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  • Ann,
    It looks marvelous…but, I must know, how are you finding the time to knit this so fast! Have you shipped the males to another planet? I too like the little ridge. Are you going plain for the front (up the front and around the neck)?

  • Hi ANn – I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and today am compelled to post – I LOVE the decayed tutu yarn threaded through the eyelets! I hope you go with it!

  • Ann – The decayed tutu yarn through the eyelets is inspired! I’m with Jazmine on this one.

  • Ann–Have we been reading “R2” before bedtime? That decayed tutu-through-eyelets is purely the R2 talking. Next thing we know, you’ll be stapling the sleeve seams and decorating the fronts with puffy paint.
    Snap out of it!
    (Actually, it’s cool. Not sure it’s You, as a garment, but it’s cool.)
    Love, Kay

  • That was awfully fast! It looks great. It’s a design I might not have paid attention to before, just becasue I don’t care for the ambiance in that section of Rowan, but make it in lovely creamy colors and voila! a lovely cardi.

  • Asta looks lovely – you have chosen great colours. Here’s hoping there’s no secret dreadful part in store….

  • That looks beautiful. I’m a new knitter and snagged Rowan Jr after loobylu recommended it and the Rowan 35 is on my list now.
    I look forward to reading whether or not the sweater becomes more difficult because it’s one of the patterns I really like from that mag.
    Nicely done!

  • Now that is some mighty fast knitting. Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago (checking site now) yes it was, that you had just cast on?
    I’ve been watching your adventures with the tutu yarn with great interest, having succumbed to some Hanah silk the last time I was in an actual yarn store. I think you may have found an inspired use of the mystifying tutu yarn, but as to this particular application…o.k., I can see the obvious appeal (whee!) of the threading, but…won’t you end up with a sweater that can’t stretch? Now threading it on a wrap of some sort, ah, there you may have something. Just a thought.

  • Your mention of Patons Grace prompted me to hurry to my nearby crafter’s mega-mart to buy some for myself. I am still experimenting with gauge/needle size and wondered what is the gauge for Astra? What needle size are you using?
    We received the same toilet brushes with our newpapers here in California a few weeks ago. The clean toilet movement must be slowly creeping eastward.

  • Boy howdy that’s some fast knittin’…sorry, bales of hay in the sidebar and my childhood comes flooding back.
    How do you do it?! Seriously, didn’t you cast on just the other day? I’ve been visiting Elann.com all day and repeatedly talking myself out of buying the coral Patons Grace to knit my own Asta. Really, when would I have the time? Must. Be. Strong.

  • That’s using your tutu, Ann. I like it for the first two rows of eyelet above the ridge. Is it possible it could become the way to fasten the cardigan in front without getting too froufrou? (Don’t wanna get too froufrou with the tutu.)

  • Ann, Ann, Ann. Sigh. I must applaud you. Why? Well, because your “essence of drab” colourway for Asta is totally brill! (That is brilliant, not brillo!) I am thinking that I might take a page out of your book and knit up Agnes from the same Rowan in “essence of drab.” And drab, well, it is not what I usually go for. I. Like. Colour. But you, you and your Asta (or is it Asti, as in Asti Spumonti) well, it has me enchanted.

  • I love the colours of Asta and I love this blog, it’s so funny! 😀

  • Ann – Asta looks fab. How fast can you knit! I’m undecided on the decayed tutu yarn but kind of like the idea of it threaded through ALL the rows of eyelets. I know, I know…. I can’t help myself!
    It would make a very cool (and more Ann-like) tie at the front. I just can’t see you going with the big red bow – but I’m ready to be surprised!

  • I like the tutu up close, not sure how it’d look over the whole cardi though – it could make it a bit hyphen/horizontal stripe rather than dots that are either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
    Maybe it depends on how well the pilates has been going – for me, horizontal stripes are a bad thing – but i’m inexplicable drawn to Flora from Rowan 35 – it’s the crispness of the cotton stripes with the diagonal striping neck band that gets me. The length won’t suit my un-postnatally exercised belly either!

  • Thanks, everybody, for the decayed tutu thoughts. I can’t really imagine a whole sweater threaded up with this ribbon–I think Evelyn’s point about lost elasticity is on the mark. And Jo’s worry about horizontal hyphens is likely correct.
    And I’d hate for Kim Hargreaves to see what happened to her elegant pattern–might push her over the edge.
    Sarah–it may be that decayed tutu makes an appearance as a tie on the front. One of my big satin bow concerns is that after a while, the ribbon will get all crunched and tired looking. Decayed tutu solves that problem because it starts OUT looking tired and crunched.
    Any ideas for my two skeins of decayed tutu yarn are welcome. It wants only a porpoise in life, you know.
    Michelle–Asta calls for number 3 US needles, and a gauge of 23 stitches/4″. I still don’t know why Rowan thinks this is any harder than, say, Agnes in the same issue which is a one skein difficulty rating but has all the components I dread: buttonhole bands, cuffs (extra knitting!!!), and a sew-on collar.
    But Lis, I love Agnes too and it was a Celebrity Death Match to decide whether to knit Asta or Agnes. Asta won by an eyelet.
    And as for speedy knitting, please remember that last weekend I had that rarest of harmonic convergences: Hubbo was at the lake with a friend, and the fellas fell asleep early two nights in a row. Anybody can get a lot done with those perfect circumstances.

  • It’s beauti-licious!

