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  • Love the first photo. Kind of looks like I’m feeling. Overwhelmed. Busy day, busy day sums it up for many of us!
    And the “not empty empty box’ is way cool!

  • For the briefest of instances I thought you had written “[T]here was gorgeousness at every urn.” Which would, of course, have been totally appropriate.

  • I do love me an inky book, i think that should be made as a librarians perfume.

  • Dude. I don’t know what that first picture is, but it scared the crap out of me. Don’t need that second cup of coffee now…

  • Congrats to Carrie and her supermom. Love the wall of ribbon, and the roman jars.
    Why a screenplay — Broadway can handle you, I’m sure!

  • I’m totally enthralled with that first photo! It’s like my knitting addiction has taken shape and reared up as a whole new life form. Who created this wonderful sculpture?….I must know!

  • Hi Ladies,
    I believe I read about Kate Davies website “Needled” on your blog a while ago. Just wanted to let you know Kate is in the hospital. There is a blog entry on Needled by her partner, Tom. She is such an interesting and creative person I just felt like y’all should know about it.

  • That first photo (mask thing) makes me feel all creature from the Black Lagoon-ish. Just a bit creepy. I feel it is safe to assume no one was wearing that at the bat mitzvah.

  • I just want to put in a plug for Afghans for Afghans during the Ravelympics – folks can go to the Fans of Afghans for Afghans group and check out the Ravelympics thread to sign up – we have a deadline of March 1st for socks, mittens, vests, sweaters and the like for children 7-14 years old. We’d love to send so many warm garments for those needing them!

  • Love the photo of the “empty” case.
    It’s funny, I was reading your post and feeling a bit of envy about you getting to go to NYC to visit, and see all that cool stuff…
    And then it struck me. I LIVE in NYC! I don’t HAVE to feel envy.
    And I’m going to the Met RIGHT NOW, damnit.

  • What is your screenplay about? Did I miss this in some earlier post?

  • that talking about the smell of fresh ink is cheating.

  • That glass case thing is verrrrrry weirrrrrrrd. (Mrs. Which, is that you?)
    I knew the bat mitzvah must be sometime around now because Kay wasn’t posting. Not many bat mitzvahs feature a table for Internet knitting friends, huh? Mazel tov to all. Kol hakavod.
    Also looking forward to a shot of Carrie’s sparkly cardi.

  • That first picture…wow, creepy and yet so appropriate for a Canadian winter. Is it part of the mystery movie script?

  • ooooo love the ghost- in- a- box

  • there’s nothing like the smell of a new book! I’m excited to see what’s inside 🙂

  • thank you for all the shareing
    salud to carrie

  • Congratulations, Carrie!
    Can we see pictures of the OUTFIT?
    That is a rather unnerving mask – care to tell us more?

  • Mazel Tov to you, Carrie, and to All of you. Of all the events and goings on I read of in these pages, this feels the most wonderful. Good health and happiness, Carrie. And good health and happiness to Bat-Mom and Bat-Brother.

  • Congrats to Carrie! And a hearty Happy birthday!

  • The not empty box is in theme with the knitters who may not have been there.

  • I love that first picture! Who is it? It’s at the Met right? I’m on the Left Coast and it’s too far away for me to go and look myself.

  • Wow, I love Maine but would like to have the Metropolitan Museum up the street. Do you think they’d move it to Stockton Springs?

  • Congrats to Carrie! I can’t wait to see the cardigan. That photo of the trim shop was just mind blowing!

  • That first pic looks like “The Scream” in 3D.

  • Many blessings. We don’t have to understand our daughters prayers because they are developing their own faiths.
    On another jag, do you think you could get a whole knitting library on an ereader and never be at the risk of being without a pattern again?

  • Mazel tov, Carrie! It was clear from the picture of you studying that you would be just fine.
    Also, I am in the “intrigued” camp regarding the first picture in this post. I’m not sure what it is either, but it sort of made me think of Where the Wild Things Are or maybe something Julie Taymor would design.

  • the first picture is of me when the
    beautican tells me you are late
    come back next month

  • There’s nothing like a “real” book…

  • can someone email me when a new post goes up that man is scaring me… nightmare land
    Congrats on the Bat Mitzvah…. I wish there was a rite of passage for all kids.

  • The first photo was quite a surprise! Sorry I missed running into you at the Met again; I’m going there on the 19th!!

  • Y’all can I borrow that outfit in the first picture? I was wantin to go see the governor and I think it’s just the thing!

  • Ribbon ! ! oooooh

  • Mazel Tov to Carrie and family!