Carbeth: When Things Work Out Just Right

February 5, 2018
Join the fun! We're banging out a sweater by the end of February.

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  • We are lucky to share in the joy of your serendipity! Thanks!

  • So incredibly beautiful!!

  • Just lovely! Thank you!

  • Oh my gosh! What a beautiful outfit and awesome pictures. ❤️

  • I can’t quit pull this style off with my fat oh I meant body type. Lol
    But my daughter inlaw has one in her future.

  • Love it!

  • Huge fan of Kate’s work (written & knitted) here!

  • So good. And such a lovely message with which to start the day. Any day, really. Thank you Ms. Davies. By the way, my husband is a Barr.

  • Your sweater, skirt, and surroundings completely match my own fantasy of a winter wonderland. Well done!

  • Isn’t wonderful when things just happen 🙂 They’renthe best! Now I must knit this sweater.

  • When I first saw Kate/Tom’s photo of Carbeth on that sunny winter white lake with swan! I used it for a few days as my home page screen shot. Just to brighten a dreary gray Oregon day. A cheery Carbeth was on my needles that next day. I WILL make another!

    • It’s still the wallpaper on my iPad. The photo was THAT spectacular! Great work Kate & Tom!

  • This is still so exquisite, every time I look at it! I’m glad that the sweater was so easy and pleasant to plan and knit, too!

  • This is such a wonderful story of your wonderful short sweet cozy sweater … I cannot wait to finish mine

  • This story is amazing! I love it.

  • Would love to bang out a Carbeth but must face reality: a sweater of that length would look positively dumpy on my short-waisted, high-hipped Size 14 body. (It’s marvelous in the photos, on a narrow-bottomed body.) But I do love the top shaping. Has anyone successfully lengthened this to cover the waist and end at mid-hip?

  • Thank you for sharing your serendipity of a design. I also love that skirt—the colors are such an unusual combination—I want to knit a Carbeth marled with them. (After I finish my first one…)

  • Was I dreaming when I saw a photo of this beautiful sweater knit in Brushwork, held double? I happen to have a lovely pile of Brushwork and want to do the same, but I would like to read the show notes from the person who went first. Can anyone help?

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