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  • What a novel idea… the squares I mean. I too love Ocean View but Chaise Lounge is another favorite. What a fantastic idea!
    …and *rofl* about the question! I’d rather get real questions like this one any day.

  • Wowwee! These are beautiful!! I hope you’ll keep me in the loop about the sewing up sessions.

  • Were your ears ringing this morning? We were talking about you.
    That afghan will be museum worthy. Can’t wait for the sew-ups.
    Have a good trip North. Have Deet Will Travel.

  • Gorgeous- And inspiring. I think I know what I’m doing w/ my husband’s collection of t-shirts that cannot be worn and cannot be thrown out. Log Cabin quilt, here I come.

  • …..the neverending saga of my tapestry yarns continued….but these were the wee 8 foot lengths…so ideal for squares….besides, instant gratification warmed my soul, for such a worthy cause as this…. love!

  • Jeepers, I can’t really get over Carolyn’s endless square imagination. They are each wonderful, and particularly amazing when seen together.
    Thanks so much for showing them to us in the appropriate up-close glory. And thanks too for the baggy-bum-or-not update. We all wonder about these things.

  • Re: the question: I just adore bag-sag-free bums.
    Oh, and Carolyn rocks. What a wonderful person she is!

  • She is a very talented person. This work is beautiful. And that she just keeps sending them in, wow. Maybe after it is finished, there should be some sort of dedication thingy in her honor? She definitely deserves something for all her time and generosity.
    Does anyone have a golden globe or emmy or some other award just laying around, gathering dust? One that could be dressed up with some sort of knitting decor?

  • ‘Chaise Lounge’ reminds me of the Gee’s Bend quilts. Just lovely.

  • The squares are so incredibly beautiful. Carolyn clearly has an amazing (and inspirational) eye for color.
    I am going to be bidding on the afghan for sure!