Chain Socking

By Kay Gardiner
October 31, 2019

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  • Of course, if you really want to exercise your brain and spatial skills, you can knit socks two at a time…

    • I always do. I know that otherwise I’d forever be giving odd socks away.

  • Hi…I am with you. Am just doing my first socks even though I have been knitting a long time. I am smitten…already planning my next pair. I am doing both at the same time but not on the same needle. I knit to a certain point on one then repeat on the other. BTW what is a sock blank?

  • You omitted saying the basket weave pattern pairs well with the ball band dish cloth.

  • Sunflower sock blank… Thank You kay for taking it home so I can knit it vicariously through you…

  • For or the life of me i cannot start the cast on for toe up socks with a magic loop. PLEASE somebody help with an easy cast on.

    • I suffer the same problem. I avoid the magic loop cast on by starting both socks, each on its own needles, knitting each for 2-3 rows, and then carefully transferring them to magic loop, Sounds klutzy but gets the socks going in short order. I, too, would appreciate a good magic loop cast-on.

    • Here you go judys magic cast on does what it says

    • Use the provisional cast on per page 21 in Field Guide 11. I’m just finishing my first two-at-a-time toe-up socks on Magic Loop and will never again knit one sock at a time.

      • To be clearer, using the Provisional CO, I knit the first 6 rows of both socks on to the circular that I will be using for Magic Loop using a separate needle. Then I unravel the provisional CO and transfer those stitches to the left side of my circular and am ready to continue using Magic Loop.

    • I use a YouTube tutorial by Til Casa for toe-up two-at-a-time sock cast on. (I’d furnish the link but for some reason I cannot get on YouTube right now.) . It is so easy and that way I’m always completing a pair of sock without that second sock syndrome.

    • Judy’s magic cast on
      There are lots of videos. The first few rows are a bit fiddly but they always are for me, whatever the project.

  • Basket weave looks very cool, and it’s definitely the pattern for my next pair. It looks like it would be comfy on the feet which is a priority for me. The texture looks like it would be really nice to wear. Is that true?

  • I always have two sets of socks going so I don’t get bored. I knit Sock #1 of first color, then Sock #1 of second color, then Sock #2 of second color, then Sock #2 of first color, Then Sock #1 of NEW color, etc etc etc into madness (or roughly 100 pairs of handknit socks so far….).

  • I cannot agree with you enough to cast on your second sock straight after kitchener stitch. I have been knitting socks for seven years and i always follow that rule. Annemarie UK

  • Two at a time on two circular needles here, cast on with spare needle, move to needles will knit with after cast on, works up or down. Any new construction is immediately repeated, makes skills easier to learn. Am learning that bias construction makes for great fitting socks.

  • To avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, I knit the second sock using the same yarn but a different pattern. Keeps me interested and I can explore more pattern ideas which is half the fun of knitting socks.

    • Brilliant!

  • Also having two pairs on needles means that any fiddley bits can stay home and the other pair can be tucked into my purse wrapped into a pretty tea towel. No, turning the heel is not a fiddley bit.

    • In many ways, I find turning the heel the best part! Easy simple and makes me feel every so clever.

    • Years ago I began knitting 2 socks at once on separate needles. I couldn’t bear second dame of anything. I cast on both pairs, knit one till ribbing is done, pick up second pair, do the same. I switch back & forth between the two socks to pattern changes. I wait until both socks are at Kitchener, then do them at the same time. When done I have the pair finished. I do the same with mittens, sleeves, anything that states to make two. Someone once said to me “You must have a lot of needles!” I said I certainly do!

  • Rolled in real sunflowers?????

  • Somewhere on your site I read about helical socks. Now that I’m ready to make them, I can’t find the reference. Can you help?

  • I’m loving those sock blanks! I may have to get some once I knit up all of the sock yarn I’ve just purchased from MDK!

  • I’m one of those knitters who has NEVER knitted a sock. I have, however, purchased sock yarn for a woman in my knitting group who mostly only knits socks!
    I admit I am tempted by the pretty basket weave patten you show at the end of your blog. That pattern just might be “my tipping point” to get me started on a pair of socks.
    Where do I get that pattern?

  • I avoid second sock syndrome by knitting both at the same time. I will cast on a Toe or cuff on one pair of needles, knit the toe then cast on another toe or cuff on another set of needles, and continue alternating between socks.It helps with making sure both end up the same size and there is no memory gap with turning heels (which I find the most complicated part.)while this has resulted in an investment in needles it works for me and I have always finished a pair.

    • Me too, it’s a great system.

    • I do the same thing and because there is no “memory gap” as you call, I get socks done more quickly too!

  • I also cast on two socks on two sets of needles at the same time. My socks are always the same length , the same size, etc…. And I never get bored going from one sock to the next.
    It was buying Signuture needles two pair at a time that did the bank in.

  • I love the waffle pattern for the same reasons, easy to knit matching socks. But the added advantage of “rest” rows!
    Self-striping yarns are brilliant also. My big problem is figuring out where to knit the short row heel. Also avoiding holes in said heel. I hate the look of heel flaps, won’t knit them. I have two pairs of socks that just stalled on account of the heel issues. ☹️

  • Thx for including the old Schlitz radio ad;)
    Ahh good times!

  • I am a crocheter who is fascinated by good socks. Maybe i can make my own! Can anyone suggest an EASY pattern for a beginning (no skills at all in this except I can knit and purl!) knitter? Thanks so much!

    • We humbly consider the patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 11 to be perfect for beginners. As easy as it gets. If you know how to knit and purl in the round, and can be patient with yourself in following directions for the heel and toe, you’ll be knitting socks in no time.

  • Now I need a pair of basket weave socks…

  • I used to love basketweave stitch when I was a newer knitter! I don’t know why I fell away from it. A basketweave sock is just the ticket.