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  • I think you should name the babies:

  • Those birds. Oh my!! What a treat to see. Lucky you! And big congrats on passing the halfway mark on the blanket. More than half!

  • How about Kaffe, Alice and Fern? Love those open mouth pictures. And the blanket? Sublime!

  • Booooy-howdeee! Baby bluebirds. Cuter than socks on a rooster.
    As a true, just-came-off-the-mountain, calls my Mama’s daddy “Grandpap”, clogging-teaching, all-y’alling, banjo-picking, square-dance calling, over-mu-hall wearing, twang-having girl, I beg you, without any sense of sarcasm: please name one Skillet. Please? Pllleeeeeeze?
    Because Skillet is the best name ever for an Appalachian pet. I’ve been looking for the right hound to name Skillet for, well, decades. But our dog came with a name, and he’s from the shore, and and and that bird with his head tipped up looks like he should be named Skillet.

  • Oh, the birdie goodness! I love the teeny, fierce, gaping maws of baby bluebird demands. Please keep up the avian updates!

  • oh! do you like the camera? That’s the one with image stabilization, right?
    Beautiful bluebirds!

  • Great bluebird shot! We have baby cardinals every year and I swear the beaks are bigger than the actual birds.

  • I guess I saved up everything for this one post:
    1. That photo is awesome, and I also immediately thought “Mason, Dixon, and Purl!” spooky.
    2. I just love the way you write, Ann, and Kay plays off you like a true sister.
    3. A completed dishcloth that I crocheted an edge to and added a loop is now hanging off my kitchen drawer knob.
    4. A log cabin blanket in Amish greens, blues, browns, blacks, and burgundies is emerging in my family room.
    5. You created another monster.

  • Surely, one needs to be called Denim, they are bluebirds after all.
    The blanket looks lovely. Sorry I’ll miss the show.

  • While I have no names for the bluebirds, I must say that frosted brown suger cinnamon pop tarts are the best kind.

  • They look like a little choral ensemble!

  • the bluebird photos are fantastic!
    I have to agree with Mason, Dixon, and Skillet…
    BUT–what about Rowan, Jo, and Peaches?
    I mean, you can go one of 2 ways–named after yarns you use and love OR named after your book and the region they are in…
    Love the blanket–looks totally fab! (ugh, i sound so californian, it’s disgusting)

  • Love the birds; Rowan, Denim and Tweed might work.
    By the way; did you two ever try the Valomilk Cups from Kansas City?

  • Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts are the only ones worth eating. (Technically speaking, they’re the only ones that don’t make me want to barf. I love ’em!)

  • I had a similar estatic experience with baby robins a few years ago, although it was somewhat ruined by my (very matter of fact) mother observing, “Don’t get too attached. They die quite easily.”
    Anyway. I’m liking song titles that have “blue” in them for the birds… So, how about “Song Sung,” “Hawaii” and “Moon.” Bizarre enough that you might stick with?

  • Does no one care that these are the Bluebirds of Happiness, the famous, the only, the they’re-not-blue-jays, the subject of uncountable embroideries and embellishments, and now also the subjects of ardent conservation efforts?
    Bluebirds of Happiness:
    Or just happy, snappy, and denim, because denim, too, is a great name, or maybe
    And I also agree with the idea of Skillet, though better for a dog than a baby bird, or any animal that’s a pet you can take home, because then you won’t ever use it for another pet because it will have already been the name of another animal in your life except you won’t have the joy of being able to say to people “Oh, that’s just Skillet being Skillet, I guess” for years and years. Just goes to show that when I’m all excited I write rilly long sentences.

  • I was in Monteagle/Sewanee several years ago and would LOVE to go back. I had forgotten about the Assembly until the other day when you said you were there. It’s almost like seeing that place was a dream-it’s almost too perfect. You just turn off the main road and all of a sudden you’re in fantasyland. Where’s the best place to stay around there?

  • Skillet – I really really love that.

