Chalice Cowl: Cornerstone of a New Personal Style

By Ann Shayne
December 4, 2018

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  • Ann, your style is one I aspire to but alas, going to an office every day means I have to wear non-sleepwear during the day. So unfair! I keep saying that we in the federal government should have a uniform that consists of comfy scrubs. We’d get to pick our own colors, of course. And be free to accessorize.

  • Love it! There may be some sleepwear with comfy knits over the holidays here, too.

  • This is a fashion trend that I can really get behind.

  • Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I needed it.

  • Love it. Street clothes are so 2018 and you are living in the future.

  • My compliments !

  • Funny, I decided I’m going to wear my handknits more as well!
    My son and I (daughter not on board) have pledged to buy no new clothes in 2019, so who knows what kind of fashion rotation I’ll have going on?
    I do know, as a clothes horse going way back, that I’ll probably discover all kinds of new combinations.
    Or I’ll just wear yoga pants every day.

  • I always start my day with MDK, and I love when you give me smile before I get out of bed! Thanks. And I whole-heartedly approve of your style.

  • If only “The Dude” had added a handknit to his robe and pajamas when he went out for his half and half!

  • This totally made me smile, sitting here drinking my coffee in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning ☺️

  • This was such a great way to start my morning. Now I’ve got a new personal style, too! But I’m going to go glam and add my duvet…

  • You know, a comfortable woman is a beautiful woman, right? Look how relaxed and happy you are, due in large part to your excellent wardrobe choices!

  • My new waited-all-year-to-order hiking boots arrived last night. If they fit (and ALL my fingers are crossed) I will definitely have a new personal style: out of the mucky wellies, into the cheery green hikers!

  • Oh yes, I love it too! I wear scrubs at work, and I was recently telling someone that last winter when I sorted laundry I only had two piles: scrubs and flannel pajamas!
    Livin’ the dream!

  • Ok this had me lol the whole read! I’m loving your style and thinking I may have to copy it
    Seriously, I think it’s good to own your own style. I know for me I always like to look put together no matter where I’m going. I’m comfortable with it and feel best when I look my best. Everyday I have make up on (unless I’m really sick). My day doesn’t start for me until I have my face on. I’m 70, so I don’t use much makeup but I do like my eye brightener and lipstick. This signals the beginning of my day. Sometimes friends will see me and ask where I’m going all dressed up. I just say nowhere, this is just my style. I love it

    • You and me, Pamela!

  • Love the look. I’ve been trying to find my retirement schedule and look. You inspire me.

  • I LOVE the combo of my handknits and my PJs – it is the staple of my weekend wardrobe! And it would be all week long if it wasn’t for this pesky office job thingy, which really cramps my style. 🙁

  • Rock it!

  • A woman after my own heart! Love the cowl AND the robe!

  • My husband and I can both jump right on this trend together as we both work at home and often wear similar outfits (and have walked to Trader Joe’s…next door) but have not prioritized completing the ensemble with a hand knit. He would say that sadly, he has no hand knits from me (busted!) but that he’d like me to rectify that. As he is a size XL I haven’t been too eager to dive into sweaters but I do plan on a pair of worsted weight slipper socks. Aren’t I a giver?

    • You could “give” him knitting lessons… 🙂

  • Aspirational, my friend. I have pretty much the same outfit on right now, minus the robe, which I do not own. My office is cold and there are always neck items draped on my chair, so I can speak from experience that this is a look you can embrace for years to come. Fun fact: since I stole my Clinton-era jammies from hubby in addition to the socks, we refer to them as manjamas. Fully agree that knitwear draws the eye up anyways.

    • “Knitwear draws the eye up…” ! Further up! Further up!

      • I would also recommend handknit socks… look down. Further down! Aaall the way down!

  • As someone who rarely gets “dressed” before noon these days, this is a fashion trend I can really support.

  • I like your style!

  • I’m noticing your hair is not in the curlers that would truly complete this look.

    • The Lady Clairols were heating up during the photo shoot.

  • The Chalice Cowl has been on my gotta have list since the moment I saw it!! I’m in luv with this cowl and the yarn 🙂 Hoping to get an MDK gift card for Christmas (I printed out the wish list!) so I can buy Douillet. I’d knit it for myself for my birthday (in Jan.) And your new fashion look is one I adopted 2 years ago when I retired. I packed away all my nursing scrubs and replaced them with flannel Pjs! They’re my retirement uniform of choice, lol

  • I’m in – I just realized I have a luscious hand knit cowl that EXACTLY matches the brand new deep maroon merino sweater I’m wearing today. Hand knit accessory for the win!

  • What’s the point of making handknits if you’re not going to wear them? Case in point: to PT this morning in sweats & a cotton tee, wearing fingerless mitts & a small knit scarf tucked into my jacket. Had I been headed somewhere special, like a sit & knit, it would have been trousers with a sweater & a cowl or shawlette at the neck. But home days see a variation on light pj/lounge pants & tee plus a knitted shrug or small shawl & slipper socks, mitts if it’s really, really cold. The knitting is fun, the wearing even more so.

    • Well done!

  • I, for one, am particularly impressed by how the cowl sets off your eyeglasses! I never think that far ahead in the morning. Brava!

  • The cowl is gorgeous! You’re at least 2 steps ahead of me…you’ve brushed your hair and, gasp, are you wearing lipstick? So stylish so early!

  • The cowl helps, but I think you need something to visually balance the outfit. Maybe a large, purring lapwarmer?

  • You are definitely my spirit twin! I’ve been known to sleep in a handknit cowl to keep my ears warm. It’s so toasty!

  • Hey, we could be twinkies! Well, other than I’m wearing hand knitted fingerless mitts instead of a cowl. pretty much my uniform since retirement. Glad to know I’m not the only one stylin!

  • It is a gorgeous cowl. Thanks for the good laugh!

  • I am 1.5 rows from binding off my medium version I am gifting to a friend and need to IMMEDIATELY cast on another. Addicting knit!

    I aspire to your level of coolness at all times.

  • You were a model in a former life, yes?

  • You look mah-velous, dahling, absolutely mah-velous!

  • SO funny! I love your new PJs-with-handknits look. 70% off is my favorite sale number of all time. I am currently in a similar ensemble, but have added a hat and wrist warmers to the look, as it is really cold (aka in the 30s) on the Oregon Coast right now. Oh, and the last time I went thrift store shopping I kept the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” in mind. I found a brand new pair of pajama pants with llamas on them. Mission accomplished!

  • I think a handknit shawl or cowl will complement my plaid flannel shirts nicely. It is snowy and cold up here in Ontario, so handknit socks complete the look. You are rockin’ the holiday styling.

  • Totally nailed it Ann. As always, you are a fashun inspiration!

  • Ann, you look mahvelous! As a member of freelance nation, working out of my home, I’m a big believer in PJs as “work clothes.” Yoga pants are almost formal wear.

    I’m currently wearing a 20 year old sundress on a lanai in Hawaii, knitting. I love this dress. I paid $15 for it from a sale rack once upon a time.


  • Yes! This! I work at home full time – this is exactly my vibe. I will make sure to add more handknits to the leggings and sweatshirt wardrobe.

  • Lounging pajamas and a Superbulky Grandpa Cardigan this morning. I will have to wear street clothes later, but practice, practice, practice.

  • Love your combination. We should all wear our handknits more often. I’m pulling out a shawl now as a “match” to my tartan pjs!

  • Get outta dat robe and rattle ‘dem poz and paz! ((: