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  • Ann, send him to me. I love tuxedo kitties!

  • What a darling cat!!!

  • He was undertaking a science project. You had a chance to find out if spit splicing works with cat saliva.
    Stupid cat. have you seen the book of poetry “written” by cats? It’s called I Could Pee on That. very funny.

  • ARGH… the bent paw pose… cannot… resist… the… cuteness!

  • ARGH… the bent paw pose… cannot… resist… the… cuteness!

  • CANNOT RESIST MULTIPLE POSTS!! (OK I can. Stupid browser. Sorry.)

  • But he is a handsome fellah. The formal white glubs are killer.

  • Are you sure Kermit didn’t have a dalliance with an English cat about 10 years ago? He is the absolute spitting image of my moggie – right down to the half tash and gloves.

  • Our cat Tiger never touches the knitting. Our beagle Riley plays with the balls of yarn like he’s a cat. Opens project bags and takes the ball yarn right out. I often find yarn trailing from room to room. Saved last Sunday’s Downton Abbey to watch this Sunday, followed by the current episode. Can’t wait!

  • Oh, why couldn’t he have just gone for the index card yarn bits! I’m like Debbie, my dogs like to see what is in the project bags.

  • People are always saying yarn is “yummy,” he wanted to test it. Lamb IS yummy, I think. 🙂

  • Maybe it’s a comment ON the creepy chicken-flavored cat treats?
    Oh well. Um…
    Look! Handsome kitty!!!!
    My dog thinks dpns are Special Occasion Toothpicks. But only the BEST dpns. The kind I buy myself about once every three years.

  • Ann. He was just. cutting a steek. Goodness. Such a fuss!

  • Wow, he doesn’t even look a little bit sorry. Wonder if he knows my cat, Ozzy, aka: Unrepentant Yarneater Extraordinaire.

  • Cats, ya gotta love them. I am also a quilter and have thread all over the place, cats love thread too. They are not allowed into my sewing room when I’m not there, they cannot be trusted. I keep the door closed. My dog is actually the bigger problem when it comes to my knitting, he thinks they are all toys for him.

  • Cats, ya gotta love them. I am also a quilter and have thread all over the place, cats love thread too. They are not allowed into my sewing room when I’m not there, they cannot be trusted. I keep the door closed. My dog is actually the bigger problem when it comes to my knitting, he thinks they are all toys for him.

  • I have two good suggestions for anti-Superbowl movies Both are old(er). If you have not seen Howard’s End or Gosford Park, they are both excellent movies. GP is on netflix and maybe HE as well. If you have Amazon Prime and can stream through T.V or computer I really recommend a Larkrise to Candleford marathon. If you haven’t seen this BBC show it is a MUST. Hands down my favorite show of all time. It is set in turn of the century English country – kind of Little House on the Prairie meets Downton Abbey.4 seasons of delicious involvement. Just thinking about them makes me want to watch them all over again. Whatever you decide enjoy and keep an eye on that sweater eater!

  • I have to hide my knitting and all yarn from our two intrepid cats. I feel your Lambswool pain.

  • Oooh, those rascally cats! I was knitting a sock one day and suddenly found myself at the end of the yarn… because the cat had chewed the strand in half. While I was sitting there! Knitting!

  • He’s bored.
    Needs a toy with a bell in it or something.
    The Cat Whisperer

  • I think I recognize that blue and white sweater in the background. Now with sleeves to match?

  • I recently had a dog do that to my knitting. I ended up with a Russian join in my bind off (superwash sock yarn…) Looked fine, but I was NOT a happy camper.

  • Must be something in the air. Last night my Jinx*, who has never bothered with knitting** yet in his 3 years of life, grabbed a yarn ball and went running.
    *(In retrospect, maybe not the more fortuitous name for a pet)
    **(But let me tell you about a $600 taffeta ribbon)

  • Look at Kermit’s face, he didn’t do nuffink! He was framed!!
    No he wasn’t, he totally did it. But look at the face. What a doll.
    So sorry about your lambswool; I’ve been there. As soon as the cat-spit dries, time for a human-spit-splice!

