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  • What a fantastic set of gifts and surprises!

  • sharing close old friends from years gone by, makes my heart smile…..!

  • Dear Kay,
    I think you’re very worthy! I also think that you and I should play LYS games some day soon!
    Love, Jon

  • I love this story. Just love it! It reminds me of a Swiss friend I made in N.Y.C., where I was interning for a judge and she was taking an English class. (Almost 15 years ago, already?)
    And I must exclaim: How generous and talented is our EMMA???? Love her, too!

  • Several things: Numero uno–Djelo! How fantastic to see yer ol’ buddy again. One of the good things about getting older (I’m working on this topic mightily these days) is that there are people who knew you Back When–to remind you of what you were like Back When because you’ve forgotten.
    Numero two–I saw that picture of you and Djelo (so great) and thought, Wow, Kay has been channeling Emma or something. That looks eggzackly like an Emma kerchief. NOT that your denim jacket needs a boost, but that tasty tidbit takes you into a new realm of cool.
    Nombre three–Ben and that skirt. I agree that Ben wearing that skirt is one of our finest blogmoments. We need these bony types around to model our efforts. I just want to point out how extraordinary it is that Ben had an Old Denim Sweater to unravel and recycle in the first place. I never even heard of denim sweaters until four years ago. I have a long way to go before I’ll be unraveling an old denim sweater–I need to make one first.

  • I can think of a good many things you have done to get on the angels’ good side.

  • Kay, of course you are worthy and then some!
    and if you are not going to show me a picture of you wearing the skirt, well, i’ll just have to come and abuse your hospitality again, but this time it will at the beach in the summer, so i can see for myself!
    Ann, it just shows you another bonus of getting older! aged denim – really, just how long have i been knitting?! as for boniness, i don’t really think you are in a position to make comments: you are positively scrawny!
    much love

  • Wow, you’ve been having a great time recently. Old friends and knitted gifts ! The only problem with old friends is that when you start in on how far back you go, you remember just how old you really are …. which is practically dead according to my 6 year old. She struggles to understand how anyone survives past the age of 30. The little darling.

  • There’s only one problem with old friends I find – and that’s that they have photographic evidence of all those horrible fashion mistakes (not to mention the strange hair dye colours!)
    Or is that just me?

  • Sarah–Anybody who wears glasses can testify to the dreadful Parade of Eyewear that goes with a stroll through the old scrapbook. I found a 1983 photo of Hubbo and me during college, and I was stunned at How Enormous My Glasses Were. Windshields! How did they stay on my nose? Why didn’t anybody say anything to me??????????

  • Ann, I totally forgot about the glasses!!!! I was remembering the hair, the strange clothing ensembles but forgot completely about the huge red plastic glasses. How could I????