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  • Dear Ann,
    I too, need to be lashed to something well-rooted to avoid buying any more yarn for the time being. It’s not that I mind having more and stacking it up all around me–it’s the oppression of thinking I really ought to knit some of it up that gets to me after a while. Brain freeze.
    Love, Kay

  • Dear Kay,
    I have just received notice that you have chosen navy chenille for Ann to knit. I would like you to know that as friendship goes, that is a pretty low blow. Its almost as bad as making a person rip out chenille and reknit it on even smaller needles then because they knit the said sweater too small made them do socks to match.
    Ann’s Cheerleader for the Navy Chenille sweater

  • Dear Morgan–ouch! I mean Ann no harm, really I don’t!! I myself am halfway through an extremely long, ribbed scarf called Rupert, using 5 shades of the same yarn. It’s not all happy-clappy-don’t-we-just-love-to-knit, I’ll admit, but it’s not hard labor either. What can I say? I’m allergic to wool and I’m not in the mood for All Seasons Cotton. I’ll make it up to her somehow!!!!!!!
    The main thing Ann will have to overcome is her desire for perfection. The fabric doesn’t come out all smooth and regular with identical stitches–as Ann would like to see everything coming out of Ann’s Workshoppe. It’s a bit bumpy. But it’s nice and cushy and has a lovely light-reflecting quality. Ann just has to get over herself. Did she tell you, by the way, how I’m knitting those Kid Silk Haze ruffles for her on Elfin? Or dying in the attempt? xox Kay

  • Ann:
    The good thing is, if you buy more yarn and need to be tied to a tree, at least you’ll have something to tie yourself with!!!
    Always thinking positive (but can’t come up with a good one for the Titans losing on Sunday),

  • *laughing*
    Ohhh a scarf out of it too … yikes … i just can’t imagine knitting with it … mind you, if it was ‘Touch me’ yarn well that would be a different story. *sad sigh* however i can’t justify spending $400 on yarn for one project … its just not my thing.
    I can’t wait to see the finished project however, chenille or no chenille!

  • Morgan–Thanks for covering me on the chenille issue. We boot scooters have to stick together. Kay’s just testing me. And I will admit, by the time she finishes the Kidsilk Haze ruffles, she’ll be WISHING she were working with chenille.
    Who’s spending $400 on yarn for one project? Yikes, Kay, what got into you?

  • Ann’s Brother-in-law–Did you mean the Tennessee Titans? DOOOOOOOOOOOOOON’T get me started. Last Sunday’s game was the most pathetic piece of professional football I’ve ever seen. Samari Rolle (still waiting for that sushi restaurant to name one for him) blows out his elbow, leaving our secondary in the direst straits thanks to ill-considered draft day decisions and the inexperienced corners in place. McNair drinks wobblejuice before the game and launches more bombs than Dr. Strangelove. The kickoff return team welcomes the runbacks with big hugs and open doors. Then, icing the whole mess, McNair puts together an 86-yard drive for a touchdown, just about kills himself, then the very next play is a kickoff run back for a touchdown. If that defensive coordinator doesn’t get some kind of program going with those dingdongs, I’ll–
    Whoa, sorry. Wrong board. I guess that means my post about how I think I actually might make Cherry Boobs is over there at Titansonline.com.

  • Ohhh i don’t think Kay spent that sorta cash on the sweater … next time you are in the store with me i’ll show you the yarn i’m talking about. Its different than the one that Kay is using.
    As for sweater prices .. i do know two people who have spent over $600 on one cashmere sweater … to wear in TN .. where its not that cold…
    Re:titans … the game was HORRIBLE … and ya never know, those titans fans on that board might be excited about the cherry boobs sweater

  • I got my fine chenille at the Liberty Sales, for a song! (Thank you Polly, Our Lady of Drastic Reductions.) This is going to be Econo-Sassy! Especially considering your hourly rate! Xox Kay