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  • LOL the books… I would do that if I wanted to read several of the books. The photo is easier than paper and pencil. 🙂

  • Sounds like a wonderful sojourn!

  • Looks so cozy. That post office sign reminds me of the library near where I grew up – smallest library in the country. It’s about the size of a tool shed.

  • That dog has a wonderful life ! And beautiful bedding !
    So glad you skied without ill effect. Sounds like fun, especially the knitting.

  • Maybe someone wanted to remember the titles!
    Interesting selection … from Maria-Therese to the Mists of Avalon, with Stieglitz (the photographer not the economist, thankfully) in between.

  • Makes me want to run to the library and check out The Mists of Avalon. I loved that book so much!!!

  • I’m glad that you remembered Ann’s shed, that was my first thought when I saw that picture, before I scrolled down and saw what you wrote. You know what they say about great minds.

  • Oh… The Mists of Avalon is one of my FAVORITE books!!

  • You know, maybe that post office sign IS a government issue. Issued circa 1910.

  • Is that HOPE I see on that wall? Plugging away on my Albers, er, thingy. Counting and re-counting garter ridges. You’re giving me hope (and maybe making me re-think my next (OK, second….) round color). Albers is coming along on a trip with much plane and waiting time. Surely I need to bring along two extra balls of laceweight, no?

  • The shawl is looking LOVELY. Great progress!

  • I’m going to make an Albers too. I’m questioning my sanity and impatiently awaiting the arrival of the yarn. (My colors are guava, doubloon, blood orange, and buckskin, possibly in that order.)

  • Albers is definitely something to make just to say you can! I want one, but first I have to buy the book.

  • I think our teens take those sort of pictures just to give us a nice, random surprise. My last set of pictures from a zoo trip had lions, tigers, bears, and my daughter’s Converse.

  • I spend a lot of time supervising skiing! I can get 4 kids ages 3 to 11 from the car, dressed to ski and out to their lesson in about 20 minutes, then have an hour or two to knit, before they need hotchocolating again!
    My secret….straps for skis and boot bag backpacks. Each child carries ALL their own equipment. ALWAYS.

  • Perfect!

  • I found peach on the walls of my grandfather’s house when we re-did it. My cousin’s wife told me she picked the color in the late 60’s when it was the rage. She called it Desert Sand.
    I’ve been knitting garter stitch in black fingering weight alpaca for a month. Not exciting, but the result is nice.

  • this is a fine posting

  • Skiing is the whole reason why I knit. Annual trips with another family whose matriarch was as fed up with the cold and slippery ice as I was led us down the path to hot toddies and yarn! Love to go on ski trips now!
    Gotta love Olive!

  • It sounds like you had a great time. Eight kids skiing? Did you get a medal?
    I loved the doors on that barn that you pictured, and your immense shawl looks lovely and cozy.