I was thinking, later, that I could have tried to do an applied i-cord edge, but to tell the truth I was exhausted. I usually don’t have this kind of attention span for a single project, but it had gotten to be a sort of Me versus the Hat situation. I could not back down.
    Thanks everybody, for bearing with me! Love, Kay

  • Kay – wonderful hat! Way to (as Bonnie-Marie would say) boss around your knitting. Its wonderful…