  • Dudes. Tennessee, Memphis and Nashville (Nessie, Mems, and Nash for short).

  • eenie, meenie, minee….but where’s mo?

  • Great shot of those wide open mouths! When you start seeing their little heads peeking out the hole, keep a close eye out. Fledging is not far behind. As many batches of baby bluebirds I’ve sponsored (as in,provided the house, mealworms for snacks, etc.), I’ve never managed to see them fledge. Just there one day, gone the next!

  • One must be Denim, or at least Rowan. I really like Skillet as well.
    One should be Buttonhole.
    Of course, my husband offers up some of the 7 Duffs from the Simpsons: Tipsy, Surly, Sleazy, Queasy and Remorseful.

  • Liz, buttonhole is GENIUS!
    Indigo, Demin, and BUTTONHOLE!

  • You obviously chose the right camera to get a shot like that!
    Mmmm, frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts. Haven’t even thought of those in years (since the kids *flew the coop* actually, to stick with the theme here).

  • Let’s see – all 3 – mouths wide open – I vote we name them after the 3 tenors!

  • Awwww… wonderful bird photos! *happy sigh*
    The tweed blanket looks delicious. The Tweed can do not wrong. 😉

  • Knit
    Yarn Over
    : )

  • Aw, we have tons of baby everythings around here – bunnies, birds, deer, woodchucks! It’s a flippin’ nursery!
    Moe, Larry, Curly… the birds. :O)

  • My immediate thought was Knit, Purl, and Yarn Over (just like Annabelle), but after reading the other commenters I have to go with Tennessee, Memphis and Nashville. Go, denim!

  • My vote: Sky, Royal, and either Baby or Powder. All surnamed Blue of course.

  • Huey, Dewey and Louie
    I LOVE the bird pictures btw!!

  • All good bird names, but the blanket shall be “Tweety Blanket”.

  • awww…. the blankets. the bluebirds. Happiness. why do i live so far away from tennessee???

  • Thanks for sharing the heartwarming photo!

  • Love all the name suggestions…
    Here is some technical questions regarding the Tweety blankie…. how big are each of the squares? What needle size and stitch count are you using?
    Must say, I really love to see the quilting interludes… it so totally speaks of this total creativity that one medium generally brings… squares and stripes in knits to patterns in fabric… I’d say to keep it coming.

  • Yah mean you want us all to stop moon shining and come hear you speak? Man – there’s gonna be a bum-rush at that thar gate.

  • Jenni, I’ll confess to having thought Larry, Curly & Mo before typing Denim, but I feared that only my husband would appreciate it!!!!

  • OK, so I asked my hubby about some GOOD Bluebird names. Bob, Berry and Belinda. Thank you so much. He’s really good with computer programs and finances.

  • Here’s some names of the shades of blue I found at http://www.december.com/html/spec/colorshades.html
    Cerulean, Topaz and Azure
    Seurat, Malta and Curacao
    Nikko, Ulysses and Neptune
    Cobalt, Pabst, and Slate
    Periwinkle, Hyacinth and Heather
    They sure are cute. It almost looks like there might be another beak down at the bottom of the hole in the picture.

  • I was going to point out the same thing as Dorothy. I think you’ve got 4 babies in there!

  • Winken, Blinken and Nod. That was good enough for Andy and Opie, and good enough for me too.

  • I get bluebirds every year but I have NEVER gotten such a fantastic picture as you did!
    I agree with another person here,,,I do think you have 4 baby birds in that picture,if you look down you will see ( very lightly) another little beak there,
    Lucky you!
    I also love your blanket!
    gotta have one
    Blessings to all,

  • Look at the babies!!!! Awwwww!!!!!
    (was that enough exclamation marks?)

  • I just wanted to say that I looked at those birds and heard a choral “HALLELUJAH!Hal-lay-lu-yah, Hal-lay-lu-yah, HAl-lay-ay-u-yahhhh!”

