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  • Mabel and Pearl? How nice. Mine were Ines and … I don’t even know! How terrible is that? That’s because she’d popped her clogs before I was born and we always distinguished between grandparents by using their last names… But now I must look that up. My grandfathers were whatshisname and John Francis Romeo.
    But enough about me. Whatcha knittin’?
    (And I’m so glad I found an opportunity to say “popped her clogs”!)

  • Excellent meme! Early Bruce – pitterpat goes my heart.
    I think I’d have a hard time with my grandmothers – Rissie and Harriet.
    I think I’ll try to play along this weekend. Have a great one!

  • There should be flashing lights and a little tune that plays whenever somebody uses ‘popped her clogs’ appropriately in conversation. What old game show was that where there was a mystery word? Groucho Marx?
    Anyway, we must all be grateful to Belinda for sharing it with us.
    We distinguished our grandparents by their last names, too, which seems so odd in retrospect. I do this weird thing where, when I’m talking about them today, I call them Grandma Mabel and Grandma Pearl even though we never ever called them that in life. They’re getting a posthumous updating! xoxo Kay

  • Now that I think about it, I like the smell of Sea Breeze, too. It reminds me of being a teen-ager, which is kind of stupid, because when I was a teenager using Sea Breeze it was in an attempt to stave off the acne. Go figure.

  • Beth–I feel the same way about Noczema. Quel great smell. xox Kay

  • OK, I’ll play. Collecting my images right now, but must run Ems to dance class. Will post by 12 PST (Friday 5/27). This is a fun one!

  • what a great meme. My grandmas are Muriel Genevive and Evelyn Iona Amanda (what mouthfuls!)

  • Good meme! I could (maybe – stay tuned for mood change) do this! I’m so disappointed you called ’em flip-flops and not thongs, though. Dang.

  • My grandmas were Charlotte (who went by Charlie in her youth) and Matilda (aka Mattie). (My grandpas were rather a pedestrian Mike and John, as are 2 of my brothers.) My parents thought to honor them by naming me Charlotte Matilda, but my grandma Charlie (always called Nana)told them to “wise up and give the girl her own name”. I was named Elizabeth Marie but have gone by Tish since infancy courtesy of Nana. I don’t have a blog, but the google site looks like fun anyhow!

  • What a great meme! I’ll totally do it 😀 I’m sitting here with a really bad case of asthmatic croup, and not much to do (except knit but all I have stuff for is dishcloths).

  • Emilia and Pasqua.
    And note to self: sounds like clogs are prohibited in the Great Hereafter, so smuggle your cordovan Danskos into your wetsuit before you go swimming with the fishes.

  • Charlotte and Barbara.
    I’m ready to meme.

  • I have a grandmother named Pearl too. I’ll work on this.

  • Melissa, I have a grandmother named Muriel, too. That was fun 🙂

  • I’m in, come see my answers!

  • Betsey! We share a shoe! And what great graphics for Sue and Nell. xoxo Kay

  • ee! you were reading my site!

  • ….something mysteriously tasty looking simmering in that pot ‘o gold…. hope it’s risotto….mmmmm…..

  • That is a fun meme! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kay, lookee: I have a Mabel grandmother too. Maybe we rilly ARE related or sumthin.
    And Gilmore. Never knew Mabel, knew Gilmore extremely well.
    Meme on, girl!

  • My gran was called Pearl, too! How exciting. I’m presuming that she wasn’t the same person. As far as I know, she didn’t knit. Too hard to manage if you chain smoke all day long. And if you called your thongs flip flogs in Australia, you’d be laughed off the beach 😛

  • What fun! I had to play along…

  • Ohmigawd, I LOVE the Flying Pickets. I had no idea that any other Yankees knew about them (I lived in London that year).
    oh, and Portia and Barbara. But I’m meme’d out. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • I LOVE the smell of rubbing alcohol, which is about the same smell. I used to think it was really weird, but if Kay likes it… 🙂

  • My grandmothers shared the same Christian names – Eva Blanche – one came from the north of England and one from the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Grandfathers were called William John (north of England) and Sherborne de Carteret (Channel Islands again). My mother was just Betty, father Conrad de Carteret – you can work out which was maternal and which was paternal…..

  • Questions now swirling around my small mind include: Could a third alternate spelling be “rhymes with hem” or “phlegm”….? Is the question “your favorite song” or “your funeral list”? Will it take me about six days to complete this task? Should I come back to this on a day when my brain is more awake? Should I make up my own meme so that the answers are easier for me to get?

  • Both of my grandmothers shared the same name: Rose. Although by any other name, I’m sure they would have been as sweet.

  • The perfect foil for insomnia, off to do mine now!
    And yes, it IS 3 minutes to 4 am 🙁
    Loved yours Kay!!

  • My maternal grandmother’s name was James Marlin Harris. She was the youngest of nine, and they didn’t really much care about what they named this baby. She was apparently called Jimmy in her childhood, but switched to Marlin as an adult. My mother is also named Marlin. My mother is much taller than her mother was, so there was the typical Southern paradox of “Big Marlin” and “Little Marlin” being the wrong sizes. Oh, the South! (Big Marlin’s father was named Leonidas Fernando Harris!)
    When we named our older son James, it was for both my father and my grandmother!

  • loved this meme… I have mine up. 🙂
    My fiance’s ma-maw’s name is Sygual (I checked with him several times). Google had nothing… has anyone ever heard this name before? It is pronounced “sih’-jewel” and needless to say, never appears on novelty license plates or coffee cups.

  • My grandmother was a Mabel too. I always thought it was a rather old-fashioned name but someone I know has just named her daughter Mabel. It was that or Kylie…

  • During my teenage years, we lived in a suburb of Omaha (Bellevue) and my senior prom was actually held at the stock yards! Not quite as icky as it sounds…the big building there actually had a quite lovely ballroom on the top floor, but still. Looking back now (and no longer living in the Midwest), it does seem weird.

  • What’s Tejava? Tea & coffee mixed together? Where do you find it?
    My Grandmothers were Florence & Margaret. One Great-grandmother’s name was Alta, how ’bout that one? 🙂

  • I’m a bit late but I put mine up too! The grandmother’s names made me NEED to do it….

  • I drank l’eau qui pique too! Your pictorial meme was a treat.

  • Me Me! I played along too. Better late than never!

  • I love this! How fun.
    BTW – Iris deMent is one of my absolute favs and my husband and I just saw the master Prine in Boston! 😉