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  • golly Kay, a similar scene was playing out here in the sticks with my 15 yo son…”Geez, that’s Nick Jonas!” (who?) My new hearthrob is Alfy Bowe, not quite taking Janier Bardem’s place, but almost.

  • Oh I should’ve watched that! I’m a Les Miz nut.

  • Wish Alfie Boe would come and sing in my kitchen !
    I’ve got the 25th anniversary DVD. It’s good !

  • Also love PBS but hate fundraising specials. I always have the sneaking suspicion that the quackery and decrepit doo-wopping is extortion — “give us money so we’ll stop and return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”

  • I know, I hate it when Masterpiece is held hostage!!

  • I agree. The quackery is especially annoying.

  • Best part of the fundraisers when I was a kid were all the Doctor Who specials! 😉

  • I don’t work in NYC anymore, but when I did Maxine saved my patootie when I had become hopelessly lost in the midst of a lace project. God bless Maxine! : ) Maura from Toronto

  • That was a nice piece about Knitty City (it’s my LYS too even though I don’t live on the Upper West Side anymore).
    I couldn’t agree more about public TV/radio fundraising week. The Washington Post TV critic once referred to it as “the descent into Tote Bag Hell.”

  • According to our monthly local PBS guide, those of us in the metro-D.C. area and surrounding suburbs are going to be held hostage by WETA for a whole month. Apparently I will know how to do yoga, play the piano, fix my finances as well as many other wonderful things by the end of March!

  • Just adding that WETA gave me Doc Martin this past year which makes giving up the entire month of March totally worth it!

  • I don’t understand. I love Masterpiece Theatre. And Nova. If you take them away, I stop watching. I can never understand who decided that Masterpiece lovers would be so happy to watch DoWop or Suze Orman or Roy Orbison (sometimes shown 2x IN A ROW on our PBS station in Houston) that we would send in money. Now, ask me for money in the middle of Little Dorrit or Wallander and I’m there.

  • I love the article! Another knitter for our team….yeay!
    Here in Detroit we get a lot of Stevie Wonder & Aretha Franklin during pledge season – whew! Maybe you have to be a native, but they never get stale.

  • I like the story, and enjoyed the pictures,(“Lenny! Good dog!”) but have to wonder who wrote the captions on the slide show. They mention not only “knots of colored yarn in cubbies,” but also make a reference to “knitters, and those with just dreams of making knots.”
    Those are SKEINS, not “knots” of yarn. And we are KNITTERS, not knotters…at least on our good days!

  • Even better than the Doctor Who marathons were the Red Dwarf marathons.

  • Because I’m a day late (dollar short), what I tend to make as a good one pot meal is corn chowder.
    1-2 lbs potatoes, cut into uniform wedges (I use goldens or red skin so I can skip peeling)
    1 onion, diced
    1 TBS butter
    1 can cream style corn
    2 cans whole kernel corn, drained (or frozen corn)
    milk (any fatness) to taste
    I sautee the onions in butter in a dutch oven and while that is happening I parcook the potatoes in the microwave for about 5 minutes then toss them with the onions once they are translucent (the onions that is). I dump the whole kernel corn and cream style corn into the pot and use the cans to measure the milk till it looks like a soup with beautiful chunks of potato and swirls of corn. I add a little bit of salt and a lot of pepper to taste and it is done when the soup is hot and the potatoes can be easily pierced with a fork. Yum!

  • i like the lovey scarf being worn in the
    flim tis knitted? or—–puppy comes
    with his own wooly coat no pattern needed
    pbs was a glory last night alfie boe
    is a wonder to see and hear a relief
    from the other fund raisers

  • I visited Knitty City a few years ago. We were staying at the hotel across the street – The Lucerne – how convenient is that?! Just this past week I read a NYTimes review for a restaurant in the same block.

  • Because it was in the Metro section, not the Sunday Styles, which we all admit is a guilty pleasure ….
    Never saw Les Miz — the great blizzard of December kept us from seeing it at the PaperMill…
    agree with you about PBS. Can’t wait for Downton Abbey/season 2 …

  • Yep, I’m about DooWopped out. I might be more generous if they showed something new.

  • I LOVE Knitty City! Ever since my first trip to NYC and I braved the subway ride, I always go (and buy) on my trips. Last trip, my husband came with me and discovered a great little bar down the street!

  • I thought that one singer looked familiar!

  • I get 5 PBS station with my cable hookup. I used to say I could always find something to watch on one or more of them. With the repetitive showings of doo wop, ed sullivan, lawrence welk and other crap and then all the lame self help shows, designed to sell the latest set of books, vitamins, and whatever, there are now so few shows to bother with. I’ve been buying low cost dvd’s through half.com or checking videos out from the library. I may just actually get rid of my cable since there is so little worth watching. It all eventually gets to netflix or online.

  • I loved, loved, loved something that PBS showed years ago: The Story of English. It was a several part series, and has not been shown in perhaps 20-25 years. It was THE BEST!

  • thanks so much for the hour i just spent on Les Mis on youtube. really, it was wonderful!

  • I am still Les Miz songs. I always knew knitters had good musical taste

  • I will have to check out Knitty City next month when I’m in NYC. Never been. Looks seriously fun!

  • I heard a report on the local radio yesterday that Congress is seriously considering cutting PBS funding. If so, look for more of the fundraisers . . . just what we all need.

  • Kay–i think we cross paths/likes way too much for it to be coincidence. separated at birth? i too watched the les mis encore presentation-twice now-and cried both times. and i think i have i thing for at least two of the four jean valjeans! i also thought marius looked famliar but had no clue. i go to knitty city quite often…and i go to your synogogue too with my fiance (when he drags me) and happened to be there when your daughter was getting bat mitzvah’d!! and i also am going to be 51 this year and am getting married for the first time-hope abounds!

  • Lennie’s fairly cute — well, a 6 on the scale where Olive’s an 11 — but clearly what they need is a Knitty City Kitty.

  • Oh, that Les Miz celebration. Transfixed, I tell you, TRANSFIXED, for 4 hours in spite of the icky fundraising parts. I’m ordering the DVD for myself. I have to admit to a few tears while watching it. Incredible experience. Glad to have shared it with some knit-friends!

  • I know I am too late for the contest but try this in your dinner pot–
    pound or so of boneless chicken
    big can, or two big cans of stewed tomatoes with the juice
    some cut up onion
    bag of baby carrots.
    generous sprinkle of cinnamon!!
    simmer until carrots are done.
    At the last minute stir in some mandarin orange pieces.
    serve with rice or couscous.

  • I spent waaaaaay too much time watching the concert on YouTube Sunday night … so much, in fact, that when I followed your link — to a version of “Bring Him Home” that I had not seen before — I noticed small differences in the video. In the version I watched obsessively (erm … repeatedly) the other night, Michael Ball is standing right behind Alfie Boe (LOVE Alfie!). So naturally, I clicked on to another version of the “One Day More” finale.
    And there are more differences! In the version I saw the other night, Alun Armstrong is singing the part of Thenardier with the orginal Madame T. But there’s also video of Matt Lucas singing the role. So was there more than one concert? Did it have different casts? These are the things I spend time pondering.
    It beats doing my taxes. 🙂