  • Oh and for names:
    Kuh-Nit, Purl and ‘Lil Yarn-Over.

  • Fabulous bluebird pix!
    Lucy said they look delicious. 😉

  • Kaffe
    Kim (Hargreaves)
    Debblie (Bliss)
    I like the larry moe and curly one a LOT though–

  • You have the bluebird of happiness outside your window? How wonderful, although the mother sounds a little OCD…. and three babies!!! Great shots!
    We had a little knit in here in Indy… knitting Mason Dixon patterns and watching “Failure to Launch.” Have a great 4th!!!!

  • One should be Tweedy…. It just seems right given the tweedy blanket. 🙂

  • Her Ladyship suggests naming the bluebirds:
    We have baby bluebirds here, too, but the nest is buried deep in a thorny hedge, so the only way we know they’re there at all is because the parents spend all day flying in and out and protecting their territory against maurading sparrows.

  • manny moe and jack
    larry curly and shemp

  • Of course, one should be named “Tweedy”. That’s all I got today.

  • Woad, Joad & Indigo (sounds kind of biblical, don’t it?)–and the 4th one is (obviously) Skillet!
    And I must be some kind of a health nut because the Gardiner pantry stocks strictly UNfrosted Brown-Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts. You have to draw the line somewhere. xoxo Kay

  • Birdie names
    (Blue) Bomber

  • What a photo! Names??? Mason, Dixon and Pearl

  • Larry, Curly, and Moe really sticks with you, don’t it?
    But I do wonder why no one has mentioned Groucho, Chico, and Harpo?
    Or, the best brother names of all when it comes to those things, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. I really love the idea of two of those little hatchlings being called Darryl. And if there’s a fourth, Skillet.
    Hi, my name’s Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl. Oh, and this is our littlest sister Skillet.

  • In honor of your new mad sock-knitting skillz, I humbly submit:
    …and if you in fact do have a fourth, you can name it “Cat,” just for the double-entendreness of it.

  • I spotted your cactus pics with question marks. The big guy, of course, is a saguaro, offical State Cactus of Arizona. They are fascinating in that their root system runs just below the surface and fans out like a wheel underground. They are also huge. The pics of cars flattened by fallen saguaro are real. I’ve heard they are 100 years old before they make their first branches. (Don’t know about that. Ask at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. It’s a neat place to visit.) The next, smaller cactus, is a barrel cactus. And now I’ve exhausted my memory of cactus from when we lived in Glendale, Az. 🙂

  • Your birds are too sweet. Here are my name suggestions:
    1. Lady (as in Lady Bird)
    2. Big
    3. Larry
    I am cracking myself up at least. Happy knitting!

  • Who said ‘Belinda’ for one of the birds? Give that person a prize! I can’t come up with better suggestions than other readers have done already for the birds, I’m afraid. Lack of Brit imagination (jaded by watching too much World Cup). Fabbo blanket, though. Actually – Tweed, Wool and Mitre for the birdies…..?

  • Awww–they look like little flowers in there. Very cute!
    If my grandparents were naming them, they’d all be “Bluey”–pet names were always based on some physical characteric. Trust me–you don’t even want to know about the kitten called “Little Drag Leg”.

  • Fleegle, Drooper, and Bingo?
    And there’s always Snork if there is, indeed, a fourth bluebirdlette.

  • ummm..so i went ahead an have ordered myself a copy of your book..seeing as you are not only lovers of fibers, but of bluebirds!
    and i am still impressed with the blanket. i know i know – you say it is all knit and purl..but when I am the only knitter i know in a 10 mile radius of a highly populated little city…it is oh so much more than that! i will join the kal when i get the book and pick a pattern…mahalo again!

  • I love the pictures of the gaping mouths of the babies…Is it just me, or does the picture of the mitered squares resemble the geometric shape of the hungry baby bird mouths? Very fitting!

  • Oh! And I’ve been eating the same frosted brown sugar Pop-Tarts all week. My refrigerator is broken, so it’s a good excuse..