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  • Golly! Just realized I never posted a photo of me IN my Moonbeam. I took several, and now I wonder whether they drowned in the Jumping-in-the-pool-with-the-camera Incident of 2003. And one was taken in Madison Square Garden at the Liberty game!!! Anyway, trust me, it looks great. Will rectify the lack of a photo–it’s no fair for you to be the only one making of fool of yourself out in the front yard!!!

  • Ann doesn’t look foolish to me !!!! ;-]
    We do ned to see pics of you in Moonbeam .Is Madison Square Gardens your front yard ?
    I’m voting for the steely grey for the KSH.I have charcoal FT & navy KSH…in real life they don’t work.The grey is more compatible,in tone and hue.Listen to me …I’m a painter !
    Seriously,you have to wear it…go with your gut.

  • I second the grey–I was going to vote for the blue until I saw how perfectly the greys went together.

  • Oh, Emma, Kay’s got it right. Anybody who’s hanging mittens on boxwoods and imitating Morticia Addams deserves whatever gets heaped her way.
    At least I’m making a fool of myself in the semi-privacy of my front yard. Kay has to go out on the sidewalk to get the same kind of flattering light. Bless her heart, I hope she finds some way out of that urban-blight lifestyle.

  • Ann,
    Having had the privledge of sniffing, fondling and discussing your different KSH options with Lis in NYC last week, I vote for the gray. You will look fabulous!!
    Kristine J

  • I’m all over the grey, but please remember to pay the ruffle tax. Now, who will knit me a Rapunzel?

  • i vote for the gray too — i think the navy is too dramatic of a contrast the ruffles would be all you see instead of being a lovely accent

  • While the blue is fine, the grey is divine.

  • Love Love Love the grey.

  • Grey is perfect and elegant. Blue is…”alternative.” Personally, I’m too old for alternative and opt for elegance whenever possible!

  • Dear Ann,
    Well, I’m convinced.
    You are many things, but you are not ‘alternative’. I have been trying to visualize those poofy puffy fizzy floaty ruffles in the silvery gray, and I think they’ll be splendid for your next Grand Occasion. A touch of Dr. Zhivago, don’t you think? (Oh good–now I’ll have Lara’s Theme in my head all day.) The blue also posed the danger of looking kinda country-club-lunchy. You know, the knit jacket with the contrasting trim look. And like I said, you are many things, but not country-club-lunchy.
    And Mary Neal, when I worked for the Government, we would have called the ruffle tax a ‘tax’, and we would have been very, very adamant on that point, knowing all along that it was a penalty.
    Love, Kay

  • Is the “Sassy” pattern out of the Rowan 34 or somewhere else? I love it!

  • Hi Beverly–Sassy is from Rowan #22. (I was searching the archives for just the right cardi.) This was around the time the chenille yarns came out so there were more patterns for it than there are today. Ann will tell us, later, if more chenille patterns is something to be desired.

  • Grey babe. THAT will be superfoxy! 😉

  • I vote grey. Having seem that yarns, I don’t think that Lord will work.

  • I don’t understand this system. I send a comment and it does not appear. I post it. It goes away and I look the next day and nothing comes back. Are you and Kay just making up this comment section, putting in false names, that sort of trickery?? Dad

  • Dad of Ann–Yep, we’re makin’ it all up. Heck, I even made up Kay. Totally fake. It’s just me, filling the hours.

  • I am NOT fake. Sometimes I tell a little white lie for reasons of expediency, and on occasion I might be a bit phoney, particularly to authority figures, but I’m not FAKE!!! By the way, Dad of Ann, I wish that when Ann made me up, she had made me a bit thinner and a few years younger. But some people just need to make up older, chubbier friends for themselves.
    P.S. Dear Dad of Ann, There is no danger of Dad of Kay posting here anytime soon, so feel free to just post as ‘Dad’. When Dad of Kay gets a computer and starts taking an interest in my knitting life (and it’s so interesting, don’t you find?), I’ll let you know. Gotta go–Ann has made up my 2 children who are pretending to scream and throw things at each other at this time. Such a relief to know that they’re not really doing that!!!

  • I kind of like Dad of Ann, sounds like Joan of Arc or Filet of Beef. Biblical.