  • So, Kermit has graduated from bamboo circulars stalking?

  • I have that same cat but with a white nose, does the same thing!

  • He looks a little smug, like he doesn’t have shred of remorse.

  • I will be watching the Super Bowl (even though I don’t really care about either of the teams this year), but if I were going to watch a movie instead I’d probably watch A League of Their Own. It’s still about sports, and it is sweet and funny and has Geena Davis.

  • “Hey cat–I don’t eat your creepy chicken-flavored cat treats; you don’t eat my yarn.” Ha! Words to live—and live with pets—by!

  • Sometimes being married to a foreigner cramps my style. What? you don’t get that 70s sit-com reference? But this time of year, it’s fine: no SB in our house. Puppy Bowl! Hope Kermit didn’t ingest too much yarn and will be OK.

  • Maybe he was just practicing some spit-splicing.
    Watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! They play it over and over, every two hours. Great for knitting-in-front-of.

  • One of the chief delights of my “foreign” husband is that he never watches football on TV.
    “League of Their Own” is a good choice, also “Fever Pitch” but if you’re not a Red Sox fan, not so much. If you want heart-rending, try the Israeli film “Yossi and Jagger” (not for kids.)

  • How innocent can you get?

  • How innocent can you get?

  • At least he chewed on the working yarn and not on the knitted yarn. That could have been grounds for execution. Or at least exile to the cold back yard.

  • Your green-eyed monster was struck by extreme envy that he doesn’t (always) get such nice woolen knits. . .! As for the Stupor Bowl, my recommendation is to see something at the movie theater — unless you see a kid’s movie, you may just be the only person in the theater!

  • Movie: Silver Linings Playbook. Amazing, like your knitting and your cat.

  • Hi! I have a dog who steals yarn and then wrestles and shakes it like it is his prey. He only does this when I am home and it is late at night. Drives me crazy – he will dig around in a bag or box for one certain yarn, and he really makes a mess. Even though he is a smallish dog (30 pounds) putting my bag up on a chair is not enough to deter him. He is also fond of stealing my husband’s wallet off of the dining room table and chewing that. But only when I am home. This never happens the nights I am at work. What a character!
    I could use suggestions for a good movie. Usually we end up at a friend’s house for dinner; I then proceed to knit in front of the entire game (whether our team is in it or not). Football just isn’t very interesting…

  • I once left a huge newly-wound ball of navy blue wool on the couch since my wonderful tuxedo cat (who Kermit very closely resembles) never bothered yarn. I had just taken in three foster kittens who were a different story. They had one grand soccer game with that ball–which I had to play in reverse,as I rewound the ball from around the legs of various pieces of furniture in the living room, over to the kitchen, back to the living room, back to the kitchen…There was nothing to do but laugh. Sending a link to a cartoon a friend sent me this week that might make you feel better, Ann: http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/242631498646316069_GKQdSwI2_c.jpg. As for the Superbowl, I have a Superbowl Sunday Handwork Day where friends come over during the day with various projects. And then I DO watch the game in the evening!–of course, with a project in hand.

  • The cat is jealous. One of my cats “did some business” on a quilt I was sewing (from both ends … yuck…). He didn’t like me spending so much time on the quilt and not on him!

  • Spit splice, for sure!

  • Off to cat-shaming.com STAT!
    Going to see Quartet with Maggie Smith during SB.
    Heads up if you go with the suggestion of Larkrise to Candleford. You’ll find yourself knitting simple shawls and tying them ’round the back.

  • I vote for cuddling under a blanket with your knitting and The Fifth Element. John-Paul Gaultier, Multipass, that amazing Blue Diva….the movie never gets old to me.

  • Wearing my late husband’s Packers shirt while knitting and watching Downton Abbey. Just about done with season one, while enjoying season three on Sunday nights.

  • Ann, this is just a theory, totally unproven, but here it is: your cat is very smart and clever and helpful. He/she watched all the joy you derived from the steeking and decided to join the fun. So helpful, your cat. Teeth have been known to replace scissors for ages.

  • While The Husb is watching the SB, I’ll have Netflix on my IPad at the ready.