  • OOH ! Seriously tasteful – it looks very chic but I think I like it better without the tutu. Unless of course you actually turn the tutu yarn into a real tutu and pose in Asta with tutu skirt, “Degas” like in the front garden …. Did I mention you look slightly Ann of Arc(ish) in some of those photos you posted last time ? You haven’t been hearing voices have you ??

  • Uh. Ann. I often have that much free time at a weekend and have NEVER managed to knit the back of a sweater… a small scarf maybe!
    I bow to your taste on the tutu front and will rack my brains thinking of another fab use for it!

  • I say a ruffled, Elizabethan collar. For winter galas and balls, of course.

  • Ann — love the sweater … but hold on … is that David in the sidebar at the Granny White Mkt? My gosh how old is he now? Tell those kids to quit growing up … it’s making me feel old.
    As far as toilet cleaner brushers coming with the Tennessean — well – that’s really not such a far stretch now is it LOL

  • I love the clean look of that ridge. Very clever construction. And hello! The fabric you create is so perfect. What needles you use, lady???

  • Hi Nibal! We feed David every day, and it seems to make him grow. Sorry to have missed you on your trip to Nashville!
    Becky–Them’s Clover Bamboos. I’ve been eggsperimenting with Addi Turbos on some other projects, but sometimes they’re SO slippery that I can’t keep my gauge right. ZEEEEYOWWWWWWW they’re fast.

  • HEY Y’ALL–Was anybody going to mention that Bob Moore was wearing a YANKEE CAP?
    I love the abridged discography, Ann, but want to learn about the other 16,979 records he played on. And the photo with your beautiful tie-dye boy, and Bob looking so kindly and Santa-like. Looking at it, I Fall To Pieces!
    Why move to the Upper West Side when I could move to….Nashville!
    Still waiting for my free toilet brush to arrive with the Times, by the way. LOL at Michele’s comment about the clean toilet movement creeping eastward. It DEFINITELY has not reached New York City. Perhaps it’s a Republican thing……….love, Kay

  • You can be sure that he was wearing it for shock value. Dad commented on it, and Bob said he had just played at Yankee Stadium. Wha? Do people still play Yankee Stadium?

  • If he ‘played’ Yankee Stadium this time of year, I would think it had to be as part of a ballgame. Maybe he opened for the eagle that flies to the pitcher’s mound at the start of important games? (This is always a bit anti-climactic if you ask me, because it is very difficult to see an eagle flying into Yankee Stadium.)
    Maybe he played the bass line to the Star Spangled Banner.
    Will have to google around and solve this mystery.
    Hubby, by the way, was taking 3 children, including 1 true-blue baseball fan, to the Mets/Yankees game that was played on Sunday after being rained out on Friday. Drives 2 hours from Lon Giland to get to the stadium, parks el car (no small feat), proceeds with children to gate, finds out he has THE WRONG TICKETS. Years of experience in negotiating are underappreciated by Yankee Stadium ticket-takers. So Hubby puts 3 children back in car, waves to parking attendants, drives to Manhattan, retrieves correct tix from kitchen drawer, and drives back to the Bronx. In time for the 4th inning. And also, praise the Lord, in time for the Grand Slam. Eternal Ignominy in the eyes of a 14 year old, avoided by a hair.
    And yes, we did have a rather piquant cell phone conversation at some point during this odyssey.
    “You WHAT?! You have the wrong WHAT?! You’re driving back WHERE?!”
    A Loving Wife in NYC

  • I know that this is so .. tres original … but ann .. i love it.
    Don’t you just hate it when that is all that you get in a comment. But I do. I … like you, am a more basic color girl, even though I love bright colors, I tend to not wear them as much. You now have me contemplating putting another project on my list (who am i kidding, i know that its been there for awhile, i’m just now admitting it).
    We need to knit together soon!

  • Ann,
    Love the sweater – can’t wait to see it done and at the rate you’re knitting, I won’t have to wait long! A Patton’s Grace update – as I was taking out the recycling last night, I noticed the Michael’s Ad (big national chain “craft” store) has Patton’s Grace on sale right now for $3.67 per skein. Slightly more than Elann.com, but no shipping. If I could fathom the thought of me finishing something that knit at a guage of less than 5 stiches to the inch, I might actually try some, but I know myself too well!

  • Sara–Come on in! Try it, you’ll like it!
    Here are my top four reasons to Knit Small:
    1. It’s cheaper. You can knit a really long time on five balls of Patons Grace and have spent maybe twenty bucks. Five balls of Colinette Point Five puts you over a hundred bucks. Small = frugal!
    2. It’s cooler. Literally and figuratively. The thinner your yarn, the finer your fabric. Unless you’re living in Greenland, you’ll wear a sweater more often when it’s not so heavy. And knitting smaller puts you in a league with the ancient knitters of yore, who cranked all those fantastic vintage knits with pinched waists and fantastic detail.
    3. It takes longer. Now, this may sound contrarian, and it is, but I find it weirdly unsatisfying to blow through a sweater. Hey, I think to myself, that was too easy. I’m not a masochist, really, but when I finish something done on smaller needles, I’m really proud of what I’ve made. Even if it is a giant rectangle, it’s a giant rectangle of little stitches.
    4. It makes incredibly cute baby clothes.
    Go take a peek at Michael’s and see what you think. Patons Grace (and Rowan Cotton Glace too) are sheeny summery taste treats. And they’re not even paying me to say so.