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  • Citron, Cranes, and Snowman–lovely juxtaposition!

  • Although if you want something else to root, adding a pussy will will almost ensure success!

  • I hate it when my pussies fall off.
    (Is this going to cause some really odd search hits?)

  • Kay, your citron is just lovely …

  • The other thing you should never put in water is cattails! Because they explode with fuzz everywhere!!!!!! Learned that at a retail store where I used to work!
    Love the Citron, nice job!

  • lOvely! did you use two skeins of that cashmere? so beautiful..

  • Don’t plant the pussy willow root unless you REALLY, always and forever, want a pussy willow bush. Ask me how how I know. . .

  • The last thing you want at a bat mitzvah is a bunch of pussies falling off. Oh dear. I’ve gone and overstepped some of your readers’ sensibilities for a Family Blog, I bet. Feel free to singe me with a hot poker the next time you see me. Or delete this comment, one or t’other.

  • I didn’t know that about pussywillows, but it makes perfect botanical sense. Dopeslap!
    Love the shawl. Very much.
    I am thinking (seriously) about raising goats for cashmere. “So light” indeed. Possibly that will be the name of my farm. Up until now I’ve been toying with “Egg Money Acres,” because all the money I make selling organic eggs has been going into the Farm Fund.
    This may take a while.

  • What a lovely shawl – I’m going to have to investigate this i-cord bind-off! It’s such a delicate color and one can imagine it’s very soft.
    “the pussies will fall off” nearly made me choke. My Little Debbie’s oatmeal cookie got lodged between the snorts of laughter. So glad you showed a picture of the pussies . . ..

  • Of all the Citrons I’ve seen, yours is the first I really like! I love the color, and the softness of the cashmere really changes the texture, at least for me. Just lovely!

  • Love the Citron – I’m on the last repeat of mine – the cranes on the pussy willows are beautiful – we are jealous of your snow!

  • Looks delish. Really delish. I hope you’re keeping it for yourself.

  • This version is selling me on this shawl, which I had heretofore resisted. But I really meant to comment on my relief that I am not the only knitter who’s mind wanders so quickly to the gutter. I wonder if it was the juxtaposition of “anatomically correct” and “pussy willow”, or just our predisposition. I fear it was the latter.

  • The pussywillows and the cranes and the lovely soft Citron shawl make me think of spring. Love the soft green color!

  • Love the shawl. I just saw The Last Station and now I want to go around wearing shawls (although hers weren’t knitted ones); Helen Mirren looked so elegant in them.

  • If you bring your pussy willows in water before they have “bloomed” you can force them to “bloom”. Once they are open and as fuzzy as you like, pull them out of the water and keep dry.

  • You knit a cashmere shawl and say it isn’t sumptuous? It’s quite a respectable size, and what other word fits cashmere?
    I quite like it.
    My favorite thing is the elbow length – that extra repeat made it perfect.

  • The pic of you in the mirror is the selling shot. Wow, I love that shawl! And the pussy willows…how lovely with the origami cranes!

  • Love your Citron, and the cranes, I miss pussy willows from my childhood, I think I have to go out and get me some!!

  • Citron with a twist, by Kay. It looks splendid on your shoulders. the mirror’d shot from behind looks like it was complicated. mwah!

  • May I ask how much of the second skein you used? I’m thinking of making mine bigger, too, and I’m not sure it’s feasible.

  • Kay, the shawl is so lovely and your extra rows make it the perfect size. Can you share some details about how you did the i-cord bind off?

  • Beautiful shawl! Almost like a pussy willow itself. My first pets when I was a little girl were pussies from a pussy willow. I made a little bed for them from kleenex, and I would pet them and give them baths and have them run obstacle courses. My second pet was a staple remover. Pet rocks? No way!

  • I am absolutely stealing the paper-cranes-on-pussy-willows idea right now. Lovely!

  • Gorgeous shawl! I really should not be laughing THIS hard at “the pussies will fall off,” but I am.

  • Love the citron with its laissez-faire ruffle (and the crane decorated pussy willows). I just picked up a skein of lace at Stitches West that is destined to become a Citron. So tempting to abandon all current projects and cast on.

  • lovely now i have to run to catch up
    to the new post way up there

  • I love the Citron. I have a single skein of cashmere laceweight from my one trip to Rheinbeck. I have to wonder if it would really be enough (I have more than enough Misti Alpaca if I wanted to do a thrifty version).

  • Citron is my next project! You’re such an inspiration! Thanks for all the mods too!

  • LOL! That’s all I’m sayin.

  • Le Citron, c’est magnifique!!
    I too miss pussy willows from my childhood.

  • to hilarious!!!!!!

  • The shawl is so pretty! I’m not a huge fan of that particular color, but in a sky blue or a lavender, I would love it!