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  • It’s always a treat to see a new MDK blog.
    That is a pretty stunning shawl! Swoopy and dense all at the same time.
    You know we would love to see the thousand-shade sweater. That sounds divine.
    And school! No way. Labour Day or bust, as we say around here.

  • Maybe it’s just how it shows up on my device, but the mottled, worn-looking ness of that yarn in a cashmere blend…well, I’m swooning.

  • what a lovely blue!

  • The shawl is gorgeous, both in construction and color. I can only imagine how luscious it must feel.
    I can relate to your difficulty in keeping track of repeating certain rows. I’ve just finished a shawl and discovered, when I laid it out to block, that I’d clearly lost track of increases along the way. Instead of nice smooth lines, there are zig-zags — the road less taken, perhaps?
    Not starting school here in Boston until Sept. 3. Grateful for that.

  • Love the knitting. Love the depth of color and the wonderful garter stitch. Especially love that you are back.

  • Oh, gorgeous. i am swooning too! and not just because summer is *this close* to being over!

  • Beautiful shawl! Now I want one. Look what you’ve done! And I’m usually set to symmetrical, too.

  • Well now I’m a little sorry I took so much time off from twitter. I would have enjoyed Daily Mushrooms.
    And the colors in that yarn are gorgeous, as is the project.

  • Oh! This is aboslutely unexpected Ann! What a treasure. I am aboslutely surprised and delighted to find out you made and Imagine When, I am sorry it gave you the headaches!
    And girls, you have to come down here to Argentina. You will love it here! I’ll be waiting for you at my doorstep.

  • Thank you for the posting, Ann. I love hearing from you and Kay. The shawl is just lovely. Beautiful work!

  • Love the phrase ‘snack knitting.’ I started the Mitered Crosses for Japan blanket as my portable project, but will refer to it as my snack knitting from now on.

  • Ditto annhb.

  • that blue is the most beautiful and I love the shawl!

  • Beautiful beautiful blue. Also love the simple complexity (complex simplicity?) of the shawl quietly going different directions.

  • Holy cow, what a beautiful pattern! If I weren’t at work I’d be clicking the “buy” button right now!
    I’m sure I’m dating myself right now but school starts the day after Labor Day and not a day sooner. There’s something so wrong about going back to school in August.

  • I have Imagine When on the needles in Sundara’s lovely merino silk in Sky thru the Cedars, a lovely mix of greens with shots of clear blue. Great yarn, great pattern. Glad (sorry) to here I’m not the only one having trouble memorizing the exact pattern.

  • That is one gorgeous shawl, and I call tag-along dibs if you make a trip down to see Joji in Argentina 🙂
    PS really back to school ALREADY??!!!!

  • You’re very clever!! Good job!

  • You’re very clever!! Good job!

  • Ha Ha!! I love the shawl and love the color.. How deep and rich it looks..
    I am laughing because that is exactly what I did…twice! Dropped at her doorstep!!
    Was on a cruise to BA and found out about the yarn district and went with a few of women.. the first time I was a novice and Joji helped us out.. but I had no idea who she was, other than a very lovely woman who knew yarn, knitting and spoke English.. BUT… the second time I went.. this time I brought with me over 10 women and thank God Joji was there.. because this time I knew exactly who she was.. Felt like I was in the presence of royalty.. I can vouch that Joji is one of the sweetest well versed in all things knitting and helpful women around.. I can’t wait to make that trip again!!

  • It looks like a lovely shawl to me.
    I get the Sundara emails, but I have only a single skein of her yarn. It’s like I’ve been stalking them for years and am always too late.