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  • Oooooh…the thought of combining needlework with the using up of old clothes and fabric is a knock out combo. Crafting *and* frugality? Sold.
    You and your daughter are both adorable. Just had to say that.

  • Let’s see some Shirret soon! That sweater came from ebay?! Amazing.

  • You two could not be any cuter! The Denim Duo is fantastic!

  • Happy to oblige. That’s about it for my pictures too – except for that happy hooker one you made me take. 😉

  • You and Carrie look great. Did Carrie spend any time at the Giant Slide? If so, she may have run into Her Ladyship — as soon as they learned it was free, my girl and her friend retreated there as often as they could. There was only so much yarn ogling they could tolerate.
    I spent a lot of time lingering at the Shirret booth, but remembered our new oil tank and restrained my check-writing hand. Next year, things will be different.

  • *shouting obnoxiously* I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT THAT SWEATER READY-KNIT ON EBAY. I SIMPLY CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!! It’s an OUTRAGE, I tell ya! Why don’t *I* ever find things like that? HUH?!

  • Again with the new crafts. That one intrigues me as I don’t quite get it, but they sure do swear up and down that it’s easy. Let us know how it goes 🙂

  • I know eveyone else is saying it but MAN, sweater on eBay….perfect fit….you musta done something really good to get that (though I think sharing the buttonhole bag with the world might have qualified, I’ve made five for the assorted nieces).
    Shirret! Looks good. I need a rug too.

  • I am anxious to see all the shirret things you will be making. I have been very close to buying one myself……

  • Great shot of you two! I’m glad that you had fun at Rhinebeck – one of these years I must go.
    A plea: I googled the heck out of ‘Old Whitby’, but I can’t find a pattern for it anywhere. Would you be so kind at to share the source for the pattern? Many thanks.

  • Oliver just yelled ”there’s Kay !” in pure delight. :0)
    Your publicist wears her denim well and has fab red trainers. I love your denim too. Good e-baying !

  • I really am annoyed that I didn’t get a shirret hook. And that you went Saturday. :p

  • Great pics (and story line!). Next year I hope to be there with you guys!

  • I hope your publicist is getting a hefty commission. Okay, now do I wait for you to start Shirreting and post a report, or do I just go ahead and order the tools now? I am digging those rugs somethin’ fierce.

  • You got me. You got me with the one-skein wonders. You got me with the Shirret. You even got me wanting to try the denim. What’s next? Please have mercy – I’m obviously very vulnerable.

  • what cute sweater-girls you are in that pic together!

  • Carrie, that Whitby looks better on you than it ever did on me, and to think I gave it your Mum thinking she could unravel it for recyling…. and Kay, why do I never see the ready-knitted denim things on ebay? I think you HIDE them from the rest of us x x x

  • yep, that shirret booth was something. thankfully, only the adorable teenaged son was there when i stopped in. his instuction left me intrigued but too befuddled to make a purchase. i fully intend to stop by the website once, i find the card, and to seek that booth out again next year. i’m definately staying tuned here too, i can’t wait to see where you go with this.

  • Kay, I was just over at Cara’s —– really enough about Rhinebeck, I want to hear more about the cheerleader convention.

  • Ann (Swine): Like I said, I’ve never been to an ACTUAL cheerleader convention. But in my imagination, they are peppy! We’ve got SPIRIT! And everybody’s CUTE!!!! Gimme a K Gimme an N Gimme an I-T-T……
    Show us your wood! We’ve heard it’s good!
    And that’s how Rhinebeck felt, a little, dinnit? Or maybe it was just me, feeling the pep! xoxo Kay

  • You two are really cute, love the knitting too!

  • You know, I think I saw you on Saturday, but didn’t get a chance to actually talk to you . . . does proximity count, for meeting?? And, anyway, you can tell your daughter that I’ve already got the book–both halves–preordered at Amazon.

  • Deb–The other half of the book thanks you for taking a chance on it even though my publicists haven’t gotten hold of you yet. They’d be on you like white on rice, doggin’ you with press releases and catalogues and free yarn with purchase except they’re sort of busy putting together Star Wars Legos and eating Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.
    As for SHIRRET, is it like pronounced like Stephen ColBEAR or like FERret or like charRETTE? Who cares? I am getting into this deal. Off to rend garments.