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  • I say, go for it, Kay. I can beat that geekiness with a stick. Only two years ago, I waited *hours* in a line in Barnes and Noble to meet Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead fame (or cultishness or whatever)) and get him to sign a book. Knitting geekiness has nothing, *nothing* I tell you, on B-movie geekishness. 🙂

  • Gee, Rene, I’m not sure that makes me feel better!

  • Kay,
    I’d have stood on line for hours to see Kenneth Branagh, so apparently I can’t chime in, due to being blinded by my own geekiness.
    (But I say go!)

  • Kay–Hie thee to the Berkshires! Git! Go on! Take the digicam and report every scrumptious moment. Heck, I want to go, too. You even have an auntie there. Double points!
    And y’all, since we’re in a geek-confessional mood, I’ll go ahead and share the tender story of how I started to knit again after a 13-year hiatus. It was waiting in a 1,000-person line to see (OK, this is embarrassing) Martha Stewart. (Her talk was late because she didn’t like the arrangement of the chairs in the auditorium and need them to be rearranged.) My friend Frannie was figuring out how to knit because her second-grade daughter was learning at school. Frannie had a tiny ball of what had to be something Lang. After a minute of futzing, she turned to me and said, “Wanna try?” To which I said, “Sure,” not knowing that two years later I’d be telling this story on my KNITTING BLOG that I share with a fellow knitter I’ve never actually met in person.
    So, Kay, we have Martha Stewart’s compulsive personality to thank for all this.
    x0 Ann

  • Kay,
    Geek or not, I brought my 15 years old Norwegians edition of Glorious Knitting to have him sign it for me when he was in Norway last February. He happily did! Just get in that line girl!

  • OK, I’m convinced! I owe it to The Blog to make a complete middle-aged fool of myself. Will I dare to snap a photo?? Tune in in October….

  • Dear Ladies,
    Just wanted to say, love the website. Its cool! Happy knitting.
    Love Jen
    P.S Ann, are you the Ann from the forum who I sent the Summer Tweed to?

  • last October I did a workshop with KF and BM, and got Kaffee to sign his books (some I had, a couple I bought there and then). I never had anything signed by anybody before, but it was so great to meet them! if you have a chance, go to the workshop too!
    I am still without Rowan34 and related papers, I am so jealous of you all and impatient!

  • Hi Jen! Yes indeedy, I’m the one whose Haigh sweater you rescued from total incomplete oblivion. Thanks for stopping by!